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  • Bengali Word আপাতEnglish definition(noun) (1) present moment; the time being: আপাত মধুর. (adjective) apparent: আপাত গতি. (adverb) seemingly; apparently: আপাত কঠিন. আপাতত (adverb) for the present/time being. আপাতদৃষ্টিতে (adverb) at first sight; apparently. আপাতসুন্দর (adjective) seemingly/apparently nice (but not so in the long run).

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  • Bengali Word আপাEnglish definition [Tukish] (noun) (1) elder sister.
    (2) word used to address elderly women/unfamiliar ladies/school mistresses.
  • Bengali Word আপাকাEnglish definition (adjective) (1) not yet ripe; raw.
    (2) not thoroughly ripe.
  • Bengali Word আপাণ্ডুরEnglish definition (adjective) slightly pale/yellowish/blanched
  • Bengali Word আপাদ, আপদEnglish definition (adverb) (1) to the feet.
    (2) from the feet. আপদলম্বিত (adjective) pendent upto the feet; hanging down to the feet. আপদমস্তক (adverb) from head to foot; from top to bottom.
  • Bengali Word আপানEnglish definition (noun) wine-shop; bar
  • Bengali Word আপামরEnglish definition (adverb) down to/including the lowest; all irrespective of high and low.
    আপামর জনসাধারণ (noun) people of all classes from the highest to the lowest.
  • Bengali Word অগ্ন্যুৎপাতEnglish definition (noun) (1) a volcanic eruption.
    (2) the fall of a meteor. shooting-star or thunderbolt from the sky.
  • Bengali Word অনর্থপাতEnglish definition (noun) occurrence of an accident; disaster; trouble
  • Bengali Word অনুপাতEnglish definition (noun) (mathematics) ratio; (geography) proportion; rate; incidence.
    অনুপাতে (adverb) in the ratio of; in proportion to; at the rate of.
  • Bengali Word অপক্ষপাতEnglish definition (noun) impartiality; neutrality; absence of bias/prejudice.
    (adjective) impartial; unprejudiced; neutral. অপক্ষপাতী (adjective) (1) neutral; impartial. (2) just; even-handed. অপক্ষপাতিত্ব, অপক্ষপাতিতা same as অপক্ষপাত (noun).
  • Bengali Word ইস্পাতEnglish definition [Portuguese] (noun) hard form of iron, produced by addition of carbon; steel.
    ইস্পাত কঠিন (adjective) (1) hard as steel. (2) (figurative) firm; unshaking; unwavering: ইস্পাত কঠিন সংকল্প.
  • Bengali Word উৎপাতEnglish definition (noun) (1) thing, person, act. etc that causes damage, hindrance, injury, annoyance, etc; a nuisance: মশার উৎপাত, বাচ্চাদের উৎপাত.
    etc that causes damage, hindrance, injury, annoyance, etc; a nuisance: মশার উৎপাত, বাচ্চাদের উৎপাত. (2) natural calamity; Act of God ((9) for example), earthquake, flood etc). উৎপাত করা (verb transitive) cause annoyance, irritation, disturbance or damage. উতপেতে (adjective) causing nuisance.
  • Bengali Word কালাতিপাতEnglish definition [কাল + অতিপাত] (noun) (1) passing of time.
    (2) passage or efflux of time. কালাতিপাত করা (verb intransitive) pass or spend time.
  • Bengali Word ধারাপাতEnglish definition (noun) (1) rain-shower; torrential rain/ downpour.
    (2) arithmetical tables.
  • Bengali Word ধূমোত্পাতEnglish definition (noun) smoke nuisance
  • Bengali Word নিপাতEnglish definition (noun) (1) falling down; descending; rushing upon.
    (2) decay; destruction; ruin; death. নিপাত যাওয়া (verb intransitive) be killed/ruined/destroyed; die; go to rack and ruin; be damned. নিপাত যাও (as an exclamation) To hell with you! Oh go to hell! নিপাত যাক inter down with! নিপাতন (noun) (1) throwing down; killing; destroying; knocking out; overthrowing; destruction. (2) causing to descend/fall; throwing down; letting drop/sink; felling (as of a tree). (3) (grammar) irregular form; exception. নিপাতনে সিদ্ধ (adjective) (grammar) irregular but accepted. নিপাতনীয় (adjective) to be felled/ destroyed.
  • Bengali Word প্রণিপাতEnglish definition = প্রণাম
  • Bengali Word প্রপাতEnglish definition (noun) (1) falling down/from/into.
    (2) discharge; emission. (3) fall; waterfall; cataract; cascade. (4) steep bank/shore; precipice; cliff. প্রপাত রেখা (noun) fall line.
  • Bengali Word ফুটপাথ,ফুটপাতEnglish definition [English] (noun) footpath
  • Bengali Word বিনিপাতEnglish definition (noun) (1) great fall; ruin; loss.
    (2) disgrace; ignominy; odium; infamy. (3) family decay. (4) distress; calamity. (5) death. বিনিপাতিত (adjective) thrown down; killed; destroyed.
  • Bengali Word ব্যতীপাতEnglish definition (noun) (1) great calamity (eg earthquake, appearance of a comet, etc); disaster.
    (2) an unauspicious conjunction of planets according to astrology. (3) disrespect.
  • Bengali Word সন্নিপাতEnglish definition (noun) (1) falling in/down together; collapse; utter ruin/fall/destruction.
    (2) meeting; encounter; contact/collision with. (3) conjunction; aggregation; combination; mixture. (4) (Ayurved) a complicated derangement of the three humours; typhoid. সন্নিপাতন (noun) causing to fall together; combination; conjunction.
  • Bengali Word সম্পাতEnglish definition (noun) (1) fall; drop; swift descent: অশনি সম্পাত.
    (2) taking place; happening; occurrence; appearance: বিপদ-সম্পাত. (3) falling upon; incidence: আলোক সম্পাত. (4) collision; concussion. (5) curse; malediction, (6) (astronomy) procession of the equinox. সম্পাত বিন্দু (noun) point of incidence.
  • আপাতসত্য (adjective) true on the surface; plausible.