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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word যাদু ১English definition(noun) (term of endearment especially for children) darling; sweet; angel. যাদু ধন, যাদুমণি noun(s) = যাদু.
  • Bengali Word যাদু ২English definition= জাদু
  • Bengali Word যাদৃক্, যাদৃশ্‌, যাদৃশEnglish definitionadjective(s), conjunction (archaic) as like; which like; like which; such; as. যাদৃশী (feminine). যাদৃশী ভাবনা যস্য সিদ্ধির্ভবতি তাদৃশী (Sanskrit phrase) as one contemplates, so one gains; like thought like success.
  • Bengali Word যাদৃচ্ছিকEnglish definition(adjective) at will; at one’s pleasure; spontaneous; voluntary: যাদৃচ্ছিক মেলামেশা.
  • Bengali Word যানEnglish definition(noun) 1 vehicle of any kind; carriage; waggon; vessel; ship; litter; palanquin. 2 path; course; way; route. 3 journey; travel; going; moving marching; riding. 4 (with Buddhists) vehicle/method of arriving at knowledge, means of release from repeated births. যানবাহ, যানবাহন (noun) transport; conveyance; vehicle. যানশালা (noun) coach house; garage.
  • Bengali Word যান্ত্রিকEnglish definition(adjective) mechanical; versed in machines/ mechanical engineering/machine operating.  (noun) mechanic; machinist; machine-man; operator. যান্ত্রিকতা (noun) mechanical behaviour; mechanization.
  • Bengali Word যাপকEnglish definition(adjective),(noun) one who spends/passes (as time).
  • Bengali Word যাপনEnglish definition(noun) passing; spending (as time); living: জীবনযাপন, বসন্তযাপন. যাপন করা (verb transitive) pass; spend; live; pass through.
  • Bengali Word যাপনীয়English definition(adjective) to be spent (as time)/passed/lived.
  • Bengali Word যাপাEnglish definition(verb transitive) = যাপনকরা
  • Bengali Word যাপিতEnglish definition(adjective) spent (as time); passed; lived.
  • Bengali Word যাপ্যEnglish definition(adjective) 1 = যাপনীয়. 2 incurable; chronic: যাপ্যরোগ. 3 confidential; to be kept secret.
  • Bengali Word যাব ১English definition= জাব
  • Bengali Word যাব ২English definition= যাবক
  • Bengali Word যাবকEnglish definition(noun) 1 lac/red dye prepared from the cochineal insect; lac-dye. 2 kind of paddy. 3 unripe barley. যাবক-রেখা (noun) line along the border of the foot of a woman drawn with lac-dye.
  • Bengali Word যাবচ্চন্দ্রদিবাকরEnglish definition(adverb) as long as the sun and the moon will exist; forever; eternally perpetually.
  • Bengali Word যাবজ্জীবনEnglish definition(adjective) during the whole of life; for life (adjective) life-long; lasting for life. যাবককারাদণ্ড, যাবজ্জীবন কারাদণ্ড (noun) imprisonment for life; life-term; life sentence.
  • Bengali Word যাবতীয়English definition(adjective) all; one and all; whatever: যাবতীয়বিষয়সম্পত্তি.
  • Bengali Word যাবনEnglish definition(adjective) relating to the Yavanas (যবন); of Ionian Greeks; Greek; non-Hihdu; (taboo) Muslim.  (noun) olibanum.
  • Bengali Word যাবনিকEnglish definition(adjective) = যাবন
  • Bengali Word যাবৎEnglish definition(conjunction) until; till; for; during: চারদিনযাবৎসেঅসুস্থ.  (adverb) as long (as); as far as; as much as: যাবৎদেহেপ্রাণ আছে.  (adjective) all; entire; whatever: গ্রামেরযাবৎলোক.
  • Bengali Word যামEnglish definition(noun) the eighth part of the day (=three hours; period/watch of three hours). যাম ঘোষ (noun) 1 jackal. 2 cock. 3 one who proclaim the watches. যামবতী (noun) (feminine) night. যামার্ধ (noun) half of a Yama.
  • Bengali Word যামলEnglish definition(noun) pair.
  • Bengali Word যামি, যামীEnglish definition(noun) 1 night. 2 woman of rank/respectability. 3 wife. 4 sister; female relation. 5 daughter.
  • Bengali Word যামিনীEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) night. যামিনীনাথ (noun) ‘beloved/husband of night’; the moon. যামিনীভূষণ (noun) the moon. যামিনী যোগে (adverb) by/at night.
  • Bengali Word যাম্যEnglish definition(adjective) 1 relating/belonging to Yama (যম). 2 southern; southerly. যাম্যবৃত্ত (noun) south pole. যাম্যায়ন (noun) (astronomy) the sun’s progress; south of the equator; winter solstice.
  • Bengali Word যাম্যোত্তরEnglish definition(noun) (astronomy) meridian. যাম্যোত্তরগমন (noun) (astronomy) transit. যাম্যোত্তরবৃত্ত (noun) (astronomy) meridian line/circle.
  • Bengali Word যাযাবরEnglish definition(adjective) having no fixed/permanent abode; nomadic; vagrant; wandering; gypsy.  (noun) 1 nomad. 2 vagrant mendicant; saint. যাযাবরজাতি (noun) nomads; gypsies; wandering tribes. যাযাবরপক্ষী (noun) migratory birds; birds of passage.
  • Bengali Word যারEnglish definition(pronoun) of what/which; of whom; whose. যার তার of somebody of no importance; of an ordinary person. যার পর নাই (adjective) extreme.  (adverb) extremeIy.
  • Bengali Word যালিমEnglish definition= জালিম