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  • Bengali Word উতরাইEnglish definition(noun) a declivity or downward slope; the descent of a mountain/hill: (compare) চড়াই.

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  • Bengali Word উতরানোEnglish definition (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) (1) come/get down; descend.
    (2) reach/attain the goal. (3) be up to the mark; pass a test: রান্নাটা উতরেছে. (4) attain the set standard; turn out fairly well: লেখাটা উতরেছে. (5) be successful; pass the examination: পরীক্ষায় উতরানো. (6) pass away; come to an end: সময় উতরে গেছে. (7) get/cross over: নদী উতরানো. (8) pull oneself through; pass through: জীবন উতরে গেছে. (9) accomplish what one attempts; make good; prosper: জীবন সংগ্রামে সে উতরে গেছে. (10) (of liquids) boil over: দুধ উতরানো. (noun) (1) act of crossing a river/traversing a way. (2) act of being successful.
  • Bengali Word উতরোলEnglish definition (noun) noise; uproar; tumult.
    (adjective) showing signs of impatience; anxious; agitated; restless.
  • Bengali Word উৎরাইEnglish definition = উতরাই
  • Bengali Word চোরাইEnglish definition (adjective) stolen: চোরাই মাল, stolen property
  • Bengali Word তরাইEnglish definition [Hindi] (noun) a marshy tract covered with jungles at the foot of a hill
  • Bengali Word ভোরাইEnglish definition (noun) morning hymn/ song; matin; matinal hymn.
    (adjective) morning; matinal.
  • Bengali Word মরাইEnglish definition (noun) large corn-bin made of bamboo, cane, etc; corn-loft; granary; magazine of corn
  • Bengali Word সরাইEnglish definition [Persian] (noun) inn; caravanserai; temporary lodging for travellers.
    সরাইখানা = সরাই.