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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word বদলাEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) revenge; retaliation; compensation; requital; substitution; thing or person seized or killed in retaliation. বদলা দেওয়া (verb transitive) compensate; indemnify; requite. বদলা নেওয়া (verb intransitive) seize or kill in retaliation; take revenge; avenge; retaliate; wreak vengeance on.
  • Bengali Word বদস্তEnglish definition[Persian] (adverb) by hand; from hand to hand; readily; promptly; red-handed.
  • Bengali Word বদস্তুরEnglish definition[Persian] (adverb) as usual; according to custom; in the usual manner; customarily.
  • Bengali Word বদান্যEnglish definition(adjective) generous; liberal; munificent; bountiful; charitable. বদান্যতা (noun) generosity; liberality; munificence; bounty; charity.
  • Bengali Word বদিEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) wickedness; badness; evil; vice; mischief. (noun) bad; wicked; evil.
  • Bengali Word বদিয়তি, বদিয়তীEnglish definition(noun) mischief; pranks.
  • Bengali Word বদৌলত, বদৌলতেEnglish definition(adverb) by the kindness/grace of; by the bounty (of); by means of.
  • Bengali Word বদ্ধEnglish definition(adjective) 1 tied; bound; fastened, 2 shut; closed: দরজা বদ্ধ. 3 entrapped; ensnared. 4 confined; imprisoned; encaged: খাঁচায় বদ্ধ পাখি. 5 bound by an obligation: প্রতিজ্ঞা বদ্ধ. 6 caught in: ফাঁদে বদ্ধ. 7 dressed; put up; interwoven: গুচ্ছ বদ্ধ. 8 joined together: একতাবদ্ধ, বদ্ধাঞ্জলি. 9 clasped: আলিঙ্গনাবদ্ধ. 10 stagnant: বদ্ধ পানি. 11 restrained, arrested: বদ্ধ স্রোত. 12 deep-rooted; deep-seated: বদ্ধ ধারণা. 13 firm: বদ্ধ মূল. 14 downright; thorough; confirmed; stark: বদ্ধ কালা/পাগল. 15 placed; arranged; put; well-ordered: শ্রেণী বদ্ধ. 16 (mathematics) concrete: বদ্ধ সংখ্যা. বদ্ধচিত্ত (adjective) intent on (something), having the thoughts fixed upon. বদ্ধজীব (adjective) attached to mundane existence. বদ্ধদৃষ্টি (adjective) having one’s gaze fixed on. বদ্ধপরিকর firmly resolved; ready for anything. বদ্ধপাগল stark mad. বদ্ধপাজি downright scoundrel/villain. বদ্ধবখা /বদ্ধ বখাটে downright rogue; thoroughly spoilt/debauched. বদ্ধ-বৈর (noun) perpetual or long-lasting enemy or feud. বদ্ধমুষ্টি (adjective) having closed or clenched one’s palm/fist; (figurative) closefisted; niggardly; miserly. বদ্ধমূল (adjective) firmly rooted; deep-rooted; deep-seated. বদ্ধলক্ষ্য (adjective) = বদ্ধদৃষ্টি.
  • Bengali Word বদ্ধাঞ্জলিEnglish definition(adjective) having joined the hollowed palms of the hands. বদ্ধাঞ্জলি হওয়া (verb transitive) join or fold one’s palms.
  • Bengali Word বদ্ধাধানEnglish definition(noun) (physics) a bounded charge.
  • Bengali Word বদ্বীপEnglish definition(noun) delta. বদ্বীপ শীর্ষ (noun) head of the delta.
  • Bengali Word বধEnglish definition(noun) killing; slaughter. বধ করা (verb transitive) kill; slay; slaughter. বধ-কর্তা (noun) killer; slaughterer; slayer; executioner বধ-কর্ত্রী (feminine) = বধ-কর্তা. বধদণ্ড (noun) capital punishment. বধস্থলী, বধস্থান (noun(s) place of execution or slaughter; slaughty-house. বধার্থ (adverb) for killing/slaughter. বধোদ্যত (adjective) prepared or ready to kill; murderous. বধার্হ (noun) to be slain or killed; to be capitally punished; deserving death.
  • Bengali Word বধাEnglish definition(verb transitive) (poetic, archaic) = বধ করা.
  • Bengali Word বধাজ্ঞাEnglish definition(noun) order of execution.
  • Bengali Word বধিরEnglish definition(adjective) deaf; (figurative) refusing to listen. বধির করা (verb transitive) deafen. বধির হওয়া (verb intransitive) become deaf; (figurative) turn a deaf ear (to). বধিরতা, বধিরত্ব (noun) deafness.
  • Bengali Word বধীEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) killer; assassin; killing.
  • Bengali Word বধূEnglish definition(noun) 1 bride; newly-married woman. 2 young wife; spouse. 3 wife; woman. 4 daughter-in-|aw usual(ly) বধূমাতা). 5 a family woman. বধূজন (noun) married woman especially one whose husband is alive; collective(ly) women. বধূটী (noun) child-wife. বধূৎসব (noun) feast on the first appearance of a bride’s menses. বধূমাতা (noun)daughter-in-law. বধূত্ব(noun) condition of a bride.
  • Bengali Word বধোদ্যতEnglish definition বধ
  • Bengali Word বধোপায়English definition(noun) 1 instrument or means of putting to death. 2 killing; execution.
  • Bengali Word বধ্যEnglish definition(adjective) to be slain or killed; to be capitally punished. বধ্য পাল (noun) guardian of criminals; jailor. বধ্যভূমি (noun) place of execution or slaughter; slaughty-house.
  • Bengali Word বনEnglish definition(noun) 1 forest; wood; jungle; grove; thicket; arbour; bower. 2 (prefixed to other words to form compounds) wild; sylvan: বনমানুষ, বনমল্লিকা, বনপুষ্প. বনকদলী (noun) wild banana or plantain. বনকপোত (noun) wood-pigeon; cushat. বনকর (noun) forest revenue or cess. বন-কর্মী (noun) worker in the forest department; forester. বনকুক্কুট (noun) wild-fowl; jungle fowl; woodcock. বনকুসুম (noun) wild flower. বনকৃত্যক (noun) forest service. বনগহন (noun) the depth or the thick part of a forest. বনগো (noun) wild cow. বন-গোচর (adjective) (noun) dwelling in a forest; denizen or inhabitant of forests. বন-গোলাপ (noun) briar; briar-rose; sweet briar. বনচর, বনচারী (adjective) (noun) living in a forest or woods; woodman. বনজ (adjective) forest-grown/-born. বন জঙ্গল (noun) thickets; underwood; woodlands. বনদেবতা (noun) wood-god; silvan. বনদেবী (feminine) = বনদেবতা. বনপথ (noun) forest/jungle path. বনপরী (noun) wood-nymph; dryad. বন পাল (noun) conservator of forests. বন ফল (noun) wild fruit. বনফুল (noun) wild flower. বনবাদাড় / বনবাঁদড়া (noun) = বনজঙ্গল. বনবাঁদড়া গাছ (noun) orchid. বনবাস (noun) dwelling or residence in a forest; banishment to the forest. বনবাসে দেওয়া / বনবাসে দেওয়া পাঠানো (verb transitive) banish or exile (one) to the forest. বনবাসে যাওয়া (verb intransitive) be exiled to the forest; go to live in a forest as a punishment. বনবাসী (adjective), (noun) living in a forest; forest-dweller a hermit; an anchorite বনবাসিনী (feminine) = বনবাসী. বনবিড়াল (noun) a kind of wild cat. বনবিড়ালী (feminine) = বনবিড়াল. বনবিহার (noun) roving or wandering in a forest (especially for pleasure). বনবিহারী (adjective) 1 roving/wandering in forests and groves (especially for pleasure). 2 (noun) Sri Krishna. বনবৃক্ষ (noun) forest-tree. বনভোজ, বনভোজন (noun) picnic; outing. বন-মক্ষিকা (noun) gad-fly. বনমধু (noun) wild-honey. বনমল্লিকা (noun) wild jasmine. বনমানুষ (noun) any anthropoid ape such as the gorilla; the chimpanzee, etc. বনমালা (noun) a garland of wild flowers. বনমালী (noun) one wearing a garland of wild flowers; Sri Krishna বনমালিনী (feminine) = বনমালী. বনরক্ষক (noun) forest-ranger. বনরক্ষী (noun) forest-keeper; forest-guard. বনরাজি, বনরাজী (noun) (plural) a long track of forest or a path in a forest. বনশূকর (noun) wild hog. বনস্থ, বনস্থিত adjective(s) of a forest; situated in a forest; forest-grown; wild; sylvan. বনস্থলী (noun) forest-region; wood. বনস্পতি (noun) a forest-tree (especially a large tree bearing fruit apparently without blossoms, as several species of the fig, the jack tree. etc, but also applied to any tree). বনহংসী (noun) wild-duck; wild-duck.
  • Bengali Word বনবন ১English definition(noun) (onomatopoeia) suggesting sound of something whirling swiftly eg a toy: whirr. বনবন করে ঘোরা (verb transitive) rotate/whirl swiftly.
  • Bengali Word বনবন ২English definition[English] (noun) bonbon; sweetmeat.
  • Bengali Word বনস্পতিEnglish definition বন
  • Bengali Word বনাEnglish definition(verb intransitive) 1 get on together; agree; be on good terms; get along: তার সঙ্গে একদণ্ডও বনে না. 2 assume as false dress or appearance; pretend to be: সাধু বনা. 3 be reduced to; be proved to; become: ভেড়া বনা.
  • Bengali Word বনাতEnglish definition(noun) broad-cloth; baize.
  • Bengali Word বনানীEnglish definition(noun) great/extensive forest.
  • Bengali Word বনানো, বনানEnglish definition(verb transitive) cause to get along; cause to agree. বনিয়ে থাকা manage to get along.
  • Bengali Word বনান্তEnglish definition(noun) 1 outskirts/edge of a forest. 2 forest-region.
  • Bengali Word বনান্তরEnglish definition(noun) interior of a forest; another forest.