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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word নদEnglish definition(noun) large river. নদ নদী (noun) (plural) rivers (collectively).
  • Bengali Word নদারৎEnglish definition[Persian] (phrase) have no. খাতির নদারৎ no favour.
  • Bengali Word নদীEnglish definition(noun) river; stream. নদীকূল (noun) bank of a river; riverside. নদীগর্ত (noun) bottom of a river; riverbed. নদীতট, নদীতীর = নদীকূল. নদীতীরবর্তী, নদীতীরস্থ (adjective) situated on the bank of a river; riparian; riverside. নদীতীরবাসী (adjective), (noun) dwelling on the riverside; riverside dweller; riverain. নদীতীরবাসিনী (feminine) = নদী. নদীপথ (noun) waterway; riverway; course of a river. নদীপথে (adverb) by river. নদী প্রবাহ (noun) current/ tide of a river. নদীবক্ষ (noun) bosom/surface of a river. নদীবক্ষে (adverb) on/ upon river. নদীবহুল (adjective) abounding in rivers; rivery. নদীমাতৃক (adjective) irrigated/ watered by rivers; well watered. নদীমুখ (noun) mouth of a river; estuary. নদী সৈকত = নদীকূল. নদীস্রোত = নদী প্রবাহ.
  • Bengali Word নদ্ধEnglish definition(adjective) 1 bound; tied; fastened; bound on/ around. 2 put on; worn. 3 joined; connected; wound; inlaid; interwoven.
  • Bengali Word নধরEnglish definition(adjective) 1 succulent; luscious; savoury; mellow; juicy; delicious, sweet; plump: নধর অধর; লাউয়ের নধর ডগা. 2 buxom; bonny; plump; rotund; shapely; ravishing; voluptuous; luscious; well-proportioned; fleshy: নধরতনু. নধরকান্তি (adjective) luscious; bonny; lovely; exquisite; beauteous;
  • Bengali Word ননদEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) sister of one's husband; sister-in-law. ননদাই (noun) husband of one's husband sister; brother-in-law.
  • Bengali Word ননদিনী, ননদীননদিনী, ননদীEnglish definition(noun(s) (feminine) (poetic) = ননদ
  • Bengali Word ননাসEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) eldest sister of one's husband.
  • Bengali Word ননী, ননিEnglish definition(noun(s) cream (of milk). ননীর পুতুল (noun) 1 (literally) doll made of cream ; of jelly baby. 2 (figurative) (ironical) one who is physically too delicate to undertake any strenuous work; sissy; weakling.
  • Bengali Word নন্দদুলালEnglish definition(noun) 1 beloved son of Nanda; Sri Krishna. 2 (derogatory) worthless son of doting parents.
  • Bengali Word নন্দনEnglish definition(adjective) rejoicing; gladdening; pleasing: দৃষ্টি নন্দন.  (noun) 1 son. 2 divine garden; lndra's paradise. নন্দন কানন (noun) paradise; Eden.
  • Bengali Word নন্দন ২English definition(noun) 1 joy; happiness; welfare. 2 name of the chief attendant of Shiva. 3 Shiva. (adjective) delightful; pleasant; joyous. নন্দনভৃঙ্গি (noun) 1 Nandi and Bhringi, the two chief attendants of Shiva. 2 (ironical) undesirable associates/ lieutenants; accomplices; mischievous attendants/ entourage.
  • Bengali Word নন্দনন্দনEnglish definition(noun) son of Nanda; Sri Krishna.
  • Bengali Word নন্দলালEnglish definition= নন্দদুলাল
  • Bengali Word নন্দা ১English definition= ননদ
  • Bengali Word নন্দা ২English definition(noun) 1 goddess Durga. 2 the three auspicious lunar days (1st, 6th and 11th).
  • Bengali Word নন্দাইEnglish definition= ননদাই
  • Bengali Word নন্দিতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 delighted; pleased; gladdened. 2 congratulated; felicitated; honoured; glorified; celebrated. নন্দিতা (feminine) = নন্দিত.
  • Bengali Word নন্দিনীEnglish definition(noun) (feminine) 1 daughter. 2 name of a fabulous cow. 3 goddess Durga.
  • Bengali Word নন্দীEnglish definition(noun) = নন্দি (2). (adjective) delighted.
  • Bengali Word নন্দ্যEnglish definition(adjective) worth rejoicing; to be felicitated/ honoured.
  • Bengali Word নন্নড়েEnglish definition(adjective) (colloquial) = নড়নড়ে
  • Bengali Word নপুংসকEnglish definition(noun) eunuch; hermaphrodite; castrated man/ animal. (adjective) 1 hermaphroditic; castrated; impotent. 2 (figurative) impotent; futile: নপুংসক ক্রোধ.
  • Bengali Word নফরEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) groom; servant; menial. নফরানি (noun) office/state of a groom/servant.
  • Bengali Word নফরৎEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) abomination; abhorrence; disgust; aversion.
  • Bengali Word নফলEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) voluntary act of religion, the observance of which is not prescribed; work of supererogation. (adjective) additional; secondary.
  • Bengali Word নফসিEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) of / relating to the soul; psychic; carnal; sensual. ইয়া নফসি each one for himself.
  • Bengali Word নফিসEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) choice; exquisite; delicate; precious.
  • Bengali Word নফ্‌সEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) soul; self; spirit; person; body; animal life; essence; lust; concupiscence; sensuality. নফ্‌স আম্মারা (noun) inordinate appetites; concupiscence; evil propensity. নফসানিয়াত (noun) sensuality; egotism; carnality; luxury; pride.
  • Bengali Word নব ১English definition(adjective) new; fresh; recent; young; modern; new-born; early; novel; newly grown: নবকলিকা (noun) = নবমুকুল. নবকারিকা (noun) newly-married woman. নবকার্তিক (noun) 1 new-born Kartika. 2 (ironical) very ugly man; paragon of beauty. 3 (humorous) foppish gallant. নব কুমার (noun) new-born son. নবকোরক = নবমুকুল. নবজলধর (noun) newly formed/fresh cloud. নবজলধরপটল (noun) heap of fresh clouds; cumulus. নবজলধরশ্যাম (adjective) as charmingly dark as a fresh rain-bearing cloud. নবজাত (adjective) new-born; newly grown/produced; fresh. নবজাতক (noun) newborn baby. নব জীবন (noun) 1 new life; young life. 2 fresh lease of life; rejuvenation. নবডঙ্কা (noun) (humorous) nothing; zero; cipher; nil. নবতর (adjective) newer; fresher; younger. নবতা, নবত্ব (noun(s)) newness; freshness; novelty; modernity. নব দম্পতি (noun) newly married couple. নবদল (noun) fresh/ tender leaf (of a lotus); young leaf. নবনব (adjective) ever/always new; most various/ manifold. নবনিযুক্ত (adjective) newly appointed. নবনীরদ = নবজলধর. নব পরিণীত (adjective) newly married. নব পল্লব (noun) new shoot; young sprout. নবপ্রসূতী (adjective) (feminine) who has lately brought forth. নববধূ (noun) newly married woman/ bride. নববর্ষ (noun) new year. নববর্ষা (noun) early rains. নব বসন্ত (noun) early/new spring. নববিধান (noun) 1 new system/law/order. 2 the New Testament. নব মল্লিকা (noun) name of a variety of jasmine; Jasminum arborescens. নবমুকুল (noun) new/early bud/ blossom. নবযুগ (noun) new age. নব যুবক (noun) (fool-blooded) young man. নব যুবতী (noun) young woman. নব যৌবন (noun) 1 early/fresh youth; bloom/ first flush/ prime of youth. 2 fresh lease of youth; rejuvenation: নব যৌবন লাভ. নব যৌবনসম্পন্ন (adjective) in the prime of youth; in the first/full flush of youth. নব যৌবনসম্পন্না, নব যৌবনা (feminine) = নব ১. নবাগত (adjective) justcome; newly arrived. (noun) new-corner. নবাগতা (feminine) = নব ১.