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  • Bengali Word অংশEnglish definition(noun) (1) portion or piece of a whole; a section; a constituent or organic part: দেহের অর্ধাংশ (অর্ধ+অংশ); যন্ত্রের অংশ (যন্ত্রাংশ); শহরের পশ্চিমাংশ (পশ্চিম+অংশ); সমাজের বুদ্ধিজীবী অংশ, the intellectual section of the society. (2) an incomplete portion; a fragment or decimal fraction: ভগ্নাংশ (ভগ্ন+অংশ) (1/5, 0.20). (3) a region or geographical division: পার্বত্য অংশ. (4) a share or allotment: সম্পত্তির অংশ, কারবারের অংশ. (5) (geography) (1)/360th part of the earth’s circumference; a degree: অক্ষের অংশ (অক্ষাংশ). (6) (astrology) (1)/12th part or one of the 12 signs of the zodiac: রাশিচক্রের অংশ (রাশি). (7) begetting power of male deities: অবতার দেবতার অংশে জাত, an Avatara is begotten/born of a god. (8) incarnation or personation: বিষ্ণুর অংশ রূপে ধরাধামে আবির্ভূত, incarnation of Vishnu on earth. (9) point(s) of consideration; any aspect(s) of something: কোনো কোনো অংশে, in some respects. অংশক (noun)(algebra) fractional part of a logarithm; a mantissa; a kinsman; a day. অংশ করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) divide into parts or shares; distribute. অংশগত (adjective) included in the rightful or inherited share; relating to a share or portion. অংশগ্রহণ (noun) taking part; participation. অংশগ্রহণ করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) take part/participate (in). অংশগ্রাহী (adjective) taking a share; sharing; participating.(noun) co-sharer; Shareholder; participant; a party. অংশত (adverb) in part; partly; partially: অংশত দায়ী. অংশন (noun) act of dividing/apportioning; apportionment. অংশনামা (noun) a deed of partition. অংশনীয় (adjective) divisible into parts or shares; to be divided. অংশভাগী (adjective) having a claim to a share; entitled to a share.

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  • Bengali Word অংশাংশ English definition (noun) (1) fraction of a share.
    (2) different shares.
  • Bengali Word অংশাংশি, অংশা-অংশি English definition (noun) division into respective shares.
    (adverb) according to respective shares; part by part.
  • Bengali Word অংশানোEnglish definition (verb intransitive) (verb transitive) descend/devolve on as an inheritance
  • Bengali Word অংশিতEnglish definition (adjective) divided into parts or shares; partitioned
  • Bengali Word অংশীEnglish definition (adjective) constituted (or composed) of parts.
    (noun) (1) one who shares (the sorrows of) or feels (pity for): আমার দুঃখের অংশী. (2) an associate in business or ownership; partner; co-sharer; shareholder; party; participant. অংশীদার (noun) one having a share in a property or business. অংশীদারি (noun) partnership. (adjective) relating to partnership.
  • Bengali Word অংশু English definition (noun) (1) ray of light; beam; glow.
    (2) a fine fibre. অংশুক (noun) piece of cloth; fine cloth. অংশুপট্ট (noun) silk cloth. অংশুময়ী (adjective) (feminine) dazzling; luminous; radiant. অংশুময় mas. অংশুমালী (noun) the sun. (adjective) blazing; luminous. অংশুল (adjective) having rays; full of rays; radiant. অংশুশিরা (noun) animal having arteries spread all over from one centre like the sun rays; rayed animal; the radiata.
  • Bengali Word অংশ্যমানEnglish definition (adjective) in the process of being divided
  • অংশুক (noun) piece of cloth; fine cloth.
  • [এক+অংশ] (noun) one part/portion.
  • কিয়দংশ (কিয়ৎ + অংশ) (noun) a part; a portion.
  • [চতুঃ + অংশ] (noun) four shares or parts.
  • [জাতি + অংশ] (noun) 1 a part or relation of a caste.
  • দ্বি-অংশক (botany) bimerous.
  • বাকি অংশ (noun) call money.
  • (adverb) about; nearly; approximately: দুআনা রকম অংশ.
  • সিকি অংশ/ ভাগ (noun) one-fourth part; quarter.