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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word মওয়াজ্জলEnglish definition= মোয়াজ্জল
  • Bengali Word মকতব, মক্তব, মকতবখানাEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) school; academy.
  • Bengali Word মকদুরEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) power, means; resources; capacity; ability; possibility.
  • Bengali Word মকদ্দমা, মোকদ্দমাEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun(s) 1 lawsuit; case; proceedings; litigation. 2 affair; subject; matter: একদিনের মোকদ্দমা. মকদ্দমা আনা (verb transitive) bring a lawsuit (against); bring to justice/treat; sue; proceed (against). মোকদ্দমা করা (verb intransitive) bring/file a lawsuit; proceed (against); conduct a case; plead in a case; try/judge a case; enter into litigation; go to law. মোকদ্দমা তোলা (verb intransitive) bring up a case for trial.
  • Bengali Word মকবরা, মকবেরা, মাকবেরাEnglish definition[English] (noun(s) tomb; mausoleum; sepulchre.
  • Bengali Word মকবুলEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) accepted; admitted; received; chosen.
  • Bengali Word মকমকEnglish definition(noun) (onomatopoeia) 1 suggesting suppressed anger. 2 croak of frogs. 3 growl. রাগে মকমক করা (verb intransitive) fume; boil with rage; rage; seethe with anger. মকমকা (verb intransitive) 1 croak; growl; snarl. মকমকি (noun) croak; growl; roar; scream; blare.
  • Bengali Word মকমল, মখমলEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) velvet. মখমলি পোকা (noun) the insect cochineal of various kinds.
  • Bengali Word মকরEnglish definition(noun) 1 (mythology) kind of sea-monster (sometimes confounded with the crocodile, shark, dolphin, etc; regarded as the emblem of Kamadeva). 2 emblem of Kamadeva (Hindu god of love). 3 (astrology) Capricorn. 4 an army of troops in the form of a Makara). মকর কুণ্ডল (noun) earring shaped like a Makara. মকর কেতন, মকর কেতু (noun(s) 1 ‘having the Makara for an enblem’ or ‘having a fish on his banner’; Kamadeva, the god of love. 2 the sea. মকর ক্রান্তি (noun) (astronomy) winter solstice. মকরক্রান্তিবৃত্ত (noun) (geog) tropic of Capricorn. মকর ধ্বজ (noun) 1 = মকর কেতন. 2 (Ayurved) a medicinal sublimate of sulphur, mercury and gold. মকর ব্যূহ (noun) = মকর (4). মকর মণ্ডল (noun) Tropic of Capricorn. মকর রাশি (noun)(astrology) Capricorn. মকর সংক্রান্তি (noun) (name of a festival marking) the transition of the sun from the Sagittarius to the Capricorn-in the month of Magh. মকরাকর (noun) ‘receptacle of Makaras’, the sea. মকরাক্ষ (noun) ‘Makara-eyed’; name of a Rakshasa, a general of Ravana. মকরাঙ্ক 1 = মকর কেতু. 2 the sea. মকরালয় (noun) "abode of Makaras’, the sea. মকরাশ্ব (noun) having the Makara for a horse; Varuna (বরুণ). মকরাস্য (adjective), (noun) Maker-faced.
  • Bengali Word মকরন্দEnglish definition(noun) honey; nectar.
  • Bengali Word মকররিEnglish definition= মুকররি ( মুকরর)
  • Bengali Word মকরীয়English definition(adjective) of the Capricorn; of the Tropic of Capricorn. মকরীয় শান্তবলয় (geog) the Calms of Capricorn.
  • Bengali Word মকরুহEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) (according to Islamic law) detestable; abhorred; odious; detestable, unpleasant; disgusting
  • Bengali Word মকর্‌ররিEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) permanent; fixed; established; (of land) held on payment of fixed rent.
  • Bengali Word মকসদEnglish definition(noun) purpose, intention; object; aim; desire, wish; design.
  • Bengali Word মকসুদEnglish definition(adjective) intended; proposed. (noun) intent; object; aim; view; design.
  • Bengali Word মকাই, মক্কাEnglish definition(noun(s) Indian corn; maize.
  • Bengali Word মকান, মোকানEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) house; dwelling; lodge; home; abode; place; habitation.
  • Bengali Word মকাম, মোকামEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) dwelling; station; place; abode; place or residence/encamping; site; situation; position; halt; occasion; opportunity; basis.
  • Bengali Word মকুটEnglish definition= মুকুট
  • Bengali Word মকুফ, মকুফ, মকুবEnglish definition= মৌকুফ
  • Bengali Word মক্করEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 design; sport; plot: আল্লাহর মক্কর. 2 cunning; trick; cheating; deceit; fraud.
  • Bengali Word মক্কা ১English definition[Arabic] (noun) the city where the holy Kaaba is situated; Mecca; Makkah ( কাবা).
  • Bengali Word মক্কা ২English definition= মকাই
  • Bengali Word মক্কিEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) Meccan.
  • Bengali Word মক্কেলEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) client (of an advocate, attorney, etc). মক্কেলহীন (adjective) (of an advocate) briefless.
  • Bengali Word মক্তবEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) school; academy.
  • Bengali Word মক্ষিকা, মক্ষীEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) fly; bee. মক্ষীমল (noun) wax. মক্ষীরানী (noun) (feminine) queen-bee.
  • Bengali Word মক্‌শ, মক্‌সEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) exercise; practice; drawing the letters. মক্‌শ করা (verb transitive), (verb intransitive) exercise; practise; imitate; copy.
  • Bengali Word মখদম, মখদুমEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) served; honourable. (noun) teacher.