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  • Bengali Word ন ৩English definition(adjective) (1) new: = ন বউ. (2) fourth in order of seniority: ন কাকা.

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  • Bengali Word আন ৩English definition [Persian] (suffix) indicating plurality (eg, মালিক + আন = মালিকান, শরিক + আন = শরিকান)
  • Bengali Word খান ৩English definition = খাঁ
  • Bengali Word জান ৩English definition [Persian] (suffix) used in addressing parents and near relations to show respects: আব্বাজান, আম্মাজান , ভাইজান, বুবুজান
  • Bengali Word পান ৩English definition (noun) (1) (of iron and baser metals) temper; annealing.
    (2) (of gold and noble metals) alloy. পান দেওয়া (verb transitive) (1) temper; anneal. (2) alloy.
  • Bengali Word পালান ৩English definition (noun) escape; flight; prank; bolting: এমন পালান পালাবে যে তাকে আর ধরা যাবে না
  • Bengali Word প্লেন ৩English definition [English] (noun) aeroplane; plane
  • Bengali Word বলন ৩English definition (noun) (1) hope like a ring; rotundity; curvedness; contour.
    (2) shape; build.
  • Bengali Word বাইন ৩English definition (noun) (1) (agri) a kind of disease affecting paddy.
    (2) the insect causing the above disease.
  • Bengali Word বান ৩English definition suffix [Persian] denoting, endowed with; possessing: গুণবান, ধনবান, বেগবান.
    গুণবতী, ধনবতী, বেগবতী (feminine) = বান (৩) .
  • Bengali Word বাসন ৩English definition (noun) (1) habitating; dwelling.
    (2) causing to abide/ dwell.
  • Bengali Word বিয়ান ৩English definition (noun) act/ instance of bringing forth; delivery; giving birth; parturition.
    এক বিয়ান (adjective) having calved once.
  • Bengali Word মান ৩English definition (noun) (1) wounded sense of honour; anger/ indignation excited by jealousy.
    (2) (especially in woman) caprice; sulking; huff caused by undesirable behaviour of a beloved person; tiff; pique. মান করা (verb intransitive) sulk; huff; has tiff with; take a pique against somebody. মান ভাঙানো (verb transitive) win over/ placate a beloved who is in a fit of pique/ huff. মান ভরে (adverb) in a fit of pique/ resentment. মানকলি (noun) lover’s quarrel; quarrel arising' from jealousy. মানভঙ্গ, মানভঞ্জন (noun(s) allaying of one’s/somebody’s huff; mollification of somebody’s resentment/ anger. মানভঞ্জন-পালা (noun) group of songs written about the mollification of Radha's sulking with Sri Krishna. মানময়ী (adjective) (feminine) huffy; sulk ; touchy.
  • Bengali Word শান ৩English definition [Arabic] (noun) (1) condition; state; circumstance.
    (2) dignity; quality; nature; disposition. (3) importance; pomp; lusture; eminence; glory; grandeur. শানদার (adjective) splendid; grand; pompous; stately. শান শওকত (noun) splendour; pomp and show; glory. শানে নজুল/ নযুল (noun) circumstances of revelation (of Qoranic verses).
  • Bengali Word শিশ্ন ৩English definition (noun) male genital organ; penis.
    শিশ্নোদরপরায়ণ (adjective) addicted to lust and gluttony.
  • Bengali Word জিন ৩, জীনEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) a leathern seat for a rider on a horse’s back; a saddle