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  • Bengali Word জননীEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) (1) mother; female parent. (2) a female producer.

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  • Bengali Word জননEnglish definition (noun) (1) the act procreating/begetting.
    (2) birth; origination; production; reproduction. জননকোষ (noun) a reproductive cell; a germ-cell. জননযন্ত্র (noun) the reproductive organ. জননরস the fecundating fluid of male animals; semen; sperm. জননশক্তি (noun) generative or procreative power. জননশক্তিহীন (adjective) destitute of the power of begetting children; impotent.
  • Bengali Word জননাশৌচEnglish definition [জনন + অশৌচ] (noun) the unholy state consequent on the birth of a child as enjoined by Hindu scriptures
  • Bengali Word জননীয়English definition (adjective) to be produced/begotten; producible
  • Bengali Word জননেন্দ্রিয়English definition (noun) reproductive organs in males and females
  • Bengali Word জগজ্জননীEnglish definition (noun) the mother of the world; an appellation of goddess Durga
  • Bengali Word বিননি, বিননীEnglish definition = বিনুনি
  • জনক-জননী (noun) father and mother; parents.
  • বিশ্বজননী (noun) (feminine) mother of the world; Durga.
  • বীরজননী (noun) (feminine) mother of a hero.
  • রক্ষো জননী (noun) producing Rakshasa; night.
  • স্ত্রী জননী (adjective) bringing forth (only) daughters.