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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word জনি, জণিEnglish definition(conjunction), (adverb) (archaic) if; perhaps; let not; by no means; not in any manner; nowise.
  • Bengali Word জনিকাEnglish definition= জনক
  • Bengali Word জনিতEnglish definition(adjective) born of; begotten by. 2 caused or produced by; resulting from: প্রেম জনিত দুর্বলতা. জনিতা (feminine) = জনিত.
  • Bengali Word জনিতা ১English definition(noun) father; producer. জনিত্রী (feminine) = জনিতা ১.
  • Bengali Word জনিতা ২English definition= জনিত
  • Bengali Word জনিত্রEnglish definition(noun) machinery used in manufacturing process; an industrial plant.
  • Bengali Word জনীEnglish definition= জনি ১
  • Bengali Word জনীনEnglish definition(adjective) 1 of mankind; concerning man: বিশ্ব জনীন. 2 beneficial to the people. 3 good for or suitable to humanity: সর্বজনীন.
  • Bengali Word জনু ১English definition(adverb) (archaic) as if; perhaps.
  • Bengali Word জনু ২English definition(noun) birth; origination.
  • Bengali Word জনৈকEnglish definition(adjective) a certain; one: জনৈক শিক্ষক, a certain teacher; জনৈক করিম সাহেব , one Mr. Karim.
  • Bengali Word জন্তুEnglish definition(noun) 1 an animal; a creature. 2 lower animal; a beast.
  • Bengali Word জন্মEnglish definition(noun) 1 the process of being born; act of coming into life; birth. 2 origin; descent; lineage. 3 duration of life; lifetime: জন্মের মতো বিদায়, separation for (the whole) life. 4 reanimation or re-birth (according to Hindu philosophy). জন্ম দেওয়া (verb transitive) 1 beget; procreate; produce. 2 give birth to; bring forth. জন্ম নেওয়া (verb intransitive) take birth; be born. জন্ম এয়োতি, জন্ম এয়ো (noun), (adjective) (feminine) one who is outlived by one’s husband; a married woman who lives her life without being a widow. জন্মকুঁড়ে (adjective) indolent throughout one’s life; habitually slothful. জন্ম কুণ্ডলী, জন্মকোষ্ঠী (noun) (astrology) a diagram or scheme based on the observation of the position of stars and planets at the moment of a child’s birth from which to foretell its future; a horoscope. জন্মক্ষেত্র (noun) place of birth; birthplace. জন্মগত (adjective) pertaining to an individual from his birth; congenital; innate; inborn; inherent; hereditary. জন্মগ্রহণ (noun) act of being born or coming into existence. জন্মগ্রহণ করা (verb intransitive) be born; come into life. জন্মঘটিত (adjective) pertaining to birth; dating from one’s birth. জন্ম, (adverb) (belief according to certain religions) in every birth; every time one is born. জন্ম জন্মান্তর (noun) (in certain philosophy) this life and the next; birth and rebirth. জন্ম জন্মান্তরে (adverb) (according to certain religious beliefs) in every succeeding life; from one birth to the next; eternally. জন্ম জরা মরণ (noun) birth, decrepitude and death. জন্মতিথি (noun) 1 the lunar day on which (one) is born; anniversary of (one’s) birth. জন্মদ, জন্মদাতা (noun) one who begets; a begetter; a father. জন্মদা, জন্মদাত্রী (noun) (feminine) the female parent; mother. জন্মদান (noun) act of procreating or begetting; act of giving birth to. জন্মদান করা 1 procreate; beget. 2 give birth to; bring birth. জন্মদিন, জন্মদিবস (noun) the day on which one is born, or its anniversary. জন্মনক্ষত্র (noun) the ascendant star under which one is born; the natal star. জন্মপত্র, জন্মপত্রিকা = জন্মকুণ্ডলী. জন্মপরিগ্রহ (noun) taking birth; coming into life. জন্মবাসর (noun) birthday. জন্মবৃত্তান্ত (noun) an account of one’s birth. জন্মভূমি (noun) fatherland; the country of one’s origin. জন্মমাস (noun) the month in which one is born; the month of one’s birth. জন্মমৃত্যু in birth and death; origin and decay. জন্মরহস্য (noun) the secrets about one’s birth/origin. জন্মরাশি (noun) (astrology) the zodiacal sign of nativity. জন্ম রোগী (noun) a lifelong patient. জন্মশোধ, জন্মের মতো (adverb) for the whole life; once for all. জন্মহেতু (noun) 1 the cause of birth. 2 the begetter. জন্মে (adverb) 1 since birth. 2 within one’s lifetime.
  • Bengali Word জন্মাEnglish definition(verb intransitive) 1 be born: সন্তান জন্মিল, a child is born. 2 grow; be produced: পাট জন্মে.
  • Bengali Word জন্মাধিকারEnglish definition(noun) any right to which a person is entitled by birth; birthright.
  • Bengali Word জন্মানোEnglish definition1 (verb transitive) produce; grow or cause to grow: চাষি ফসল জন্মায়, The farmer grows crops. 2 (verb intransitive) be born; come into the world by birth. 3 be produced; grow: গ্রীষ্মপ্রধান অঞ্চলে ধান জন্মায়, Rice grows in warm climates.
  • Bengali Word জন্মান্তরEnglish definition[জন্ম + অন্তর] (noun) (according to certain religious faiths) another birth; re-birth; a previous birth; a future or next birth. জন্মান্তরবাদ (noun) the doctrine that after death every person takes a new birth in a new form and that his soul repeatedly/ continuously assumes an incarnate body in various forms; the doctrine of re-birth.
  • Bengali Word জন্মান্তরেEnglish definition(adverb) in another birth/life; in the life to come (according to the doctrine of re-birth).
  • Bengali Word জন্মান্ধEnglish definition[জন্ম + অন্ধ] (adjective) born as blind; born blind.
  • Bengali Word জন্মাবচ্ছিন্নEnglish definition[জন্ম + অবচ্ছিন্ন] (adverb) throughout life; in (one’s) whole life.
  • Bengali Word জন্মাবধিEnglish definition(adverb) since one’s birth; throughout life.
  • Bengali Word জন্মাষ্টমীEnglish definition(adverb) birthday of Sri Krishna; the eighth lunar day of the dark fortnight of the month of Bhadra.
  • Bengali Word জন্মিতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 born (of); begotten. 2 produced; generated.
  • Bengali Word জন্মুEnglish definition(noun) 1 the rose-apple or its tree.
  • Bengali Word জন্মোৎসবEnglish definition(noun) festivity in celebration of a birthday.
  • Bengali Word জন্য ১, জন্যেEnglish definitionpreposition 1 owing to; because of; for অসুস্থতার জন্য অনুপস্থিত, absent for illness. 2 in consequence of ; as the result of : রোগভোগের জন্য দুর্বল, weak in consequence of illness. 3 for the purpose of: চড়ুইভাতির জন্য সমবেত, gathered for the purpose of a picnic. (conjunction) for; because: অসুস্থতার জন্য আসতে পারেনি, could not come, for/because he is ill.
  • Bengali Word জন্য ২English definition(adjective) 1 originating/ resulting from; caused or produced by: অতিবৃষ্টির জন্য বন্যা. 2 that produces. জন্যজনক সম্বন্ধ (noun) the relation between the producer and the produced or between cause and effect.
  • Bengali Word জনয়িতাEnglish definition= জনক. জনয়িত্রী (feminine) = জনয়িতা.
  • Bengali Word জপEnglish definition(noun) repeated reading or reciting of (something) silently or in a low voice while telling the beads of a rosary. জপ করা, জপা (verb intransitive) 1 recite prayers silently and repeatedly while telling one’s beads. 2 (figurative) think or remember something constantly. জপের মন্ত্র (noun) esoteric words which a devotee counts over the beads. জপমালা, জপের মালা (noun) a string of beads on which a devotee numbers his/her prayers; a rosary. জপতপ (noun) prayers and meditation.
  • Bengali Word জপাEnglish definition= জপকরা = জপ