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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word বগাEnglish definition(noun) (jocular, derogatory) = বক. (adjective) 1 white. 2 crane-like: বগা ঠোঁট.
  • Bengali Word বগি ১, বগীEnglish definition[English] (noun) (hooded) buggy.
  • Bengali Word বগি ২, বগীEnglish definition[English] (noun) railway carriage; bogie.
  • Bengali Word বগি ৩, বগীEnglish definition(adjective) crane-like; crane-necked. (noun) high-rimmed metal dish (also বগি থালা).
  • Bengali Word বগয়রহEnglish definition[Arabic] (phrase) et cetera; and so forth; and others.
  • Bengali Word বঘট্টনEnglish definition(noun) 1 striking against; friction; hewing to pieces, rubbing. 2 shaking; stirring. 3 assemblage; occurrence. 4 loosening; untying; separation.
  • Bengali Word বঙ্কEnglish definition(adjective) (poetic, archaic) 1 bent; curved. 2 oblique; squint. 1 kind of twisted bangle for the ankle. 2 turn/bend of a river.
  • Bengali Word বঙ্কিমEnglish definition(adjective) bent; curved; slightly bent: squint; oblique. বঙ্কিম বিহারী (noun) Sri Krishna.
  • Bengali Word বঙ্কুEnglish definition(adjective) = বঙ্কু. বেঁটে বঙ্কু stubby and crooked.
  • Bengali Word বঙ্গ ১English definition(noun) solder; read lead; tin.
  • Bengali Word বঙ্গ ২English definition(noun) 1 Bengal, the old name of Bangladesh. 2 Bengali people. বঙ্গজ (adjective) born or produced in Bengal. (noun) section of Kayasthas (কায়স্থ) of Bengal. বঙ্গদেশ (noun) Bengal. বঙ্গ দেশীয় (adjective) = বঙ্গীয়. বঙ্গ বিভাগ, বঙ্গ ভঙ্গ (noun) partition of Bengal. বঙ্গাধিপ, বঙ্গেশ্বর noun(s) king of Bengal. বঙ্গানুবাদ (noun) translation or rendering into Bengali. বঙ্গাব্দ (noun) the Bengali era. বঙ্গীয় (adjective) of Bengal; born or produced in Bengal; Bengali.
  • Bengali Word বচEnglish definition(noun) sweet-flag.
  • Bengali Word বচনEnglish definition(noun) 1 speech; utterance; speaking. 2 saying; adage; maxim. 3 statement; declaration. 4 (grammar) number. এক বচন singular number. দ্বি-বচন dual number. বহু বচন plural number. বচনবাগীশ (adjective), (noun) garrulous; gassy; having gift of the gab; windbag; all talk. বচন বিন্যাস (noun) art or mode of speaking; arrangement of words or speech; disposition of words. বচনসর্বস্ব ব্যক্তি (noun) person of mere words; windbag. বচনীয় (adjective) 1 to be spoken of or uttered; mentionable. 2 censurable; blamable. বচনীয়তা (noun) 1 blamableness. 2 utterableness.
  • Bengali Word বচসাEnglish definition(noun) altercation; wrangle; brawl; dispute; war of words. বচসা করা (verb intransitive) altercate; wrangle; bandy words; cross words; brawl.
  • Bengali Word বছর, বচ্ছরEnglish definition(noun) (colloquial) year. বছর বছর (adverb) every year. বচ্ছুরে (adjective) being so many years old: একশ বচ্ছুরে বুড়ি.
  • Bengali Word বজনিশ, বজনিসEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) identical; exactly similar; true: বজনিশ নকল.
  • Bengali Word বজবজEnglish definition(adjective) 1 putrid; putrefied: পচা বজবজ. 2 (noun) (onomatopoeia) suggesting bubbling sound of putrefaction.
  • Bengali Word বজরা ১English definition(noun) large please or state boat; barge.
  • Bengali Word বজরা ২English definition(noun) = বাজরা
  • Bengali Word বজাEnglish definition[Persian] (adjective) in place; fit; proper; right; suitable. বজা আনা (verb transitive) perform; execute; accomplish; comply with; obey.
  • Bengali Word বজায়English definition[Persian] (phrase) 1 instead of; in place of. 2 in force; intact; in position. বজায় থাকা be in force/intact/in position. বজায় রাখা keep in force/intact/in force; keep up; maintain.
  • Bengali Word বজ্জাতEnglish definition[Persian] (adjective) low-born; base; ill-bred; wicked; vicious; evil-minded; mischievous.  lowborn/ wicked/ person. বজ্জাত (noun) wickedness; mischievousness; naughtiness; viciousness; mischief-making.
  • Bengali Word বজ্রEnglish definition(noun) 1 thunderbolt; thunder. 2 (by extension) lightning. 3 weapon of Indra, the king of gods. 4 severe blow; cruel affliction. 5 sharp remark or reproach. 6 diamond. 7 (astrology) cross-sign (X) on the palm. (adjective) cruel; sharp; severe; hard; unbearable. বজ্র কঠিন, বজ্র কঠোর adjective(s) extremely hard or severe; adamantine; rocklike; steely; resolute; stubborn; stiff; firm বজ্র কীট (noun) kind of insect; woodworm; termite. বজ্র গম্ভীর (adjective) deep and loud as thunderclap. বজ্র গম্ভীর স্বরে in a thunderous voice. বজ্র গুণন (noun) (mathematics) cross-multiplication. বজ্র চিহ্ন (noun) cross-sign (x). বজ্রজ্বালা (noun) lightning. বজ্রতুল্য (adjective) (noun) adamantine; thunderous; lapis lazuli. বজ্রধর (adjective),(noun) one holding a thunderbolt; one whose weapon is thunderbolt; Indra. বজ্র ধ্বনি, বজ্রনাদ, বজ্র নির্ঘোষ noun(s) thunderclap; thunder-peal; (figurative) a voice or noise as deep and loud as a thunderclap. বজ্র পাণি = বজ্রধর. বজ্রপাত (noun) thunderbolt; crush of thunder. বজ্র বহ (noun) (physics) lightning conductor. বজ্র ধারক (noun) (physics) lightning arrester. বজ্রলেপ (noun) (Ayurved) kind of hard mortar or cement used as a coating of vessels for heating mercury, etc; adamantine cement. বজ্র শলাকা (noun) = বজ্রবহ. বজ্রসার (adjective) having the essence or nature of a diamond; adamantine. বজ্রাগ্নি (noun) lightning. বজ্রাঘাত (noun) thunder-stroke; (figurative) sudden shock or calamity. বজ্রাঙ্গ (adjective) having an adamantine frame or a very hardy body. বজ্রাভ (adjective) diamond-like; as dazzling bright as a flash of lightning. বজ্রাসন (noun) a particular posture of sitting in yogic meditation. বজ্রাস্ত্র (noun) electric weapon; fire-arm. বজ্রাহত (adjective) thunderstruck.
  • Bengali Word বঞ্চকEnglish definition(adjective), (noun) deceitful; crafty; fraudulent; swindler; deceiver; fraud; cheat; one who deprives (another).
  • Bengali Word বঞ্চনা, বঞ্চনEnglish definition(noun) 1 deception; deceit; fraud; cheating. 2 deprivation. বঞ্চনা করা (verb transitive) deceive; defraud; cheat; deprive (of). বঞ্চনা পূর্বক (adverb) deceitfully; fraudulently: craftily. বঞ্চনাময় (adjective) deceptive; illusory.
  • Bengali Word বঞ্চাEnglish definition(verb transitive), (verb intransitive) (poetic) = বঞ্চনা করা. 2 (poetic) spend/pass (time): সখে বঞ্চিল না জানি কোথা কার সনে. 3 (poetic) live; lead one’s life: আমি বঞ্চি একাকিনী. 4 enjoy.
  • Bengali Word বঞ্চিতEnglish definition(adjective) deceived; beguiled; defrauded; deprived (from). বঞ্চিতা (feminine).
  • Bengali Word বঞ্চুকEnglish definition(noun) = বঞ্চক
  • Bengali Word বঞ্জুলEnglish definition(noun) 1 a kind of flower and its tree; commonly called অশোক. 2 cane-plant; rattan-plant.
  • Bengali Word বটEnglish definition(noun) the banyan tree. বট পত্র (noun) banyan-leaf.