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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word জমায়েতEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) an assemblage; a gathering. জমায়েত হওয়া (verb intransitive) come together; assemble; gather. অবৈধ জমায়েত (noun) an unlawful assembly.
  • Bengali Word জমি, জমিনEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) 1 the upper stratum of the earth; soil; land. 2 an agricultural plot. 3 landed property. 4 texture of a cloth: কাপড়ের জমিন. জমিজমা (noun) landed property; real estate. জমিজিরাত, জমিজিরেত (colloquial) agricultural land. জমিদার, জমিনদার (noun) (history) one who, as the owner of land, receives revenue from tenants; a zemindar; a landlord. জমিদারি (noun) 1 the jurisdiction of the estate of a zemindar. 2 a real estate. 3 work or office of a zemindar. (adjective) pertaining to a zemindary or zernindar.
  • Bengali Word জম্বিরEnglish definition(noun) 1 a large species of lemon; citron. 2 the citron tree.
  • Bengali Word জম্বুকEnglish definition(noun) the jacket. জম্বুকী (feminine) = জম্বুক. (adjective) as sly as a jacket; (figurative) one who is clever and knavish as a jackal.
  • Bengali Word জম্বুরা ১English definition(noun) 1 instrument for gripping anything; pincers. 2 the wasp; the hornet.
  • Bengali Word জম্বুরা ২ জাম্বুরাEnglish definition(noun) the citron.
  • Bengali Word জর, যরEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) 1 gold. 2 money; riches. জরকশি, জরদোজি (noun) embroidery work with gold and silver thread.
  • Bengali Word জরজরEnglish definition= জর্জর
  • Bengali Word জরতারিEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) fine cloth made with a mixture of gold thread.
  • Bengali Word জরতীEnglish definition(adjective) (feminine) 1 very old; decrepit; decaying. 2 ancient; antique; not having any novelty: জরতী ধরণী. জরৎ mas.
  • Bengali Word জরথুস্ত্রEnglish definition(noun) Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrianism, the ancient Persian religion.
  • Bengali Word জরদEnglish definition(noun) 1 yellow colour. 2 cloth with embroidery designs in gold and silver thread.
  • Bengali Word জরদা, জর্দা, যরদাEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) 1 sweet pilau coloured with saffron. 2 scented tobacco preparation taken with betel leaves.
  • Bengali Word জরদ্‌গব, জরদ্গবEnglish definition(adjective) a decrepit old fellow; a stupid and indolent person. (noun) 1 a decrepit bull. 2 the vulture. জরদ্‌গবী, জরদ্গবী (noun) a decrepit cow.
  • Bengali Word জরাEnglish definition(noun) the state of being worn out, broken down and weakened by age; the crazy state of the body produced by decay or age; decrepitude. জরাগ্রস্ত (adjective) broken down with age; being in the last stage of decay; decrepit. জরাজীর্ণ (adjective) worn out and decayed through age.
  • Bengali Word জরা ২English definition(verb transitive) 1 wear out or cause to wear out. 2 be digested. জারিত, জীর্ণ (adjective) worn out. জরানো (verb transitive) smear with something (as salt) or saturate (in oil, etc) for the purpose of preservation. (adjective) that has been preserved in this way.
  • Bengali Word জরাসন্ধEnglish definition(noun) an ancient king of Magadha in India.
  • Bengali Word জরায়ুEnglish definition(noun) the uterus; the womb.
  • Bengali Word জরায়ুজEnglish definition(adjective) animal that is born of a uterus (not from eggs); viviparous (compare অন্তজ).
  • Bengali Word জরি, জরীEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) gold or silver thread; an ornamental cord or braid. জরিদার (adjective) embroidered with gold or silver thread.
  • Bengali Word জরিপ, জরীপEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) measurement and mapping of the position, size, boundaries, etc of an area of land; land survey: জরিপদল, cadastral surveying party. জরিপ করা (verb transitive) survey; measure and value (land). জরিপ-আমিন (noun) a land surveyor. জরিপি (adjective) concerning survey of land.
  • Bengali Word জরিমানাEnglish definition(noun) payment of money imposed as a punishment: a fine. জরিমানা করা (verb transitive) impose a fine; fine.
  • Bengali Word জরিষ্ণুEnglish definition(adjective) in a state of decay; decaying.
  • Bengali Word জরু, জরূ, জোরুEnglish definition[Urdu] (noun) the consort of a men; wife. জরুজাত (noun) (plural) children; offspring.
  • Bengali Word জরুরEnglish definition[Arabic] (adverb) surely; certainly; of necessity; by all means. জরুরত. জরুরৎ, জরুরিয়ত [Arabic] (noun) what is absolutely requisite; need; necessity. জরুরি [Arabic] (adjective) 1 absolutely necessary; very important; essential. 2 immediately necessary; urgent; pressing. 3 relating to a crisis; critical; momentous; emergent. জরুরি অবস্থা (noun) an emergent situation needing prompt action; emergency.
  • Bengali Word জরুড়English definition= জটুল
  • Bengali Word জরূEnglish definition= জরু
  • Bengali Word জরে-নেগারEnglish definition(adjective) inlaid with gold; decorated embellished with gold; golden.
  • Bengali Word জর্জর, জরজরEnglish definition(adjective) 1 deeply stricken with: শোকে জর্জর. 2 thoroughly engrossed in: প্রেমে জর্জর, ঋণে জর্জর. 3 worn-out; shattered; tottering : ঘুণে খেয়ে জর্জর করা.
  • Bengali Word জর্জরিতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 one who is at listed/stricken with: শোকে জর্জরিত, stricken with sorrow. 2 seriously affected with: আঘাতে জর্জরিত. জর্জরীকৃত (adjective) one who has been seriously hurt/injured/wounded. জর্জরীভূত (adjective) that which has worn out or is distressed or oppressed. জর্জরীভূতা (feminine) = জর্জরিত.