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  • Bengali Word দিওয়ানEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) book of poetical pieces in which rhymes of different poems end successively with a particular letter of the alphabet.

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  • Bengali Word দিওয়ানাEnglish definition = দেওয়ানা
  • Bengali Word আগুয়ানEnglish definition (adjective) forward; leading; going ahead.
    আগুয়ান হওয়া (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) advance; go ahead; take the lead.
  • Bengali Word আলওয়ানEnglish definition (noun) woollen wrapper; shawl
  • Bengali Word খতিয়ানEnglish definition [Arabic, Hindi] (noun) (1) book containing details of rent-roll, rent realization, etc.
    (2) book in which debit and credit items are entered in a summary form; ledger book. খতিয়ান করা (verb intransitive) pass into the ledger .
  • Bengali Word গরীয়ানEnglish definition (adjective) (1) more important; more venerable; larger; richer.
    (2) full of glory; glorious; honourable; renowned; celebrated; brilliant. (3) most adorable. গরীয়সী (feminine) = গরীয়ান.
  • Bengali Word গাড়ওয়ানEnglish definition (noun) person who drives a hackney carriage; a coachman
  • Bengali Word গাড়োয়ানEnglish definition (noun) person who drives a hackney carriage; a coachman
  • Bengali Word গার্জিয়ানEnglish definition [English] (noun) (1) one in charge of an orphan or ward.
    (2) one in whose care children are brought up; a parent; a guardian.
  • Bengali Word আলোয়ানEnglish definition [Arabic] (noun) woollen wrapper; shawl
  • Bengali Word জওয়ানEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) (1) a young man.
    (2) a strong and stout person. (adjective) (1) grown to manhood/youthful. (2) strong; stout; robust. জওয়ানি (noun) (1) youth; youthful age. (2) state or quality of being young. (3) the spirit arid vigour befitting a young man.
  • Bengali Word জোয়ানEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) (1) a person grown to manhood; adult.
    (2) (military) a soldier. (adjective) full of youth; strong and stout: জোয়ান লোক. জোয়ানকি (noun) youth. (adjective) youthful. জোয়ানি (noun) youthfulness; youth; calf-time.
  • Bengali Word তেজীয়ানEnglish definition (adjective) highly spirited; valorous.
    তেজীয়সী (feminine) = তেজীয়ান.
  • Bengali Word দরওয়ানEnglish definition = দারোয়ান
  • Bengali Word দরোয়ানEnglish definition (noun) (1) door-keeper; gate-keeper; gateman; porter; doorman.
    (2) janitor.
  • Bengali Word দারওয়ানEnglish definition = দরোয়ান
  • Bengali Word দারোয়ানEnglish definition = দরোয়ান
  • Bengali Word দীওয়ানEnglish definition = দিওয়ান
  • Bengali Word দেওয়ানEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) (1) royal court.
    (2) tribunal. (3) chief officer of a state; secretary; minister; finance secretary; steward; dewan. দেওয়ান-ই-আম (noun) public hall of audience. দেওয়ান-ই-খাস (noun) privy council chamber; cabinet. দেওয়ানখানা (noun) hall of audience; court.
  • Bengali Word দেয়ানEnglish definition (noun) (colloquial) = দেওয়ান ১
  • Bengali Word ধেয়ানEnglish definition (noun) (poet, dialect) = ধ্যান. ধেয়ানী = ধ্যানী
    ধেয়ানী = ধ্যানী
  • Bengali Word নয়ানEnglish definition (noun) (poetic) = নয়ন
  • Bengali Word নৌজোয়ানEnglish definition = নওজোয়ান ( নও)
  • Bengali Word পটীয়ানEnglish definition (adjective) very/more expert/adroit/skilful
  • Bengali Word পড়িয়ানEnglish definition (noun) (old use) = পড়েন
  • Bengali Word পাকোয়ানEnglish definition (noun) cooked/dressed food; victuals fried in butter or oil; cakes; pastry
  • Bengali Word পালওয়ানEnglish definition = পালোয়ান
  • Bengali Word পালোয়ানEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) strong man; wrestler; champion; hero; athlete; stout and sturdy fellow
  • Bengali Word প্রথীয়ানEnglish definition (adjective) very great; huge; enormous
  • Bengali Word প্রেয়ানEnglish definition (adjective) dearer; more desired; more agreeable; dearest; most extremely favourite/ beloved.
    প্রেয়সী (noun) fem = প্রেমিকা ( প্রেমিকা).
  • Bengali Word বরীয়ানEnglish definition (adjective) better; more or most excellent of; chief of; more honourable. senior; venerable to all বরীয়সী (feminine)
    senior; venerable to all বরীয়সী (feminine).