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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word রক্ষ ১English definition(adjective) protecting; defending; guarding. 2 protection; safety; guarding.
  • Bengali Word রক্ষ ২English definition= রক্ষ
  • Bengali Word রক্ষঃEnglish definition(in compounds) (noun) (mythology) evil being; demon; name of an anthropophagous race of India; Rakshasa. রক্ষঃ কুল (noun) Rakshasa race. রক্ষঃ পুরী (noun) Lanka, the city of Rakshasas. রক্ষঃ সভা (noun) assemblage/ multitude of Rakshasas.
  • Bengali Word রক্ষকEnglish definition(adjective) protecting; guarding; watching, defending. (noun) protector; guardian; keeper; watcher; guard; defender; guardsman; caretaker; maintainer; saviour; custodian; preserver.
  • Bengali Word রক্ষণEnglish definition(noun) = রক্ষা.  (adjective) (used as a prefix) = রক্ষক. রক্ষণশীল (adjective) conservative. রক্ষণাবেক্ষণ (noun) maintenance; care; custody; supervision; guarding; preservation. রক্ষণাবেক্ষণ করা (verb intransitive) maintain; look after; take care of; supervise; preserve; guard. রক্ষণাবেক্ষণাধীন (adjective) in one’s care/custody; under one’s guardianship/ supervision/ tutelage.
  • Bengali Word রক্ষণীয়English definition(adjective) to be guarded/ preserved/ protected (from); to be taken care of/ maintained/ deposited; preservable; maintainable; capable of being protected/ taken care of.
  • Bengali Word রক্ষণোপায়English definition(noun) means of safety.
  • Bengali Word রক্ষাEnglish definition(noun) 1 protection; guarding; defense; preservation; maintenance; care; security; upkeep. 2 rescue; escape; saving; safety; redemption; deliverance; relief; release; salvage: বিপদ থেকে রক্ষা. 3 observance; keeping; adherence; compliance; fulfillment; redemption; discharge: প্রতিশ্রুতি রক্ষা.  verb (poetic) = রক্ষা করা. রক্ষা করা (verb transitive) 1 protect; defend; take care of; look after; tend; guard; maintain; preserve; keep (up). 2 rescue; save; redeem; relieve; deliver; salvage. 3 observe; keep; fulfil; redeem; discharge; comply with; adhere to. 4 deposit; retain. রক্ষা পাওয়া (verb intransitive) be saved/ relieved/ rescued etc; escape. রক্ষা নেই no escape. রক্ষাকবচ, রক্ষা বন্ধ noun(s) an amulet believed to have occult power to protect the wearer; safeguard. রক্ষাকর (adjective) defensive. রক্ষাকর্তা = রক্ষক রক্ষাকর্ত্রী (feminine) = রক্ষাকর্তা. রক্ষাকালী (noun) a manifestation of the goddess Kali. রক্ষাগৃহ (noun) lying-in-chamber, রক্ষা ছিটকিনি (noun) safety-catch. রক্ষাবর্ণ (noun) (zoology) protective colouration. রক্ষামন্ত্র (noun) incantation chanted for protection against evil. রক্ষার্থ (adverb) for the sake of protection.
  • Bengali Word রক্ষিEnglish definition(noun) (in compounds) = রক্ষী. গৃহ (noun) guardroom. রক্ষি জন, রক্ষি বর্গ noun(s) (plural) assemblage/ force of policemen; assemblage of guards/ sentinels. রক্ষি সৈন্য (noun) guard; sentinel.
  • Bengali Word রক্ষিকাEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) = রাখি. (adjective) (feminine) protecting.
  • Bengali Word রক্ষিণীEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) of রক্ষী
  • Bengali Word রক্ষিতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 protected; saved; preserved. 2 guarded; maintained; rescued; taken care of; tended. 3 observed; redeemed; fulfilled. 4 deposited; retained. রক্ষিতা (feminine) = রক্ষিত.
  • Bengali Word রক্ষিত ২English definition(adjective) 1 coloured. 2 embellished; handsome; pretty; ornate.
  • Bengali Word রক্ষিতব্যEnglish definition(adjective) to be guarded/ protected/ taken care of/ kept (off).
  • Bengali Word রক্ষিতা ১English definition(noun) protector; guard; watch; sentinel. (adjective) protecting; guarding; preserving. রক্ষিত্রী (feminine) = রক্ষিতা ১.
  • Bengali Word রক্ষিতা ২English definition(noun) (feminine) kept woman; mistress; concubine.
  • Bengali Word রক্ষীEnglish definition= রক্ষক
  • Bengali Word রক্ষোEnglish definition(noun) (in compounds): রক্ষঃ. রক্ষো ঘ্ন (adjective) driving back/ destroying Rakshasa. রক্ষো জননী (noun) producing Rakshasa; night. রক্ষো নাথ, রক্ষো রাজ noun(s) lord of Rakshasa; Ravana.
  • Bengali Word রক্ষ্যEnglish definition= রক্ষণীয়
  • Bengali Word রগEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) 1 vein; artery. 2 temple. রগ টিপ টিপ করা (verb intransitive) have a morbid throbbing of temples. রগ ঘেঁসে (adjective) gracing the temple. রগ-চটা (adjective) short-tempered; irascible; bad-tempered; ill-tempered; testy; choleric; canton Kerous.
  • Bengali Word রগবত, রগবৎEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) inclination; affection; attraction.
  • Bengali Word রগরগEnglish definition(noun) brightness; loudness of colour; glare. রগরগ করা (verb intransitive) (of colour) be loud/ florid; dazzle. রগরগে (adjective) (of colour) loud; bright; florid; lurid; gaudy.
  • Bengali Word রগুড়েEnglish definition(adjective) jocular; droll; funny; prankish; quippish; comic; comical; waggish; amusing.
  • Bengali Word রগড় ১English definition(noun) fun; joke; banter; jest; pleasantry; prank; drollery. রগড় করা (verb intransitive) joke; crack/ make a joke; banter; jest; kid; pull one’s leg; make fun (of); poke fun at; play pranks on (somebody). রগড় দেখা (verb intransitive) 1 see/ enjoy fun; have fun. 2 take delight in another’s trouble/ misfortune.
  • Bengali Word রগড় ২English definition(noun) rubbing; friction; abrasion; scratch; massage. রগড়ানো (verb transitive) rub; grate; grind; massage; chafe; fret; curry (a horse, etc). রগড়া-রগড়ি (noun) 1 mutual/ repeated rubbing; polishing; chafing; abrasion; traction; scraping. 2 importunity; higgling; wrangling.
  • Bengali Word রঘুEnglish definition(noun) name of a mythological king and ancestor of Rama. রঘু কুল (noun) dynasty/ line of king Raghu. রঘু কুলতিলক (noun) ‘ornament of the Raghu’s daynasty’; Rama. রঘু কুলপতি, রঘু নাথ, রঘু পতি, রঘু বর, রঘু মণি noun(s) names of Rama. রঘু নন্দন (noun) son/ descendant of Raghu. রঘু বংশ = রঘু কুল.
  • Bengali Word রঙাEnglish definition(adjective) (used as a suffix) indicating possession of (certain number of) colour or colours: দো রঙা, রক্ত রঙা.
  • Bengali Word রঙানোEnglish definition(verb transitive) dye; colour; paint.
  • Bengali Word রঙিন, রঙীনEnglish definition(adjective) coloured; painted; dyed; variegated, gay; lively; ornate; flowery; ornamented; gaudy.
  • Bengali Word রঙিলাEnglish definition(adjective) 1 gaudy; showy; gay; dappled; variegated; red; bright; fine. 2 addicted to pleasure; jovial; buxom.