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  • Bengali Word বিলাসEnglish definition(noun) (1) luxury; indulgence; self-indulgence; bed of roses; extravagance; overindulgence; wastefulness; high living; daintiness; foppery; enjoyment of milk and honey. (2) sport; play; pastime; pleasure; diversion (especially with women, etc). (3) fun; merriment; jollily; liveliness; good time. (4) pleasure; delight; enjoyment; kick (colloquial); joviality. (5) amorous sport; dalliance; voluptuousness; dissoluteness; dissipation. (6) coquetry; affectation of coyness; wantonness; any playful action or gesture. (7) a form of feminine gesture considered as indicative of amorous sentiments. (8) grace; charm; beauty. (9) expression; manifestation. (10) display; flash; sparkle; fireworks: বুদ্ধির বিলাস. বিলাস কানন (noun) pleasure-grove; pleasure-garden. বিলাস কুঞ্জ (noun) = বিলাসকানন. বিলাস গৃহ (noun) pleasure-house. বিলাস তরণী (noun) pleasure-boat. বিলাস তৃষ্ণা (noun) thirst/ lust for pleasure. বিলাস পর, বিলাস পরায়ণ, বিলাস প্রিয় adjective(s) = বিলাসী. বিলাস পরায়ণা (feminine). বিলাস পরতা, বিলাস পরায়ণতা, বিলাস প্রিয়তা noun(s) = বিলাস বিলাসিতা. বিলাস বাসনা (noun) pleasure seeking; lust for pleasure; sensualism; sensuality. বিলাস বিভ্রম (noun) amorous gestures; coquetry. বিলাস বিহার (noun) pleasure-walk; promenading. বিলাস ব্যসন (noun) dissipation; self-indulgence; sybaritism; life of pleasure; (all) beer and skittles; gay life. বিলাস ভবন, বিলাস মন্দির noun(s) = বিলাস গৃহ. বিলাস মত্ত (adjective) lost in luxury; mad with wanton frolics; rollicking. বিলাসময় (adjective) full of grace; charming. বিলাসশয্যা (noun) pleasure-couch.

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  • Bengali Word বিল ১English definition (noun) marsh; marshland; swamp; swampland; fen; slough
  • Bengali Word বিল ২English definition (noun) hole; cave; cavity; pit; opening
  • Bengali Word বিল ৩English definition [English] (noun) bill; promissory note; draft.
    বিল করা (verb intransitive) make out/ draw a bill. বিল পাস করা pass a bill. বিল মেটানো foot the bill; pay off/ settle a bill.
  • Bengali Word বিলকুলEnglish definition [Arabic] (adjective) complete; thorough; positive; outright; clear: বিলকুল মিথ্যা কথা.
    (adverb) completely; thoroughly; outright; positively; entirely; wholly; unreservedly; altogether.
  • Bengali Word বিলক্ষEnglish definition (adjective) (1) having no fixed aim .
    (2) having no characteristic mark/ property.
  • Bengali Word বিলক্ষণEnglish definition (adjective) (1) uncommon; extraordinary; unusual; much; great; considerable; enormous.
    (2) different. (adverb) very well; of course; thoroughly; surely; to a great extent; certainly; fine; excellent: আমি তাকে বিলক্ষণ চিনি.
  • Bengali Word বিলক্ষিতEnglish definition (adjective) observed; perceived; noticed; distinguished; marked by
  • Bengali Word বিলগ্নEnglish definition (adjective) attached/ fastened/ clung to; connected with; resting/ hanging on
  • Bengali Word বিলঙ্ঘনEnglish definition (noun) leaping over; crossing; surmounting; overcoming; passing beyond.
    বিলঙ্ঘনীয়, বিলঙ্ঘ্য (adjective) to be overstepped/ passed over/ transgressed/ surmounted. বিলঙ্ঘিত (adjective) overleaped; overcome; surmounted; surpassed; baffled; defied.
  • Bengali Word বিলজ্জEnglish definition (noun) shameless.
    বিলজ্জমান (adjective) blushing; abashed; ashamed.
  • Bengali Word বিলম্বEnglish definition (noun) (1) delay; lateness; procrastination; slowness.
    (2) hanging/ falling down; pendulousness. বিলম্ব করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) delay; be late; procrastinate; linger; tarry. বিলম্ব করানো (verb transitive) delay; retard. বিলম্বন (noun) (1) delaying; procrastination; slowness; lingering. (2) hanging down; suspension. বিলম্ব শুল্ক (noun) demurrage. বিলম্বে (adverb) late. অতি বিলম্বে (adverb) very late; a day after the fair.
  • Bengali Word বিলম্বিতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) retarded; delayed; late; tardy; slow.
    (2) hanging down; pendulous; suspended. বিলম্বিতলয় (music) slow measure (opposite to দ্রুতলয়).
  • Bengali Word বিলম্বীEnglish definition (adjective) (1) delaying; making late; procrastinating; tarrying; slow; lingering.
    (2) hanging down; pendulous; hanging to/ from; leaning against; suspended.
  • Bengali Word বিলয়English definition (noun) (1) destruction (especially of the world).
    (2) dissolution; liquefaction; annihilation; disappearance; death. (adjective) (music) unmeasured. বিলয়ন (noun) dissolving; liquefying.
  • Bengali Word বিলসাEnglish definition (verb intransitive) (1) (poetic) gleam; flush; shine forth; glitter; play; sport; dally; vibrate.
    বিলসন (noun) gleaming; flashing; play; sport.
  • Bengali Word বিলসিতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) gleaming; flashing; glittering; shining forth; beautified; adorned.
    (2) enjoyed; played; amused; sported; delighted.
  • Bengali Word বিলাইEnglish definition (noun) = বিড়াল
  • Bengali Word বিলাত ১; বিলেতEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) (1) England.
    (2) Europe. (3) foreign country. (4) kingdom; domain. বিলেত ফেরত, বিলেত ফেরতা (adjective) returned from England/ Europe.
  • Bengali Word বিলাত ২English definition (noun) (of bills, etc) non-realization; non-recovery.
    বিলাত পড়া (verb transitive) fall into arrears; be overdue; become a bad debt. বিলাত বাকি (noun) bad debt; arrears; outstanding; unrealized dues, bills, etc.
  • Bengali Word বিলাতি, বিলেতিEnglish definition (adjective) English; European; foreign; produced in/ imported from England/ Europe/ a foreign country.
    বিলাতি আমড়া (noun) hog-plum. বিলাতি কাপড় (noun) English/ foreign textile material. বিলাতি কুমড়া (noun) gourd. বিলাতি বেগুন (noun) tomato. বিলাতিয়ানা (noun) (1) (derogatory) adoption/ initiation of English or European way of life; anglomania. (2) anglicism; Europeanism.
  • Bengali Word বিলানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) give away; distribute: বিলানো অর্থ
  • Bengali Word বিলাপEnglish definition (noun) wailing; lamenting; lamentation; lament.
    বিলাপ করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) wail; lament; bewail; utter moaning sounds, বিলাপন (noun) = বিলাপ. বিলাপ বচন (noun) lamentation. বিলাপী (adjective) lamenting; wailing; uttering/ moaning/ inarticulate sounds. বিলাপনী (feminine) = বিলাপী.
  • Bengali Word বিলাসিতাEnglish definition (noun) (1) luxury; foppishness; high living; stylishness; fashionableness.
    (2) love of pleasure; self-indulgence; wantonness; dissipation; playfulness; sensualism; life of pleasure; amusement; entertainment; self-gratification.
  • Bengali Word বিলাসীEnglish definition (adjective) (1) luxurious; fond of luxuries; self-indulgent; pleasure-seeking; sybaritic; voluptuous; sensual; dissolute.
    (2) wanton; sportive; playful; dallying with; fond of. (noun) lover; husband: ঊর্মিলা বিলাসী. বিলাসিনী (feminine), (adjective) (1) = বিলাসী ((1) , (2) ). (2) coquettish. (noun) (1) woman. (2) whore; lively/ coquettish/ wanton woman. (3) mistress; wife.
  • Bengali Word বিলি ১English definition (noun) (1) distribution; dealing/ giving out; dispensation; handing out: টাকা/ খাবার বিলি.
    (2) settlement: জমি বিলি. (3) delivery: চিঠি. (4) assignment; allotment: কাজ বিলি. বিলি করা (verb transitive) distribute; give/ deal out; hand out; dispense; settle (land); deliver; assign; allot. বিলি বন্দোবস্ত, বিলি ব্যবস্থা, বিলি বন্দেজ (noun) settlement; assignment; disbursement; orderly arrangement and distribution. বিলিব্যবস্থাপক manager; supervisor.
  • Bengali Word বিলি ২English definition (noun) removing lice from hair.
    চুলে বিলি দেওয়া pick lice from hair.
  • Bengali Word বিলিখা, বিলেখনEnglish definition (noun) (1) writing.
    (2) scratching; scraping. (3) dividing; splitting. (4) digging; delving; rooting up.
  • Bengali Word বিলিপ্তEnglish definition (adjective) smeared over; anointed
  • Bengali Word বিলীনEnglish definition (adjective) (1) dissolved; vanished; destroyed. disappeared; melted; faded.
    disappeared; melted; faded. (2) absorbed; engrossed; lost. (3) mixed; blended. (4) sunk; plunged; immersed in. বিলীন হওয়া (verb intransitive) dissolve; vanish; disappear; fade away; melt; be absorbed/ engrossed/ lost; be mixed/ blended; be sunk/ plunged/ immersed; sink.
  • Bengali Word বিলীয়মানEnglish definition (adjective) vanishing; dissolving; fading; melting; evanescent; in the state of being absorbed/ destroyed
  • কল্পনা বিলাসী (adjective) having visionary ideas; dreamy.
  • নৌকা বিলাস (noun) pleasure-trip in a boat; rowing (as a sport); boating.
  • বস্ত্র বিলাস (noun) foppery in dress.
  • বাগান বিলাস (noun) bougainvillea.
  • (noun) lover; husband: ঊর্মিলা বিলাসী.
  • বুদ্ধিবিলাস (noun) play of the mind /fancy.
  • ভাববিলাসী (adjective) sentimental; idealistic; visionary.
  • ভোগবিলাস (noun) sensual/ worldly enjoyments; pleasures and luxury.
  • ভোজনবিলাস (noun) indulgence in good eating; gourmandise.
  • ভ্রূবিভ্রম, ভ্রূবিলাস noun(s) playful movement of the eyebrows.
  • লক্ষ্মীবিলাস (noun) 1 kind of fine cloth.
  • হট্ট বিলাসিনী (noun) (feminine) wanton woman; prostitute.
  • হৃদ্ বিলাসী, হৃদ্বিহারী (adjective) wandering in the heart; injoying the inner beauty; inward-looking.