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  • Bengali Word ন ২English definition(noun), (adjective) (colloquial) = নয়

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  • Bengali Word আমান ২English definition [Arabic] (noun) whole; entire; unbroken; uncut: আমান-কেক
  • Bengali Word আলানো, আলান ২English definition (verb intransitive) (1) dishevel; spread out: ধান আলানো.
    (2) open : বই আলানো.
  • Bengali Word কুজন ২English definition (noun) chirping or twittering of birds
  • Bengali Word কুশাসন ২English definition [কু + শাসন] (noun) oppressive rule; misrule
  • Bengali Word গর্জন ২English definition (noun) a kind of tree or its timber.
    গর্জন তেল/গর্জন তৈল (noun) an oily aromatic substance obtained from the গর্জন tree and used in varnishing, and also as a medicinal oil for rheumatism.
  • Bengali Word ঘাতন ২English definition (noun) (1) act of causing to slay or slaughter.
    (2) an implement for beating; a whip or stick. (3) person who beats/ kills.
  • Bengali Word চান ২English definition (dialect) (noun) the moon
  • Bengali Word চাপানো, চাপান ২English definition (verb transitive) (1) load or place something into/on to something: গাধার পিঠে মাল চাপানো, উনুনে হাড়ি চাপানো.
    (2) burden somebody(with); ঘাড়ে চাপানো. (3) lay upon; impute; ascribe; দোষ চাপানো, lay the blame upon one/at one’s door. (4) place something in one side: গাড়ি চাপানো.
  • Bengali Word চাহন ২English definition (noun) (1) act of looking at.
    (2) act of opening one’s eyes.
  • Bengali Word চিকন ২English definition [Persian] (adjective) thin; delicate; fine: চিকন চাল.
    (noun) fine sort of embroidery work on cloth.
  • Bengali Word জান ২English definition [Persian] (noun) the living condition of man; life.
    জান কবুল (interjection) expressing firm determination to do (something) or die: জান কবুল করে যুদ্ধ করা. জানমান (noun) life and honour. জানমাল (noun) life and property. জানি দুশমন (noun) an arch-enemy; an enemy posing a threat to one’s life. জানি দোস্ত (noun) a bosom friend.
  • Bengali Word জিন ২English definition (adjective) having gained the victory; victorious
  • Bengali Word টন ২English definition [English] (noun) (1) measure of weight (1000 Kg in metric system, 2240 lbs in FPS system).
    (2) measure of the internal capacity ((100) cft). (3) measure of carrying capacity of a ship ((40) cft); a ton.
  • Bengali Word দাপন ২English definition (noun) pressure; pressing; trampling
  • Bengali Word দীন ২English definition (adjective) (1) extremely poor; indigent; needy; destitute; wretched; miserable.
    (2) humble; lowly; modest; submissive; docile; meek. (3) afflicted; painful; sad: দীন নয়ন. (4) dejected; depressed; downcast; cast down দীনা (feminine). দীন চিত্ত (adjective) distressed in mind; dejected; in low spirits. দীন চিত্তে (adverb) humbly; on bended knees; modestly; dejectedly. দীনতা (noun) extreme poverty; indigence; destitution , distress; affliction; wretchedness; weakness; misery; humbleness; modesty; humility. দীন দয়াময় (adjective) kind to the poor. দীন দরিদ্র (adjective) very wretched/ miserable; extremely humble and poor; downtrodden. দীন দুঃখী (adjective) indigent and distressed. (noun) the poor. দীননাথ (noun) protector/ patron/ refuge of the poor. দীন বৎসল (adjective) sympathetic/ kind/ friendly to the poor. দীন বন্ধু (noun) friend of the poor; God. দীনভাব (noun) humbleness; modesty; humility; poverty; affectation of humility/ poverty. দীনভাবাপন্ন (adjective) modest; humble; humble-minded; servile; meek; unpretentious. দীনমুখ (adjective) looking melancholy. দীন রূপ (adjective) of melancholy aspect; dejected. দীন সরণ (noun) refuge of the poor; God. দীনসত্ত্ব, দীনচিত্ত, দীনহীন (adjective) extremely poor/indigent; beggarly; destitute; poor and lowly.
  • Bengali Word ধাবন ২English definition (noun) washing; cleansing.
    ধাবন করা (verb transitive) wash; cleanse.
  • Bengali Word নন্দন ২English definition (noun) (1) joy; happiness; welfare.
    (2) name of the chief attendant of Shiva. (3) Shiva. (adjective) delightful; pleasant; joyous. নন্দনভৃঙ্গি (noun) (1) Nandi and Bhringi, the two chief attendants of Shiva. (2) (ironical) undesirable associates/ lieutenants; accomplices; mischievous attendants/ entourage.
  • Bengali Word নিরসন ২English definition (noun) (1) casting out; driving away; removing; removal: দুঃখ নিরসন.
    (2) alleviation; mitigation: দারিদ্র্য নিরসন, যন্ত্রণা নিরসন. (3) rejection; refutation: যুক্তি নিরসন. (4) protection from; covering: লজ্জা নিরসন. (5) destruction; extermination. নিরসন করা (verb transitive) cast out; drive away; peal; removing; alleviate; mitigate; reject; refute; hide; conceal; expel; destroy; annihilate. নিরসন হওয়া (verb intransitive) be removed/ alleviated/ mitigated.
  • Bengali Word পড়ন ২English definition (noun) falling; fall; decline
  • Bengali Word পড়েন ২English definition (noun) woof; weft
  • Bengali Word পরিচিন্তন ২English definition (adjective) designed; well-planned; deeply/ carefully thought out; deliberated
  • Bengali Word পান ২English definition (noun) betel-leaf.
    পান খাওয়া (verb intransitive) chew betel-leaf (with betel-nut, lime, etc). পান সাজা (verb intransitive) prepare betel-leaf (with other ingredients for chewing). পানদান (noun) box in which betel-leaf and its accessories are kept. পান থেকে চুন খসা (figurative) commit a very trivial/ negligible offence/ lapse/ mistake. পানের খিলি/ ঠিলি (noun) betel-leaf rolled into a small conical cup.
  • Bengali Word পালান ২English definition (noun) cow’s udder/teat
  • Bengali Word পেন ২English definition [English] (noun) pain; labour-pain
  • Bengali Word প্লেন ২English definition [English] (adjective) plane; flat; plain.
    প্লেন করা (verb transitive) plane.
  • Bengali Word বকন ২English definition (noun) (1) = বকনা.
    (2) বকন বাছুর (noun) = বৎসতরী
  • Bengali Word বনবন ২English definition [English] (noun) bonbon; sweetmeat
  • Bengali Word বয়ান ২English definition [Arabic] (noun) narration; description; account; statement
  • Bengali Word বলন ২English definition (noun) speaking; narrating; telling; narration
  • Bengali Word বাওন ২English definition (noun) rowing