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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word রণৎEnglish definition(adjective) sounding; ringing; rattling. রণৎ কার (noun) ringing/ rattling/ clanking sound.
  • Bengali Word রতEnglish definition(noun) (adjective) intent upon; engaged in; fond/ enamoured of; devoted/ attached/ disposed/ addicted to; employed/ absorbed in. রত কূজিত (noun) lascivious murmur.
  • Bengali Word রতনEnglish definition(noun) (poetic) = রত্ন. রতন চুড়, রতন চুর (noun) a particular ornament for the wrist, palms and fingers. রতন মণি (noun) greatest jewel. রতনে রতন চেনে (prov) one can pick up ones like easily; birds of a feather flock together.
  • Bengali Word রতি ১English definition(noun) 1 pleasure; enjoyment; attachment; delight (in); fondness (for). 2 (pleasure of) love; sexual passion/ union; amorous enjoyment. 3 sexual intercourse. 4 one of the two wives of the Hindu love-god Kama. রতিকর্ম, রতিক্রিয়া (noun) sexual intercourse; copulation. রতিকান্ত (noun) lover of Rati, Kamadeva. রতিকুহর, রতিগৃহ, রতিমন্দির noun(s) 1 pudenda. 2 pleasure-house. রতিগুরু (noun) 1 husband. 2 Kamadeva. রতিপতি (noun) Kamadeva. রতিমদ (noun) wine of sexual passion. রতিরঙ্ক (adjective) love-sick. রতিশক্তি (noun) virile power; manly power.
  • Bengali Word রতি ২English definition(noun) 1 smallest measure of weight (= 1.875 grain). 2 (figurative) very small/ tiny amount; wee; a wee bit; mite. এক রতি a mite of a: এক রতি মেয়ে.
  • Bengali Word রত্তিEnglish definition= রতি ২
  • Bengali Word রত্নEnglish definition(noun) 1 jewel; gem; treasure; precious stones. 2 wealth; riches; goods; anything valuable or precious of its kind: পুত্র রত্ন, an excellent son. রত্নকুম্ভ (noun) jar set with jewels. রত্ন কূট (noun) name of a mountain. রত্নকোষ (noun) treasure of jewels. রত্নখচিত (adjective) studded/ inlaid/set with gems. রত্নখনি (noun) mine for precious stones. রত্নগর্ভ (adjective) filled with precious stones; containing jewels; set with jewels.  (noun) the sea. রত্নগর্ভা (adjective) (feminine) giving birth to excellent children.  (noun) the earth. রত্নজীবী (noun) jeweller; lapidary. রত্নদ্বীপ (noun) coral island; treasure island. রত্নপ্রভা (noun) glitter/splendour of jewels. রত্নপ্রসূতী, রত্নপ্রসবিণী, রত্নপ্রসবিত্রী, রত্নপ্রসূ adjective(s) (feminine) yielding gems; giving birth to excellent children. রত্নবণিক (noun) jeweller; dealer in gems/ jewels. রত্নবতী (adjective) (feminine) abounding in/ decorated with precious stones/ pearls.  (noun) the earth. রত্নবর (noun) best of precious stones; gold. রত্নবর্ষুক (noun) the mythical chariot Pushpak (supposed to rain/pour out jewels). রত্নবান (adjective) abounding in/ decorated with precious stones/ gems. রত্নবৃক্ষ (noun) coral. রত্নমণ্ডিত (adjective) bedecked with jewels; bejewelled; studded/ inlaid with jewels. রত্নময় (adjective) made/ consisting of jewels; studded with precious stones. রত্নময়ী (feminine) = রত্নময়. রত্নমালা (noun) jewel necklace; pearl necklace. রত্নমালী (adjective) adorned with a necklace of jewels. রত্নমুখ্য (noun) chief of jewels; diamond. রত্নরাট = রত্নমুখ্য. রত্ন রাজি (noun) string of pearls; jewels; gems. রত্ন সিংহাসন (noun) throne bedecked/ studded with jewels. রত্নাকর (noun) jewel-mine; sea; ocean. রত্নাচল = কূট, রত্নাবলি noun(s) string of pearls; necklace of jewels; gems. রত্নাভরণ, রত্নালঙ্কার, রত্নালংকার noun(s) jewel ornament; ornament of precious stones. রত্নালোক (noun) lustre/ brilliance of a gem.
  • Bengali Word রথEnglish definition(noun) 1 chariot; car; two wheeled war-chariot. 2 any vehicle or equipage or carriage. 3 the chariot of Juggernaut. 4 festival of Juggernaut going in a chariot for a sea-bath. রথ টানা (verb intransitive) draw a chariot (especially the chariot of Juggernaut). রথ দেখা (verb intransitive) witness the festival of Juggernaut. রথকর, রথকার (noun) chariot-maker; chariot-builder; wheelwright. রথগুপ্তি (noun) fence of wood/ iron protecting a war-chariot front collision etc. রথঘোষ (noun) rattling/ rumbling of a chariot. রথচক্র (noun) chariot-wheel. রথচর্যা (noun) travelling/ going by carriage (frequently); chariot-course. রথচরণ, রথপাদ noun(s) chariot-wheel. রথ চালক (noun) charioteer; coachman; carriage-driver. রথ টানা (noun) drawing a chariot. রথবাহক = রথ চালক. রথবেগ (noun) speed of a chariot. রথযাত্রা (noun) the festive procession of the car of Juggernaut. রথযুগ (noun) chariot yoke. রথযুদ্ধ (noun) fight on chariots. রথশালা (noun) coach-house; carriage-shed. রথশ্রেণী (noun) row of chariots. রথসারথি (noun) charioteer. রথস্বামী (noun) owner of a chariot/ carriage; charioteer. রথাঙ্গ (noun) 1 any part of chariot. 2 chariot-wheel. 3 the bird ruddy goose. 4 discus. রথাঙ্গপাণি (noun) ‘having the discus in his hand'; Vishnu. রথারূঢ় (adjective) mounted on a chariot. রথারূঢ়া (feminine). রথারোহণ (noun) mounting/ ascending a chariot. রথারোহণ করা (verb intransitive) mount/ ascend a chariot. রথারোহী (adjective) riding/ mounting a chariot/ vehicle.  (noun) one who fights from a chariot; charioteer; rider/ passenger of any vehicle. রথারোহিণী (feminine) = রথারোহী. রথ দেখা ও কলা বেচা (figurative) kill two birds with one stone. রথের মেলা (noun) fair held on the occasion of the festival of Juggernaut.
  • Bengali Word রথিক, রথিনEnglish definition= রথী
  • Bengali Word রথীEnglish definition(noun) carriage-driver; driver/ owner of a car/ chariot; charioteer; car-fighter; champion; hero; leader; lord. রথী তম (noun) chief of charioteers.
  • Bengali Word রথোEnglish definition(adjective) 1 trashy: রথো মাল. 2 good-for-nothing; worthless: রথো লোক.
  • Bengali Word রথ্যাEnglish definition(noun) 1 carriage-road; highway; street. 2 number of carriages/ chariots.
  • Bengali Word রদ ১English definition[Arabic] (adjective) nullified; abrogated; annulled; revoked; stayed; rejected; refuted; repealed.  (noun) abrogation; nullification; revocation; stay. রদ করা (verb transitive) nullify; abrogate; revoke; repeal; annul; stay; return; reject. রদ-বদল (noun) change; alteration; modification; additions and alterations; reshuffle: মন্ত্রীসভার রদ-বদল. রদের হুকুম (noun) stay order.
  • Bengali Word রদ ২English definition(noun) tooth. রদন (noun) 1 = রদ. 2 tooth-bite. রদনী (noun) elephant.
  • Bengali Word রদি, রদ্দিEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective(s)) trashy; rejected; worthless; waste; bad; shoddy; cheap; lousy; indifferent; good-for-nothing; shabby: রদি মাল রদি লোক.
  • Bengali Word রদ্দজওয়াবEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) rejoinder.
  • Bengali Word রদ্দাEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) stroke with the arm on the nape of another’s neck. রদ্দা দেওয়া/ মারা (verb intransitive) strike the nape of somebody’s neck with one’s arm; seize somebody by the neck and drive away.
  • Bengali Word রদ্দিEnglish definition রদি
  • Bengali Word রনপা, রণপাEnglish definition(noun) stilt.
  • Bengali Word রনরনEnglish definition= রণরণ
  • Bengali Word রন্ধনEnglish definition(noun) cooking; cookery. রন্ধন কার্য, রন্ধন ক্রিয়া = রন্ধন. রন্ধন করা (verb transitive) cook; dress (as food). রন্ধন কর্তা (noun) cook. রন্ধন গৃহ, রন্ধন শালা noun(s) kitchen; cook-house. রন্ধন পাত্র (noun) cooking utensil. রন্ধনাগার, রন্ধনালয় = গৃহ.
  • Bengali Word রন্ধনীEnglish definition(noun) = রাঁধুনি
  • Bengali Word রন্ধিতEnglish definition(adjective) cooked; dressed.
  • Bengali Word রন্ধ্রEnglish definition(noun) 1 slit; split; hole; opening; aperture; chasm; fissure; cavity. 2 fault; defect; flaw; imperfection; weak part. 3 bore (of a gun). 4 name of the 8th astrological mansion. রন্ধ্রক (noun) borer. রন্ধ্র-ক্যামেরা (noun) pin-hole camera. রন্ধ্র গত (adjective) entered into the hole/slit. রন্ধ্র গত শনি (astrology) location of the Saturn in the eighth zodiacal house of one’s horoscope causing one’s death; imminent death.
  • Bengali Word রপ্তEnglish definition(noun) [Arabic] practice; familiarity; habitude.  (adjective) accustomed; habituated; thoroughly Iearnt/ mastered; acclimatized. রপ্ত করা (verb transitive) master; learn thoroughly; be accustomed/ habituated to; get used to; be familiar with.
  • Bengali Word রপ্তানি, রপ্তানীEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) export. (adjective) exported. রপ্তানি করা (verb transitive) export. রপ্তানি-বাণিজ্য (noun) export-trade. রপ্তানি শুল্ক (noun) export duty.
  • Bengali Word রপ্তে রপ্তেEnglish definition(adverb) gradually; by degrees; slowly.
  • Bengali Word রফাEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 settlement; compromise; compromise agreement; deciding. 2 finish; destruction. রফা করা (verb intransitive) settle; compromise; decide; come to terms with; set at rest; reach a settlement; make a compromise. রফা দফা (noun) deciding; settling. (adjective) settled. রফা নামা (noun) deed of compromise. দফা রফা (noun) destruction; discomfiture; wreck; ruin; rack and ruin; demolition; desolation. দফা-রফা করা (verb transitive) destroy; wreck; ruin; discomfit; demolish; smash; finish; knock out; undo; shatter.
  • Bengali Word রব ১English definition(noun) 1 (of birds) song; singing. 2 hum; humming. 3 sound; clamour; noise; outcry; hue and cry. 4 rumour. 5 response. রব উঠেছে A rumour is in the air; Rumour has it; There is a rumour that. রব করা (verb intransitive) make a noise; sing; hum; cry; cry aloud; make a sound. রব রবা (noun) hey day.
  • Bengali Word রব ২English definition[Arabic] (noun) lord; protector; God; preserver; master.