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  • Bengali Word কোষ্ঠীEnglish definition(noun) (astrology) a figure or scheme of the heavens from which to cast nativities; a horoscope. কোষ্ঠী করা cast one’s horoscope or nativity. কোষ্ঠী গণনা করা foretell the future of one’s life from one’s horoscope. কোষ্ঠীগত (adjective) horoscopic. কোষ্ঠীগণক (noun) a horoscopist; an astrologer. কোষ্ঠী গণনা (noun) casting of horoscopes; horoscopy.

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  • Bengali Word কোষEnglish definition (noun) (1) a store; a repertory; a fund; a treasure: রাজকোষ.
    (2) a pod or seed-vessel of a fruit: কাঁঠালের কোষ. (3) a cover or a sack: অণ্ডকোষ. (4) a sheath, a case or a scabbard: কোষবদ্ধ অসি. (5) a bladder: পিত্ত কোষ. (6) a dictionary; a lexicography, a glossary: শব্দ কোষ. (7) a germ; a bud: পদ্মকোষ. কোষকাব্য (noun) an anthology of poems. কোষকার a lexicographer. কোষ গঠন (biology) cell formation. কোষবদ্ধ (adjective) (of a sword) sheathed. কোষবদ্ধ করা (verb transitive) sheathe (one’s sword). কোষমুক্ত (adjective) (of a sword) drawn; unsheathed. কোষমুক্ত করা (verb transitive) unsheathe or draw ones sword.
  • Bengali Word কোষাগারEnglish definition (noun) place where treasure is laid up; a treasury
  • Bengali Word কোষাধ্যক্ষEnglish definition (noun) a treasurer; a cashier
  • Bengali Word কোষ্ঠ ১English definition (noun) an apartment of a house
  • Bengali Word কোষ্ঠ ২English definition (noun) the bowels; the intestine.
    কোষ্ঠ কাঠিন্য constipation; costiveness. কোষ্ঠ পরিষ্কার হওয়া have a free evacuation of bowels; have a free motion.
  • Bengali Word খরোষ্ঠীEnglish definition the ancient language and script of the north-west region of Pakistan; Kharosthi
  • Bengali Word গনাগোষ্ঠীEnglish definition (noun) one’s whole family
  • Bengali Word গোষ্ঠীEnglish definition (noun) (1) a family; a clan; a tribe.
    (2) a class; a collection; a group: শিল্পগোষ্ঠী, a group of industries. (3) an association; a union; a confederacy: উদয়ন শিল্পীগোষ্ঠী. গোষ্ঠীপতি (noun) the head of a family or clan; a leader; a president. গোষ্ঠীবর্গ (noun) (plural) members of a family; a whole body of kinsfolk. গোষ্ঠীভুক্ত (adjective) included in or belonging to a family/ group. গোষ্ঠীসুখ (noun) the pleasure of being with one’s kith and kin.
  • Bengali Word জ্যেষ্ঠীEnglish definition (noun) the common lizard found in dwelling houses
  • Bengali Word ঠিকুজি, ঠিকুজি-কোষ্ঠীEnglish definition (noun) one’s horoscope from which astrologers can foretell future events of one’s life
  • Bengali Word বিদ্বদ্‌গণ, বিদ্বদ্‌গোষ্ঠীEnglish definition (noun(s)) = বিদ্বৎকুল
  • Bengali Word শুণ্ঠি, শুণ্ঠীEnglish definition noun(s) dried ginger
  • Bengali Word শ্রেষ্ঠীEnglish definition = শেঠ
  • Bengali Word ষষ্ঠীEnglish definition (noun) (feminine) (1) name of a Hindu goddess supposed to protect children.
    (2) the sixth day of the bright fortnight. (3) (grammar) the sixth or genitive case. ষষ্ঠী তৎপুরুষ (noun) (grammar) kind of compound of which the first member would (if uncompounded) be in the genitive case. ষষ্ঠী তলা (noun) place for the worship of goddess Shashthi. ষষ্ঠী বাটা (noun) Hindu ceremonial gift sent to a son-in-law on the eve of জামাই ষষ্ঠী (জামাই). ষষ্ঠী বুড়ি (noun) (feminine) goddess Shashthi. ষষ্ঠীর কৃপা (noun) obtaining a child through the grace of goddess Shashthi; being blessed with many children.
  • করকোষ্ঠী (noun) 1 the lines or configurations on the palm that help read the horoscope.
  • জন্ম কুণ্ডলী, জন্মকোষ্ঠী (noun) (astrology) a diagram or scheme based on the observation of the position of stars and planets at the moment of a child’s birth from which to foretell its future; a horoscope.
  • নষ্টকোষ্ঠী (noun) lost/ missing horoscope.