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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word নরেন্দ্র, নরেশ, নরেশ্বরEnglish definition(noun(s) lord of men; greatest/ best of men; king.
  • Bengali Word নরোত্তমEnglish definition(noun) best of men; Vishnu.
  • Bengali Word নর্তকEnglish definition(adjective) dancing. (noun) dancer. নর্তকী (noun), (adjective) (feminine) dancing-girl; female dancer.
  • Bengali Word নর্তনEnglish definition(noun) dancing; dance. নর্তন কুর্দন (noun) 1 dancing and romping; frolicking. 2 bragging and vaunting; bravado. নর্তনপ্রিয় (adjective) fond of dancing. (noun) peacock. নর্তন-শালা (noun) dancing-room; dance-hall. নর্তন-শিক্ষক (noun) dancing-master.
  • Bengali Word নর্তিতEnglish definition(adjective) made to dance; dancing; dandled.
  • Bengali Word নর্দনEnglish definition(noun) sounding; roaring; roar.
  • Bengali Word নর্দমাEnglish definition(noun) drain; gutter; sewer.
  • Bengali Word নর্দিতEnglish definition(adjective) sounding; bellowed; roared. sounding; bellowed; roared.
  • Bengali Word নর্মEnglish definition(noun) sport; play; amusement; pleasure; pastime; pleasantry; dalliance; jest; joke; merry-making; diversion; fun; luxury; pleasure. র্মদ (adjective) delightful. নর্মসখা, নর্ম সচিব, নর্ম সহচর (noun(s) promoter of the amusement of a prince; playmate; jester; clown; courtier. নর্মসখী, নর্ম সহচরী (noun(s) (feminine) girl playmate; partner in merry-making; mistress; concubine.
  • Bengali Word নলEnglish definition(noun) 1 species of reed. 2 tube; cylinder; pipe; barrel; rod. 3 a measure of length. 4 measuring rod. নলক (noun) any long bone of the body; to be/ tubular organ of the body. নলকূপ (noun) tube-well. নলকূপ বসানো (verb intransitive) sink a tube-well. নল খাগড়া (noun) reed. নল-চালা (noun) trick of setting a rod on move, presumably by occult incantation, to detect a thief. নল চালা (verb intransitive) set a rod on move to detect a thief by means of occult incantation. নলবন (noun) thicket of reed. নলাকার (adjective) tubular; cylindrical.
  • Bengali Word নলচেEnglish definition= নলিচা
  • Bengali Word নলপতEnglish definition(noun) 1 procrastination. 2 coaxing. নলপত করা (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) 1 procrastinate. 2 coax.
  • Bengali Word নলা ১English definition(noun) tubular bone; (especially) tibia or shinbone. নলা মাছ (noun) species of fresh-water fish.
  • Bengali Word নলানোEnglish definition(verb intransitive) = নল চালা ( নল)
  • Bengali Word নলিEnglish definition(noun) 1 small tube/ pipe/ cylinder. 2 tubular bone: পায়ের নলি, shinbone. 3 narrow drain.
  • Bengali Word নলিকাEnglish definition(noun) 1 small pipe/ tube. 2 stem/stalk (of a plant). 3 artery.
  • Bengali Word নলিতাEnglish definition(noun) pipe of a hookah.
  • Bengali Word নলিনEnglish definition(noun) lotus; water-lily. নলিনাক্ষ (adjective) lotus-eyed.
  • Bengali Word নলিনীEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) (of নলিন) 1 lotus; assemblage of lotus flowers; lotus point. 2 = পদ্মিনী. নলিনী দল (noun) leaf of the lotus plant. নলিনীরুহ (noun) (fibres of a) lotus-stalk.
  • Bengali Word নলীEnglish definition= নলি and নলি.
  • Bengali Word নলেন English definition(adjective) new. নলেন গুড় (noun) molasses prepared from new date-juice.
  • Bengali Word নশ্বরEnglish definition(noun) perishable; transitory; transient; mortal. নশ্বরতা (noun) transitoriness; perishableness; transience; frailty; mortality.
  • Bengali Word নষ্টEnglish definition(adjective) 1 lost; perished; disappeared. 2 destroyed; ruined: নষ্টরাজ্য. 3 spoiled; damaged; wasted: নষ্ট বিষয়সম্পত্তি. 4 fruitless; unsuccessful; futile: নষ্ট চেষ্টা. 5 misspent; dissipated: নষ্ট যৌবন. 6 lost; gone: নষ্ট চেতনা. 7 rotten; turned; putrefied; deteriorated; decomposed: নষ্ট দুধ/নষ্ট মাংস. 8 corrupted; depraved: নষ্ট চরিত্র. 9 unchaste; wayward; loose; lewd; shameless; wanton: নষ্ট মেয়েলোক. 10 wicked; mischievous; vile; vicious: নষ্ট বুদ্ধি. নষ্ট করা (verb transitive) 1 destroy; ruin; lay waste; wreck. 2 spoil; squander; damage; waste; scatter around. 3 dissipate; misspend. 4 render futile/ fruitless/ useless; mar; foil; undo; spoil. 5 pervert; demoralize; corrupt; deprave; debauch. 6 deface; disfigure: চেহারা নষ্ট করা. 7 indulge; pamper; spoil; coddle: ছেলে নষ্ট করা. 8 blunt. নষ্ট হওয়া (verb intransitive) 1 perish; be destroyed/ ruined. 2 be spoiled/ undone. 3 be worse; lose quality; deteriorate; decay; rot; turn; decompose. 4 be depraved/ corrupted/ perverted; go astray; fall. 5 be wasted/ squandered. 6 be dissipated/ misspent. নষ্টকোষ্ঠী (noun) lost/ missing horoscope. নষ্টকোষ্ঠী উদ্ধার করা (verb intransitive) recast one's nativity from assumed data. নষ্টচন্দ্র (noun) the fourth day in both halves of Bhadra. নষ্ট চেতন (adjective) unconscious; insensible. নষ্টচেষ্ট (adjective) 1 who has lost his power of motion; rigid; fainted; insensible. 2 inactive; lethargic. নষ্ট দৃষ্টি (adjective) sightless; blind. নষ্টধী (adjective) unmindful; forgetful. নষ্টনিদ্র (adjective) sleepless. নষ্ট মতি (adjective) who has lost his senses; depraved; evil-minded; wicked unchaste; (endearment) mischievous. নষ্ট স্মৃতি (adjective) who has lost his memory; forgetful. নষ্টা (adjective) (feminine) unchaste; wicked; vile; vicious; wanton; wayward; shameless; whorish. (noun) woman of easy virtue; strumpet; jade; shut; trollop. নষ্টামি, নষ্টামো (noun(s) 1 mischievousness; pranks; roguery; rascality; villainy; knavery; delinquency; devilry. 2 debauchery; depravity; promiscuous behaviour. নষ্টামি/ নষ্টামো করা (verb intransitive) 1 make mischief; play tricks; be up to mischievous tricks. 2 spend time in idle dalliance; dally with somebody; womanize; philander; gallivant (about).
  • Bengali Word নষ্টেন্দুকলাEnglish definition(noun) night in which the moon is invisible; night of a new moon.
  • Bengali Word নষ্টোদ্ধারEnglish definition(noun) reclamation/ recovery of the something lost.
  • Bengali Word নসিব, নসীবEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun(s) lot; luck; destiny; fate; fortune. নসিব খুলে যাওয়া (verb intransitive) be greatly favoured by fortune; be in the ascendant; have a turn of luck. নসিব বিগড়ানো (noun) be unlucky/ unfortunate. নসিব হওয়া (verb intransitive) gain; fall to the lot of; be lucky. নসিবের গদিশ / দোষ / ফের (noun) ill-luck; frowns of fortune; reversal of fortune. নসিবের দোষে / ফেরে (adverb) through ill-luck; as ill-luck would have it; through reversal of fortune. নসিবের লেখা (noun) what is destined; fate; destiny.
  • Bengali Word নসিহতEnglish definition(noun) advice; counsel; admonition; precept; sermon. নসিহত করা / নসিহত দেওয়া (verb transitive) advise; admonish; counsel; exhort; (derogatory) sermonize.
  • Bengali Word নস্যEnglish definition(noun) 1 snuff. 2 (humorous) iota; trifle. নস্য করা (verb transitive) (figurative) destroy; pulverize. নস্য নেওয়া (verb intransitive) take (a pinch of) snuff. নস্যদান, নস্যদানি, নস্যের কৌটা/ ডিবা (noun(s) snuff-box.
  • Bengali Word নস্যাৎEnglish definition(adjective) perishing; being destroyed; lost. নস্যাৎ করা (verb transitive) 1 destroy; annihilate; pulverize; dash; nullify; shatter; spoil; undo. 2 refute; reject; rebut; disprove; explode.
  • Bengali Word নস্যিEnglish definition(noun) (colloquial) = নস্য