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  • Bengali Word নিষ্পিষ্টEnglish definition(adjective) (1) grounded; pounded; crushed; kneaded. (2) stamped; trampled on; heavily trodden. (3) beaten; oppressed; hard-pressed; severely thrashed; routed. নিষ্পিষ্ট করা (verb transitive) grind; pulverize; pound; crush; knead; beat to powder; stamp; beat; rub; trample on; tread heavily on; thrash severely; oppress; rout; press hard; squeeze.

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  • Bengali Word নিষ্কEnglish definition (noun) gold; gold coin; measure for weighing gold; golden ornament for the neck or breast
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কণ্টক English definition (adjective) free from thorns/enemies; untroubled; secure; free from troubles/ dangers; safe; undisturbed.
    নিষ্কণ্টকে (adjective) without trouble/ obstacle/ opposition/ danger; freely; peacefully; safely.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কপটEnglish definition (adjective) free from deceit/ fraud; guileless; frank; candid; honest
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কম্পEnglish definition (adjective) not shaking/ tremulous/ trembling/ vibrating; motionless; still; immovable
  • Bengali Word নিষ্করEnglish definition (adjective) free from taxes; rent-free; tax-free; freehold.
    নিষ্কর সম্পত্তি (noun) freehold.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্করুণEnglish definition (adjective) pitiless; merciless; cruel; hard-hearted; relentless
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কর্মাEnglish definition (adjective) (1) inactive; lazy; averse to work; good-for-nothing; worthless.
    (2) unemployed; unoccupied.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কর্ষEnglish definition (noun) (1) drawing out; extracting; extract; essence; gist; substance; chief/main point.
    (2) abstraction. নিষ্কর্ষণ (noun) (1) drawing out; extracting; abstraction; extraction. (3) removal; elimination; squeezing. নিষ্কর্ষ করা (verb transitive) remove; eliminate; draw out; extract; abstract.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কলEnglish definition (adjective) (1) without parts; undivided; whole; indivisible; compact.
    (2) seedless; impotent; waned; diminished; decayed; infirm. নিষ্কলা (feminine) = নিষ্কল.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কলঙ্কEnglish definition (adjective) stainless; immaculate; unblemished
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কলুষ, নিষ্কল্মষEnglish definition (adjective(s) stainless; sinless; pure; free from vice; clean; free from dirt
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কাণ্ডEnglish definition (adjective) (botany) acaulescent
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কর্ষ ২English definition (adjective) (1) desireless; disinterested; unselfish; dispassionate; not actuated by any desire/ gainful motive: নিষ্কর্ষ কর্ম.
    (2) close and deep but not sexual; platonic: নিষ্কর্ষ প্রেম.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কাশEnglish definition (noun) issue; egress; exist; outflow; drain; emergence; drainage.
    নিষ্কাশন (noun) driving away; extraction; drawing out/ unsheathing (of a sword). নিষ্কাশন করা (verb transitive) drive/turn out; expel; remove; extract; drain away/off; draw out/ unsheathe (a sword).
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কাশিতEnglish definition (adjective) expelled; turned out; extracted; removed; drained away/off; drawn out/unsheathed (like a sword)
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কাসন, নিষ্কাসিতEnglish definition = নিষ্কাশন, নিষ্কাসিত
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কৃতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) removed; expelled.
    (2) rescued; delivered; set free; atoned; exempted; freed; released.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কৃতিEnglish definition (noun) (1) acquittance; requital; release; deliverance; rescue.
    (2) exemption; remission. (3) atonement; expiation. (4) removal; doing away. নিষ্কৃতি দেওয়া (verb transitive) deliver; set free; rescue; release; relieve; discharge; exempt; excuse. নিষ্কৃতি পাওয়া (verb intransitive) be delivered/ freed/ rescued/ released/ relieved/ discharged/ exempted/ excused/ absolved.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কোষণEnglish definition (noun) (1) drawing out; unsheathing.
    (2) tearing off/ out; husking; shelling; extracting. নিষ্কোষণ করা = নিষ্কোষিত করা ( নিষ্কোষিত)
  • Bengali Word নিষ্কোষিতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) drawn; unsheathed.
    (2) torn/stripped off; forced out; extracted. নিষ্কোষিত করা (verb transitive) (1) draw out; unsheathe. (2) pull out; strip off; husk; shell; extract.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্ক্রমEnglish definition (noun) = নিষ্ক্রমণ
  • Bengali Word নিষ্ক্রমণEnglish definition (noun) going out; coming forth; exit; emergence; departing (from); departure; going away; leaving.
    নিষ্ক্রমণ করা (verb intransitive) go out; come forth; depart; (take) leave; make an exit; quit; emerge; go away; set out. নিষ্ক্রমণপত্র (noun) passport.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্ক্রয়English definition (noun) (1) price; reward; hire; wages; exchange; charge/ fee.
    (2) redemption; ransom; compensation. (3) selling; sale. নিষ্ক্রয়ণ (noun) redeeming; buying off; redemption; ransoming; commutation.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্ক্রান্তEnglish definition (adjective) gone out; come forth; departed; emerged.
    নিষ্ক্রান্ত হওয়া = নিষ্ক্রমণ করা ( নিষ্ক্রমণ).
  • Bengali Word নিষ্ক্রিয়English definition (adjective) (1) inactive; idle; lethargic; indolent; inert.
    (2) inoperative: নিষ্ক্রিয় আইন. (3) out of order; broken down. (4) offering no opposition; passive: নিষ্ক্রিয় প্রতিরোধ. (5) dormant: নিষ্ক্রিয়শক্তি. (6) unemployed; unoccupied. নিষ্ক্রিয়তা (noun) inaction; idleness; inactivity; laziness; lethargy; indolence; inoperativeness; passiveness; passivity; unemployment; inertness.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্ঠEnglish definition (adjective) (used also as a suffix) (1) intent on; devoted to: কর্মনিষ্ঠ, ধর্মনিষ্ঠ, কর্তব্যনিষ্ঠ.
    (2) being in/ on; situated on; grounded/ resting on; fixed; firm. নিষ্ঠা (noun) (1) attachment; devotion; application. (2) devoutness; strict observance of religious rites. (3) firmness; steadiness. (4) position; state; condition. নিষ্ঠবান (adjective) (1) devoted; attentive to; dedicated; devout; orthodox; traditional নিষ্ঠবতী (feminine) = নিষ্ঠ. নিষ্ঠভরে (adverb) devoutly; devotedly; loyally; religiously.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্ঠিতEnglish definition (adjective) attached/ devoted to
  • Bengali Word নিষ্ঠীব(ন)English definition (noun) spittle; saliva.
    নিষ্ঠীব(ন) ত্যাগ করা (verb intransitive) spit.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্ঠুরEnglish definition (adjective) cruel; heartless; merciless; hard; severe; harsh; rough; savage; brutal; biting; ruthless; fell; remorseless.
    নিষ্ঠুরা (feminine) = নিষ্ঠুর. নিষ্ঠুরতা, নিষ্ঠুরত্ব (noun(s)) cruelty; ruthlessness; mercilessness; heartlessness; hard-heartedness; severity; harshness; brutality; coarseness. নিষ্ঠুরবাক্য (noun) cruel words; acerbic/ biting/ cutting remarks. নিষ্ঠুরভাষী (adjective) speaking harshly; sharp-tongued. নিষ্ঠুর হৃদয় (adjective) cruel-minded. নিষ্ঠুরাচরণ (noun) cruel behabiour; cruelty; barbarity; savagery; brutality.
  • Bengali Word নিষ্ঠ্যূতEnglish definition (adjective) spit out; ejected from the mouth; vomited; ejected; belched out
  • নিষ্পিষ্টক (adjective) grinding; crushing; pounding; oppressing; thrashing; trampling.