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  • Bengali Word বাচকEnglish definition(adjective) expressive of; signifying; denoting; speaking of.(noun) speaker; reciter.

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  • Bengali Word বাচ ১English definition = বাইচ
  • Bengali Word বাচ ২English definition (noun) (1) selection; choosing.
    (2) what remains after the better ones have been selected; residue: ভালোগুলি সব বেছে নিয়েছে, এখন সব বাচ পড়ে গেছে.
  • Bengali Word বাচনEnglish definition (noun) (1) speaking; reading; recitation; a saying.
    (2) causing to speak. বাচন ভঙ্গি (noun) manner of speaking; delivery. বাচনিক (adverb) verbal; oral; mentioned expressly; in word.
  • Bengali Word বাচনকEnglish definition (noun) enigma
  • Bengali Word বাচনাEnglish definition (noun) (1) reading.
    (2) explanation; expounding.
  • Bengali Word বাচবিচার, বাছবিচারEnglish definition (noun) discrimination (between good and bad); choice; diffentiate between).
    বাচবিচার করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) discriminate. বিনা বাচবিচারে (adverb) indiscriminately.
  • Bengali Word বাচস্পতিEnglish definition (noun) (1) master of speech; orator; linguist; learned man.
    (2) Brihaspati; the preceptor of gods. (3) = বাক্‌পটু. ( বাক).
  • Bengali Word বাচস্পত্যEnglish definition (noun) eloquence; eloquent speech; harangue; erudition
  • Bengali Word বাচাEnglish definition (noun) kind of small sweet-water fish
  • Bengali Word বাচাইEnglish definition = বাছাই
  • Bengali Word বাচালEnglish definition (adjective) talkative; garrulous; voluble; loquacious.
    (noun) chatterer; chatterbox; gasbag. বাচালতা (noun) talkativeness; garrulity; volubility.
  • Bengali Word বাচিকEnglish definition (adjective) communicated by speech; oral.
    বাচিক পত্র (noun) written agreement/ contract.
  • Bengali Word বাচ্চা, বাচ্ছাEnglish definition (noun) (1) young child; infant; kid; brat; toddler; tot; baby.
    (2) offspring; child: আমি যদি মানুষের বাচ্চা হই. (3) the young of a beast: শুয়োরের বাচ্চা. (adjective) (1) young; infant: বাচ্চা মেয়ে/ছেলে. (2) ignorant; immature: এ বিষয়ে সে নিতান্ত বাচ্চা. বাচ্চা কাচ্চা (noun) (plural) (1) young/infant children; kiddies; little ones; the young of any animal.
  • Bengali Word বাচ্যEnglish definition (adjective) (1) to be spoken/ said/told/ announced/ stated/ communicated/ named/ enumerated/ spoken of; speakable; utterable.
    (2) fit to be regarded as; namable: সে মনুষ্যপদ বাচ্য. নয়. (noun) (1) what may be said. (2) (grammar) voids. বাচ্যতা (noun) the being to be said or spoken; the being predicated of. বাচ্যমান (adjective) (1) under discussion. (2) in the state of being revealed.
  • Bengali Word বাচ্যার্থEnglish definition (noun) directly expressed meaning; actual/ simple meaning or sense of a word or sentence; primary/ original meaning.
    বাচ্যার্থত্ব (noun) direct expression of meaning.
  • Bengali Word উপযাচকEnglish definition (noun), (adjective) one who begs (something) of (somebody) importunately; importuner.
    উপযাচক হয়ে (adverb) without being asked/invited; uncalled for; officiously; importunately.
  • Bengali Word তদ্বাচকEnglish definition [তদ্‌ + বাচক] (adjective) signifying or indicating that
  • Bengali Word নির্বাচকEnglish definition (adjective) elective; selective; voting; electing; selecting.
    (noun) elector; voter; selector. নির্বাচকমণ্ডলী (noun) electors (collectively); electorate.
  • Bengali Word নেতিবাচকEnglish definition (adjective) negative
  • Bengali Word পাচকEnglish definition (adjective) (1) cooking; baking; roasting.
    (2) digestive; gastric. (noun) cook. পাচিকা (noun) female cook. পাচক রস (noun) digestive fluid; gastric juice.
  • Bengali Word প্রবাচকEnglish definition (adjective) speaking well; eloquent
  • Bengali Word যাচকEnglish definition (noun) one who asks/ prays (for); petitioner; beggar; mendicant.
    যাচিকা (feminine) = যাচক.
  • অঙ্ক বাচক (adjective) cardinal: অঙ্ক বাচক সংখ্যা, cardinal numbers, eg 4, 5, 6 (contrasted with ordinal numbers.
  • ক্রিয়াবাচক (adjective) (grammar) derived from a verb; verbal.
  • গুণবাচক (adjective) 1 expressing or indicating a quality.
  • জাতিবাচক (adjective) 1 pertaining to a genus; generic.
  • [তদ্‌ + বাচক] (adjective) signifying or indicating that.
  • দ্রব্যবাচক (adjective) (grammar) material.
  • নামবাচক (adjective) (grammar) expressing/ denoting a name; proper.
  • নির্বাচকমণ্ডলী (noun) electors (collectively); electorate.
  • পুংবাচক (adjective) (grammar) masculine.
  • পূরণবাচক (noun) ordinal.
  • ভাববাচক (adjective) (grammar) abstract.
  • সংখ্যাবাচক (adjective) expressive of/ denoting number; numeral.
  • সংজ্ঞাবাচক (adjective) 1 (grammar) proper.