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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word ঝুমঝুমিEnglish definition(noun) a rattle for children that makes a clattering sound.
  • Bengali Word ঝুমরিEnglish definition(noun) (music) a musical note.
  • Bengali Word ঝুমুরEnglish definition(noun) a kind of love-song accompanied with dance.
  • Bengali Word ঝুরঝুরEnglish definition(adverb) by small bits; in loose grains. ঝরঝুরে (adjective) having minute particles; granular.
  • Bengali Word ঝুরিEnglish definition[Hindi] (noun) 1 hanging or aerial root of a tree: বটের ঝুরি. 2 a kind of crisp snack (also ঝুরি ভাজা).
  • Bengali Word ঝুলEnglish definition(noun) 1 black substance caught in cobweb; soot: ঝুল কালি. 2 vertical or downward length (of a garment, etc).
  • Bengali Word ঝুলনEnglish definition(noun) act of swinging; oscillation; the Hindu festival of this name (also ঝুলন যাত্রা).
  • Bengali Word ঝুলাEnglish definition(verb intransitive) 1 oscillate; be suspended; hang. 2 (hum) be hanged. 3 incline towards; lean to; be partial or biased to. 4 in action; in the process: মামলা ঝুলছে. ঝুলানো (verb transitive) 1 hang; suspend. 2 (hum) hang by the neck: ফাঁসিতে ঝুলানো.
  • Bengali Word ঝুলিEnglish definition(noun) a cloth-bag that can be carried by suspending from the shoulder. ঝুলি ঝাড়া (adjective) available on unloading a bag or wallet. ঝুলি লওয়া (verb intransitive) take to begging.
  • Bengali Word ঝুড়িEnglish definition(noun) a basket; a scuttle. ঝুড়ি ঝুড়ি (adverb) basketfuls of: ঝুড়ি ঝুড়ি আম.
  • Bengali Word ঝোঁকEnglish definition(noun) 1 bent of mind; inclination: পড়াশুনার ঝোঁক. 2 a favourite object of pursuit; hobby: ভ্রমণের ঝোঁক. 3 overwhelming influence; addiction: নেশার ঝোঁক. 4 bias; leaving: একদিকে ঝোঁক.
  • Bengali Word ঝোঁকা, ঝুঁকাEnglish definition(verb intransitive) 1 bend the body forward and downward; stoop. 2 be partial or biased. 3 be attracted; have interest for.
  • Bengali Word ঝোঁটনEnglish definition(noun) a crest on the head (as of a bird). (adjective) having a crest; crested: ঝোঁকা বুলবুলি.
  • Bengali Word ঝোপEnglish definition(noun) a small wood; a thicket of small trees and undergrowth; a bush; a copse. ঝোপঝাড় (noun) underwood: coppice.
  • Bengali Word ঝোরা ১English definition(noun) 1 a fountain: পাগলা ঝোরা. 2 a water course.
  • Bengali Word ঝোরা ২English definition(noun) rice plant bearing no corn.
  • Bengali Word ঝোলEnglish definition(noun) the fluid of a curry; soup. ঝোল ভাত (noun) rice and soup. ঝোল ভাত খাওয়ানো (figurative) teach one a lesson; subject one to discipline.
  • Bengali Word ঝোলা ১English definition(verb intransitive) 1 hang loosely; dangle: গাছের ডাল থেকে ঝোলা. 2 swing; oscillate. (adjective) swinging; pendent; hanging; oscillatory.
  • Bengali Word ঝোলা ২English definition(noun) a large-size cloth bag.
  • Bengali Word ঝোলাগুড়English definition(noun) liquid treacle; molasses.
  • Bengali Word ঝোলাঝুলিEnglish definition(noun) (plural) one’s luggage and belongings collectively; baggage. ঝোলাঝুলি সহ (adverb) bag and baggage.
  • Bengali Word ঝোড়াEnglish definition(verb transitive) lop off the unwanted portion; trim (a tree).
  • Bengali Word ঝড়English definition(noun) a violent and usually destructive commotion in the atmosphere; a rainstorm; tempest; nor’wester. ঝড় ঝাপটা (noun) 1 storm; tempest. 2 (figurative) dangers and difficulties; trials and tribulations. ঝড় তুফান (noun) violent storm accompanied by high waves.
  • Bengali Word ঝড়োEnglish definition(adjective) 1 like a storm; of or pertaining to a storm; stormy; tempestuous: ঝড়ো বাতাস. 2 storm-beaten: ঝড়ো আম, ঝড়ো কাক.