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  • Bengali Word প্রধানEnglish definition(adjective) (1) chief; principal; main; prime; leading; foremost; pre-eminent; predominant; most important; key; primary; capital; top; pivotal; staple; cardinal; vital. (2) dominated/chiefly characterized by: গ্রীষ্ম প্রধান দেশ.  (noun) Chief (thing/person); most important/ essential part; head (of); leader; headman; royal counsellor. প্রধান অক্ষ (noun) principal axis. প্রধান খাদ্য (noun) staple diet. প্রধানত (adverb) chiefly; mainly; principally; predominantly; pre-eminently; importantly; in the main; above all; in the first place. প্রধানতা (noun) pre-eminence; excellence; superiority; predominance; supremacy. প্রধানমন্ত্রী prime minister. প্রধানমূল (noun) (botany) tap-root. প্রধানশিক্ষক (noun) headmaster. প্রধানশিক্ষিকা / প্রধানশিক্ষয়িত্রী (feminine) headmistress. প্রধান সেনাপতি (noun) commander-in-chief.

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  • Bengali Word প্র-English definition (prefix) indicating (a) before, forward, in front, on, forth;
  • Bengali Word প্রকটEnglish definition (adjective) evident; clear; manifest; open; plain; public; obvious.
    প্রকটন (noun) bringing to light; manifesting; manifestation; clear exposition/ revelation. প্রকটভাবে (adverb) clearly; evidently; manifestly; visibly; openly; in public.
  • Bengali Word প্রকটিতEnglish definition (adjective) manifested; unfolded; revealed; clearly exposed/explained; proclaimed.
    প্রকটিত করা (verb transitive) manifest; reveal; bring to light; expose/ explain clearly; unfold; unveil.
  • Bengali Word প্রকটীকৃতEnglish definition = প্রকটিত
  • Bengali Word প্রকম্পEnglish definition (noun) trembling: violent motion; quake; severe tremor; thrill.
    প্রকম্পন (noun) great trembling; violent/excessive motion.
  • Bengali Word প্রকম্পিতEnglish definition (adjective) trembling; quacking; shaking violently.
    প্রকম্পিত করা (verb transitive) cause to tremble; swing; shake violently; reverberate. প্রকম্পিত হওয়া (verb intransitive) tremble/quake violently; shake violently; be shaken; reverberate with.
  • Bengali Word প্রকরEnglish definition (noun) (scattered) heap; multitude; quantity; plenty
  • Bengali Word প্রকরণEnglish definition (noun) (1) subject; topic; question; matter; item.
    (2) chapter (of a book). (3) context. (4) production; creation. (5) treatment; discussion; explanation. (6) treatise; monograph; book. (7) (biology) variation. (8) process; procedure; technique; method.
  • Bengali Word প্রকর্মীEnglish definition (noun) technician
  • Bengali Word প্রকর্ষEnglish definition (noun) (1) excellence; pre-eminence; superiority.
    (2) development; amelioration; cultivation; advancement.
  • Bengali Word প্রকর্ষণEnglish definition (noun) (1) = প্রকর্ষ.
    (2) attraction.
  • Bengali Word প্রকর্ষিতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) cultivated.
    (2) attracted.
  • Bengali Word প্রকল্পEnglish definition (noun) (1) project; plan; design.
    (2) hypotheses. প্রকল্পন (noun) projection.
  • Bengali Word প্রকল্পিতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) projected; contemplated, planned.
    (2) hypothetical; imagined.
  • Bengali Word প্রকাণ্ডEnglish definition (noun) stem/trunk of a tree.
    (adjective) huge; gigantic; colossal; enormous; monstrous; stupendous. প্রকাণ্ডকায় (adjective) enormous in size; colossal; bulky; massive; monstrous.
  • Bengali Word প্রকামEnglish definition (adjective) sufficient; enough; abundant
  • Bengali Word প্রকারEnglish definition (noun) (1) kind; class; type; sort.
    (2) variety; species; genes: নানা প্রকার গাছপালা. (3) mode; manner; way; method. (4) process; procedure; manner. কী প্রকারে / কোন প্রকারে in what way? by which means? কোনোনা কোনো প্রকারে by some means of or other; somehow; by hook or by crook. প্রকারভেদ (noun) variety; variation; a particular sort. প্রকারাত্মক (adjective) modal. প্রকারান্তর (noun) another/a different kind/ sort/ mode/ way/ method. প্রকারান্তরে (adverb) (1) in/ by another/a different manner/ way/method. (2) in other words. (3) indirectly; by insinuation.
  • Bengali Word প্রকারণEnglish definition (noun) variation
  • Bengali Word প্রকাশEnglish definition (noun) (1) appearance; display; manifestation; expansion; diffusion: আলোর প্রকাশ.
    (2) clearness; brightness; splendour; lustre; light. (3) revelation; exposition: রহস্য প্রকাশ. (4) elucidation; explanation: অর্থ প্রকাশ. (5) expression: মনোভাব প্রকাশ. (6) demonstration; expression: দুঃখ প্রকাশ. (7) suggestion. (8) blooming; efflorescence: পুষ্প-প্রকাশ; disclosure; divulging; divulgation: গোপনকথা প্রকাশ. (9) publication: পুস্তক প্রকাশ. (10) announcement; notification; declaration: আদেশ প্রকাশ.  (adjective) (1) visible; shining; bright; clear; manifest. (2) open; public. (3) revealed; transpired; stated: খবরে প্রকাশ It is stated that. প্রকাশ করা (verb transitive) make visible; reveal; manifest; cause to appear/shine; illumine; irradiate; evince; show; display; express; expose; explain; indicate: demonstrate; suggest; declare; announce; pronounce; disclose; divulge; betray publish. প্রকাশ পাওয়া/প্রকাশ হওয়া (verb transitive) be visible/ revealed/ manifest/ exposed/ divulged/ published/ expressed; appear; shine; come to light; transpire; be demonstrated.
  • Bengali Word প্রকাশকEnglish definition (adjective) revealing; exposing; manifesting; expressive of; suggesting; illustrating; explaining; demonstrating; showing; indicating; displaying; announcing; betraying; disclosing; divulging; publishing.
     (noun) (1) publisher. (2) revealed; demonstrator; betrayer; one who/that which suggests/ expresses; announcer. প্রকাশিকা (feminine) of প্রকাশক. প্রকাশকসঙ্ঘ (noun) publishers association/ guild.
  • Bengali Word প্রকাশনEnglish definition (noun) (1) publication.
    (2) expression. প্রকাশনা (noun) publication.
  • Bengali Word প্রকাশনীয়English definition (adjective) (1) to be published; worth publishing; fit for/worthy of publication.
    (2) to be displayed/ shown/ manifested/ expressed/ disclosed/ revealed/ demonstrated.
  • Bengali Word প্রকাশমানEnglish definition (adjective) (1) rising; appearing; shining; resplendent; brilliant.
    (2) in the state of being published/ revealed.
  • Bengali Word প্রকাশিতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) become visible; brought to light; clear; manifest; evident; displayed; unfolded; discovered; illumined.
    (2) declared; announced. (3) disclosed; divulged; exposed. (4) published.
  • Bengali Word প্রকাশিতব্যEnglish definition = প্রকাশনীয়
  • Bengali Word প্রকাশ্যEnglish definition (adjective) (1) = প্রকাশনীয়.
    (2) under publication. (3) open to the public: প্রকাশ্য অধিবেশন. (4) open; public: প্রকাশ্য আলোচনা/প্রকাশ্যস্থান. প্রকাশ্য দিবালোকে (adverb) in broad daylight. প্রকাশ্যত, প্রকাশ্যে (adverb) openly; publicly; before the world; before the eyes of all. ক্রমশ প্রকাশ্য to be continued.
  • Bengali Word প্রকীর্ণEnglish definition (adjective) (1) scattered; thrown about; dispersed; spread/strewn over.
    (2) disordered; disheveled. (3) mixed; miscellaneous; various.
  • Bengali Word প্রকীর্ণকEnglish definition (noun) (1) tuft of hair used as an ornament for horses.
    (2) section/division of a book. (3) extent; length. (4) horse.
  • Bengali Word প্রকীর্তনEnglish definition (noun) announcing; proclaiming; encomium; extolling; celebrating; praising; publicity
  • Bengali Word প্রকীর্তিEnglish definition (noun) celebration; great fame; wide celebrity.
    প্রকীর্তিত (adjective) (1) announced; proclaimed; mentioned; said; revealed. (2) praised; extolled; (widely) celebrated; famed.
  • উষ্ণপ্রধান (adjective) torrid; tropical: উষ্ণপ্রধান অঞ্চল.
  • গ্রীষ্মপ্রধান (adjective) hot; torrid; tropical.
  • ধর্মপ্রধান (adjective) chiefly guided by religion/ religious principles; religious.
  • পুরুষপ্রধান (noun) chief amongst man; Suprerne Being.
  • প্রধানমন্ত্রী (noun) prime minister.
  • প্রধান/ মুখ্য মূল (noun) (botany) tap root.
  • রাগ প্রধান (adjective) based on classical modes.
  • শীতপ্রধান দেশ (noun) cold country.
  • সদস্যপ্রধান (noun) leader of a legislative assembly; leader of the house.
  • সর্বপ্রধান (adjective) most important/ distinguished; foremost; chief of all; pre-eminent; supreme; chief; principal.
  • সহকারী প্রধান শিক্ষক (noun) assist-ant headmaster.
  • প্রধান সেনাপতি (noun) commander-in-chief.
  • প্রধান সৈন্যাধ্যক্ষ (noun) commander-in-chief.
  • স্ত্রী প্রধান (adjective) dominated by women.
  • স্ব স্ব প্রধান each independent and self-sufficient; each considering himself / herself most important.