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  • Bengali Word পেঁচEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) (1) screw; thread (of a screw). (2) spiral bend; coil; twist. (3) perplexity; intricate/ perplexing situation; false position; difficulty; complication; trouble; predicament; intricacy. (4) machination; deceit; intrigue; stratagem intricate scheme. (5) entanglement; mutual entwining: ঘুড়ির পেঁচ. (6) tricky/shrewd turn; involution: কথার পেঁচ. (7) a trick in wrestling. (8) tangle: সুতার পেঁচ. (9) spiral motion. পেঁচআঁটা/পেঁচকষা (verb intransitive) (1) tighten (a screw); give (a nut, etc) another screw. (2) (in wrestling) seize. (3) (figurative) put the screw(s) on (somebody); tighten one’s grip on; twist. পেঁচ খাওয়া (verb intransitive) (1) get in tangle; coil; be tangled up. (2) (figurative) get entangled; become complicated; become embroiled; be in a tangle. পেঁচ খেলা (verb intransitive) play a trick on somebody. পেঁচ খোলা (verb transitive), (verb intransitive) loosen; open; unscrew; slacken; disentangle; untwist; unravel; unscrew; be unscrewed/ disentangled/ untwisted/ unravelled (as a mystery). পেঁচ দেওয়া (verb transitive) (1) twist; twine. (2) (figurative) throw obstacles in the way; entangle; be up to one’s (old) tricks; complicate matters; make difficulties for. (3) (wrestling) seize. পেঁচ পড়া/ পেঁচ লাগা = পেঁচ খাওয়া. পেঁচ লড়া (verb intransitive) entangle the string of an adversary’s kite. পেঁচ লাগানো (verb intransitive) raise difficulties; complete; bungle. পেঁচে পড়া (verb intransitive) be (caught) in a the cleft stick: fall into somebody’s trap; be tricked; be the dupe of; be entrapped; swallow the bait; be in trouble/a predicament; be in a false position/ quandary; be enmeshed in something. পেঁচে ফেলা (verb transitive) entrap; trick; trap somebody (into something/doing something).

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  • Bengali Word পেঁকাটিEnglish definition = পাকাটি
  • Bengali Word পেঁকোEnglish definition (adjective) full of slime/mire; slimy; miry; silty
  • Bengali Word পেঁচাEnglish definition (noun) owl
    পেঁচার ডাক (noun) hooting; hoot. পেঁচাও (adjective) twisted; coiled; spiral; winding; crooked; intricate; devious. পেঁচার বাচ্চা (noun) owlet. কাল পেঁচা (noun) hawk owl. কুট্‌রে পেঁচা (noun) spotty owl. লক্ষ্মী পেঁচা (noun) barn owl. হুতুম পেঁচা (noun) brown fish owl.
  • Bengali Word পেঁচানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) (1) twist; twine; wring; screw.
    (2) make intricate; complicate; entangle. (3) involve; implicate: আমাকে আবার এর মধ্যে পেঁচানো কেন? (4) twist; avoid the issue; ramble about: কথা পেঁচানো. (adjective) (1) twisted; wrung; entangled; enmeshed. (2) involved; involute; tricky; tortuous; convoluted; devious: পেঁচানো কথাবার্তা. (3) zigzag; tortuous; twisty; snaky; devious: পেঁচানো রাস্তা. (4) complicated; complex; confused; crooked: পেঁচানো মন.
  • Bengali Word পেঁচাপেঁচিEnglish definition (noun) reciprocal intricacy; disputation; contention; controversy; feud
  • Bengali Word পেঁচালEnglish definition (noun) = প্যাচাল
  • Bengali Word পেঁচালোEnglish definition (adjective) = পেঁচানো
  • Bengali Word পেঁচোEnglish definition (noun) hysterics; involuntary distortion of the body; post-natal tetanus.
    পেঁচোয় পাওয়া (noun) be affected with tetanus.
  • Bengali Word পেঁচোয়াEnglish definition (adjective) = পেচানো
  • Bengali Word পেঁজনEnglish definition (noun) cleaning/carding of cotton
  • Bengali Word পেঁজাEnglish definition = পিঁজা
  • Bengali Word পেঁটরাEnglish definition = পেটরা
  • Bengali Word পেঁড়াEnglish definition = পেড়া
  • Bengali Word পেঁদানিEnglish definition (noun) (slang) drubbing; beating; belabouring; thrashing
  • Bengali Word পেঁদানোEnglish definition (verb transitive) (slang) (1) beat up; give somebody a good drubbing; beat soundly; belabour.
    (2) dress somebody down.
  • Bengali Word পেঁপেEnglish definition (noun) papaya; papaw; pawpaw
  • Bengali Word পেঁয়াজEnglish definition (noun) onion
  • Bengali Word পেঁয়াজিEnglish definition = পিয়াজি
  • Bengali Word কালপেঁচাEnglish definition (noun) (1) kind of owl that screeches instead of hooting; a screech-owl, a barn-owl.
    (2) (figurative) (derogatory) an extremely ugly person.
  • Bengali Word মারপেঁচ, মারপ্যাঁচEnglish definition (noun(s) (1) shrewd trick; stratagem.
    (2) shrewd/ tricky twist or turn; quibbling; sophistry; equivocation: কথার মারপ্যাঁচ.
  • ঘোরপ্যাঁচ, ঘোরপেঁচ (noun) intricacy; complication; crookedness; angularity.
  • পেঁচকের ডাক hooting; screeching.
  • পেঁচোয় পাওয়া (noun) be affected with tetanus.
  • লক্ষ্মী পেঁচা (noun) kind of owl said to be the vehicle of Lakshmi.