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  • Bengali Word বেতাল ১English definition= বে ২

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  • Bengali Word বেতাগEnglish definition (noun) cane shoot
  • Bengali Word বেতারEnglish definition = বে ১
  • Bengali Word বেতাল ২English definition (noun) kind of demon; ghost; spirit: goblin; vampire (especially one occupying a dead body).
    বেতাল সিদ্ধ (adjective) having absolute domination over Vetal.
  • Bengali Word কোটাল ১English definition = কটাল
  • Bengali Word গাল ১English definition = গণ্ড.
    গালগল্প (noun) idle story; chit-chat. গালগল্প করা (verb intransitive) talk fancies about one’s importance; gossip; chit-chat. গাল ফোলানো (verb intransitive) be offended/dissatisfied. এক গাল হাসি (noun) a hearty laugh. গালে চড় দেওয়া (verb intransitive) slap in the face. গালে হাত দেওয়া দেওয়া (verb intransitive) (figurative) be amazed/ surprised.
  • Bengali Word গোপাল ১English definition (noun) (1) a cow-keeper; a cow boy.
    (2) a milkman; a dairyman by caste. (3) the boyhood name of Sri Krishna. (4) the name of the first king of the Pal dynasty of Bengal. আদুরে গোপাল (noun) an over-indulged son. গোপালক (noun) a milkman. গোপালন (noun) act of looking after cows; keeping or feeding cows.
  • Bengali Word ঘড়িয়াল ১English definition [Hindi] (noun) a variety of crocodile with a very long muzzle found in Asian waters; a gavial
  • Bengali Word চাল ১English definition (noun) husked paddy; rice.
    আতপ চাউল (noun) rice obtained from unboiled paddy. সিদ্ধ চাউল (noun) rice obtained from boiled and sunned paddy.
  • Bengali Word জাল ১English definition (noun) (1) a texture of twine, cord, silk, etc with meshes, commonly used to catch fish; a fishing net.
    (2) a piece of such open-work fabric used to scare birds or to protect fruits. (3) an oblong strip of such material used to divide a tennis court or a ping-pong table. (4) an implement for dressing woman’s hair: খোপার জাল. (5) the threads which a spider spins; a cobweb: মাকড়সার জাল. (6) (figurative) anything having power to allure or fascinate: রূপের জাল. (7) a fine lattice-work: জাল ঘেরা জানালা. (8) evil influence: কুহক জাল. (9) love; attachment: মায়াজাল. জাল পাতা (verb intransitive) lay or set a trap. জাল ফেলা (verb intransitive) cast a net. খেপলা-জাল (noun) a cast-net. ছাঁকিজাল (noun) a scoop-net; a dripping net. টানা-জাল (noun) a draw-net. জাল গুটানো (verb intransitive) haul up the net. জালজীবী (noun) one whose occupation is to catch fish; a fisherman. জাল ছেঁড়া (verb intransitive) (figurative) get rid of a denger/trouble. জালপাদ (adjective) having the toes united by a membrane; web-footed. (noun) animals whose toes are united by a membrane (as a duck).
  • Bengali Word ঝাল ১English definition (adjective) (1) hot or biting to the taste; pungent; acrid.
    (noun) (1) secret enmity; acrimony; grudge: গায়ের ঝাল. (2) acrid quality; acridity; pungency: লঙ্কার ঝাল. ঝাল ঝাড়া (verb intransitive) give vent to feelings of anger; satisfy a grudge. ঝাল চচ্চড়ি (noun) a variety of hot curry. ঝালে-ঝোলে-অম্বলে (adverb) in every respect; in all affairs; everywhere.
  • Bengali Word টাল ১English definition (noun) (1) the state of being curved; curvature: লোহার কড়ির টাল.
    (2) slant; slope; inclination: চাকার টাল. (3) state of being unsteady; staggering movement: টাল খেয়ে পড়া. (4) danger; difficulty; risk: টাল সামলানো. টাল খাওয়া (verb intransitive) (1) incline; bend. (2) walk unsteadily; stagger. (3) be faced with a crisis. টাল দেওয়া (verb intransitive) act or speak evasively; misrepresent (something) by giving evasive evidence; prevaricate. টাল বাহানা (noun) dilly-dallying; shilly-shallying. টাল বাহানা করা (verb intransitive) make pretexts; prevaricate. টাল মাটাল (noun) (1) precarious state; crises; turmoil. (2) restlessness; uneasiness; anxiety. (3) procrastination. টাল সামলানো (verb intransitive) get over a crisis.
  • Bengali Word ডাল ১English definition (noun) (1) pigeon pea; pulse.
    (2) soup of pigeon pea.
  • Bengali Word ঢাল ১English definition (noun) a protective plate used by warriors to ward off weapons; a shield; a buckler
  • Bengali Word তাল ১English definition (noun) the fanpalm or palmyra tree; its fruit.
    তাল কাঁড়ি (noun) the juice of the palmyra fruit. তালক্ষীর (noun) the juice of the palmyra fruit boiled and thickened into a semi-solid state. তালচঞ্চু, তালচোঁচ (noun) weaver bird. তালনবমী (noun) ninth day of the waxing moon of the month of Bhadra. তালপড়া (verb intransitive) (1) (of palmyra fruit) fall from the tree. (noun) (facetious) the fall of heavy fisticuffs (on a person). তালপাখা (noun) a hand fan made of the palmyra-leaf. তালপাতার সেপাই (facetious) a cowardly and thin-built person who introduces himself as a soldier. তালশাঁস (noun) the edible kernel of the stone of a palmyra-fruit.
  • Bengali Word নাল ১English definition (noun) (1) hollow stalk; lotus-stalk.
    (2) any tube/ tubular vessel/ vein of the body. (3) reed.
  • Bengali Word পাল ১English definition (noun) flock; herd; drove.
    পালের গোদা (noun) (1) leader of a herd. (2) (derogatory) ringleader. এক পাল উট (noun) a drove of camels. এক পাল কুকুর ছানা (noun) a litter of puppies. এক পাল গরু/পাল মহিষ (noun) a herd of cattle. এক পাল নেকড়ে (noun) a pack of wolves. এক পাল ভেড়া (noun) a flock of sheep. এক পাল মুরগির ছানা (noun) a brood of chicken. এক পাল হরিণ (noun) a herd of deer.
  • Bengali Word ফাল ১English definition (noun) ploughshare; coulter
  • Bengali Word বাল ১English definition (noun) male child; boy.
    (adjective) (in compounds) (1) young; childish; infantile; not full grown or developed. (2) newly risen; early; new; waxing. (3) puerile; ignorant; simple; foolish. (4) pure. বাল কাণ্ড (noun) the first book of the Ramayana. বাল ক্রীড়া (noun) a child’s play/amusement; boyish sport. বাল গর্ভিণী (noun) cow with calf for the first time. বাল গোপাল (noun) a youthful herdsman. বালগ্রহ (noun) kind of demon (said to cause possessions) বালচর্য (noun) behaviour of a child. বালচর্যা (noun) act of bringing up children; childcare. বাল চাপল্য (noun) childish frivolities. বালতৃণ (noun) young grass. বালধন (noun) property of a minor/infant. বালবাচ্চা (noun) young/infant children; kiddies; little ones. বালবাহ্য (adjective) portable by a child; light. বাল বিধবা (noun) child-widow. বাল বৈধব্য (noun) widowhood at a very early age. বালভাষিত (noun) baby-talk; childlike talk; prattle; (figurative) utterance of no importance; babble. বালভোগ (noun) (facetious) breakfast. বালভোজ্য (noun) children’s food; peace. (adjective) fit for children’s consumption. বালমূষিক (noun) small rat. বালরাজ (noun) (1) child-king. (2) lapis lazuli. বালরোগ (noun) children’s disease. বালশশী (noun) the moon of the second lunar night of a light fortnight. বালসুলভ (adjective) childish; childlike. বালসূর্য (noun) (1) the newly risen sun. (2) lapis lazuli.
  • Bengali Word বিচাল ১English definition (adjective) (1) with seed.
    (2) seedy.
  • Bengali Word ভাল ১English definition (noun) (1) forehead; brow.
    (2) fate. (3) splendour; Iustere.
  • Bengali Word ময়াল ১English definition (noun) python
  • Bengali Word মাথাল ১English definition (adjective) brainy; intelligent; brilliant
  • Bengali Word মাল ১English definition [Arabic] (noun) (1) riches; wealth; property; possession.
    (2) merchandise; goods; stock; wares; effects. (3) rent; revenue; land holding rented directly from the government. (4) thing. মাল কাটা (verb intransitive) (of goods) sell (well). মাল আমাওয়াত (noun) property left by a deceased person; unclaimed property. মালকড়ি (noun) money; fund; wherewithal; means. মালক্রোক (noun) distraint. মালক্রোক করা (verb transitive) distrain. মালক্রোকি পরওয়ানা (noun) distraint warrant. মালকোটা, মালখানা (noun) (1) treasury. (2) store-house; store-room; warehouse. মাল খালাস করা (verb intransitive) unload. মালগাড়ি (noun) goods-train; wagon; luggage-van. মালগুজার (noun) tenant; subject; landholder; landlord; one who pays revenue. মালগুজারদার (noun) tenant paying revenue directly to the landlord. মালগুজারি (noun) land revenue; revenue assessment; rent paid in money; payment of rent and taxes. মালগুদাম (noun) warehouse; store-house. মালচালান (noun) delivery/shipment of goods. মালজমি (noun) rented land; land holding rented directly from the government. মালজামিন = (noun) (1) security for property; (2) security in property; (3) surety. মালজামিনি (noun) security for rent/debt. মালজাহাজ (noun) cargo-boat; cargosteamer. মালতোলা (verb intransitive) store goods. মালদার (adjective) wealthy; rich; moneyed. মালদারি (noun) wealthiness; wealth. মালপত্র (noun) (plural) goods; luggage; goods and chattels; (personal) effects; merchandise. মালবোঝাই (adjective) loaded; (of ships) laden. মাল বোঝাই করা (verb intransitive) load; lade. মালমশলা, মালমসলা (noun) (plural) ingredients; materials. মালমাত্তা (noun) (plural) wealth; goods and effects; properties.
  • Bengali Word লাল ১English definition (adjective) (1) red; reddened.
    (2) flushed. (3) red hot; enraged; angry.  (noun) red; redness; flush. লালচে (adjective) reddish. লাল জমি (verb intransitive) very fertile land. লালরতন, লালরত্ন noun(s) ruby. লাল করা (verb transitive) redden; dye/ paint red. লাল বাতি জ্বালা (verb intransitive) go into liquidation. become bankrupt; collapse; crash. লাল হওয়া (verb intransitive) (1) redden; flush; become red. (2) be very angry; fly into a passion. (3) be ripe.
  • Bengali Word শাল ১English definition (noun) shawl
  • Bengali Word সাল ১English definition = শাল