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  • Bengali Word বৃহস্পতিEnglish definition(noun) (1) (mythology) the preceptor of the gods and the god of wisdom and eloquence. (2) (astronomy) the Jupiter. (3) Thursday. (4) a great scholar/ savant: বিদ্যায় বৃহস্পতি. বৃহস্পতিবার (noun) = বৃহস্পতি. বৃহস্পতির বারবেলা (noun) (astrology) a part of Thursday considered utterly inauspicious for any work. বৃহস্পতির দশা (noun) (astrology) planetary influence or the Jupiter. একাদশ বৃহস্পতি (noun) (astrology) a very auspicious conjunction of stars in one’s life.

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  • Bengali Word দম্পতিEnglish definition (noun) (1) husband and wife; couple.
    (2) a couple of male and female creatures.
  • Bengali Word বনস্পতিEnglish definition বন
  • Bengali Word বাচস্পতিEnglish definition (noun) (1) master of speech; orator; linguist; learned man.
    (2) Brihaspati; the preceptor of gods. (3) = বাক্‌পটু. ( বাক).
  • বিদ্যায় বৃহস্পতি (noun) man of unbounded learning (like Brihaspati, the preceptor of gods; Brishaspati in learning; know-all.