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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word ঘনীভবনEnglish definition(noun) condensation; solidification.
  • Bengali Word ঘনীভূতEnglish definition(adverb) become solid or firm: বিপদ ঘনীভূত হলো.
  • Bengali Word ঘনোপলEnglish definition[ঘন + উপল] (noun) frozen drops of rain; hailstones falling from a cloud; hail.
  • Bengali Word ঘরEnglish definition(noun) 1 an abode; a dwelling; a house; a home. 2 a room; an apartment: পড়ার ঘর. 3 a Hindu temple: ঠাকুর ঘর. 4 domestic life; household : ঘর করা. 5 family: এক ঘর জেলে. 6 a line of ancestors; lineage; pedigree: উচ্চ ঘর. 7 a column of an account book: জমার ঘর. খরচের ঘর. 8 a button-hole: বোতামের ঘর. 9 an office: ডাক ঘর. 10 a groove; a pocket : ছাপার টাইপের ঘর. ঘর আলো করা (figurative) bring joy, happiness or pride to a family. ঘরকন্না (noun) (of a woman) housekeeping; the duties of a housewife; housewifery. ঘরকন্না করা (verb intransitive) keep house ; manage household affairs; run a house. ঘর করা (verb intransitive) 1 build a house. 2 (of a woman) play the part of a housewife or mistress of one’s husband’s house. ঘর কাটা (verb intransitive) draw columns, squares, etc on a piece of paper. ঘর-কাটা (adjective) divided into columns or separate spaces. ঘরকুনো (adjective) 1 one who is shy of outdoor activities. 2 not social; not caring to mix with one’s fellows. ঘরকুনোমি (noun) home-keeping. ঘর খরচ (noun) household expenses; maintenance cost of a family. ঘর খোঁজা (verb intransitive) look for a suitable family for matrimonial alliance. ঘর-গড়া (adjective) home-made. ঘর গড়া (verb intransitive) 1 construct a house. 2 get married and settle as a householder. 3 equip and embellish a house with all necessaries after one’s heart. ঘর গুষ্ঠি (noun) all the members of a family. ঘর ঘর (adverb) in every household; from house to house; from door to door. ঘর-ঘেঁসা (adjective) devoted to one’s household. ঘর ছাড়া (verb intransitive) renounce one’s hearth and home; abjure worldly life; take to asceticism. ঘরছাড়া (adjective) one who has renounced worldly life and has taken to asceticism. ঘরজামাই (noun) person who puts up with his father-in-Iaw’s family. ঘরজোড়া (adjective) 1 occupying the whole room/ house: ঘর জোড়া গালিচা. 2 that which adds to the beauty of the house: ঘর জোড়া নাতিনাতনী. ঘর জ্বালানো (verb intransitive) 1 set fire to a house. 2 (figurative) poison the mutual relationship in a family; make a home unquiet. ঘরজ্বালানে (adjective) one who is at the root of unhappiness of a family. ঘরজ্বালানী (feminine) = ঘরজ্বালানে. ঘর তোলা (verb intransitive) 1 construct a house. 2 make a knitting design. ঘর নষ্ট করা vi 1 destroy the happiness of a family. 2 do something that brings dishonour to a family. 3 marry in or give one in marriage to a lower family. ঘর পর (noun) one’s own people and others. ঘর পাওয়া (verb intransitive) get a suitable bride or bridegroom from a good family. ঘর পাতা (verb intransitive) be settled in family life. ঘর-পোড়া (adjective) 1 one whose dwelling has been burnt down. 2 one who has gathered experience from the burning of a cowshed: ঘর পোড়া গরু. (noun) the Ramayana character Hanumana who burnt down houses in Lanka. ঘর পোড়া গরু সিঁদুরে মেঘ দেখে ডরায় (literally) a cow that has the experience of a conflagration dreads red clouds in the evening sky (prov); once bitten, twice shy; a scolded dog fears cold water; a burnt child dreads the fire. ঘর-পোষা (adjective) domesticated; tame. ঘর বর (noun) one’s husband and his family; ঘর বাঁধা (verb intransitive) build a house; settle down (at a place). ঘর বার করা (verb intransitive) go out of doors and come indoors repeatedly in one’s anxiety for someone. ঘর ভাঙ্গা / ঘর ভাঙা (verb intransitive) 1 pull down a house. 2 break up a family. 3 cause dissension in a family. ঘরভাঙ্গানে (adjective) one who causes dissension in a family ঘরভাঙ্গানি (feminine) = ঘরভাঙ্গানে. ঘরমুখো (adjective) 1 eager to go home; home-sick. 2 homeward. ঘর-সংসার (noun) household life/ affairs. ঘর-সংসার করা (verb intransitive) live with one‘s husband/ wife; live the life of a householder/ housewife. ঘরে আগুন দেওয়া = ঘর জ্বালানো. ঘরে পরে (adverb) 1 everywhere out of doors and within; at home and abroad. 2 irrespective of friend and foe. ঘরের কথা (noun) internal secret of a family or party. ঘরের শত্রু (noun) one who betrays his own people; an internal enemy; a fifth columnist; a traitor; a quisling.
  • Bengali Word ঘরট্টEnglish definition(noun) pair of heavy circular flat stones between which corn is milled; millstones.
  • Bengali Word ঘরনী, ঘরনিEnglish definition(noun) the mistress of a house; a housewife. (adjective) skilled and experienced in one’s duties and responsibilities as a housewife. ঘরন্তী = ঘরনী (adjective).
  • Bengali Word ঘরানাEnglish definition(adjective) 1 of high status; high born: ঘরানা পরিবার. 2 relating to/ concerning a particular family: ঘরানা ব্যাপার. (noun) a typical tradition of music; a particular school of musical tradition: তানসেন ঘরানা.
  • Bengali Word ঘরামিEnglish definition(noun) person who is a builder of huts by profession; a thatcher. ঘরামিগিরি (noun) occupation of a thatcher.
  • Bengali Word ঘরে পরেEnglish definition ঘর
  • Bengali Word ঘরোয়াEnglish definition(adjective) 1 concerning a family; pertaining to the internal affairs of a household: ঘরোয়া ব্যাপার. 2 in close touch; familiar; intimate: ঘরোয়া লোক. 3 confined within a close circle : ঘরোয়া অনুষ্ঠান. 4 without ceremony; not in usual form; informnal: ঘরোয়া পরিবেশ.
  • Bengali Word ঘর্ঘরEnglish definition(interjection) (onomatopoeia) denoting a rattling sound as that of a bullock cart in motion. (noun) the sound made by a cat when pleased; purr. ঘর্ঘর করা (verb intransitive) 1 make a rattling sound; rattle. 2 murmur/ purr (as a cat). ঘর্ঘর শব্দে (adverb) with a rattling noise.
  • Bengali Word ঘর্মEnglish definition(noun) exudation of sweat; perspiration. ঘর্ম হওয়া (verb intransitive) sweat; perspire; exude. ঘর্ম সিক্ত, ঘর্মাক্ত, ঘর্মাপ্লুত (adjective) drenched with perspiration; sweating profusely. ঘর্মাক্ত কলেবর (adjective) one who is sweating all over. ঘর্মাক্ত কলেবরে (adverb) with the body sweating all over.
  • Bengali Word ঘর্ষকEnglish definition(adjective) that rubs; rubbing. ঘর্ষকপদী (noun) the kind of birds that finds food by purging the ground with their legs (as the chicken).
  • Bengali Word ঘর্ষণEnglish definition(noun) act of rubbing/ scouring; abrasion. ঘর্ষণ করা (verb transitive) apply friction to the surface of; move something along the surface (of something) with pressure; rub; scour; abrade; graze. ঘর্ষিত (adjective) that has been rubbed.
  • Bengali Word ঘষাEnglish definition(verb transitive) move along something with pressure; rub; graze; scour; abrade. (noun) rubbing of; scouring; friction; abrasion. (adjective) rubbed; grazed; abraded; scoured: ঘষা পয়সা. ঘষা-ঘষা (adjective) appearing as abraded; slightly grazed. ঘষাঘষি (noun) 1 act of rubbing each other. 2 rubbing repeatedly. 3 (figurative) excessive intimacy (with somebody). ঘষা-মাজা (noun) 1 act of scrubbing or brushing up. 2 (figurative) assiduous practice for improvement. ঘষা-মাজা করা (verb transitive) 1 rub hard to make clean or bright. 2 (figurative) try assiduously to improve upon. ঘষা-মাজা রূপ (noun) beauty with artificial aids; made-up beauty/ glamour.
  • Bengali Word ঘষ্টানোEnglish definition(verb transitive) 1 scrape off by rubbing continuously. 2 drag along something hard. 3 (figurative) make repeated attempt to master something. ঘষ্টানি (noun) = ঘষ্টানো.
  • Bengali Word ঘাEnglish definition(noun) 1 a blow; a stroke; a shock: বেতের ঘা. 2 a wound; a sore; an ulcer: পচা ঘা. 3 a sudden disturbing emotion; heart-sore; grief : ঘা খাওয়া. 4 damage; waste; loss: কারবারে ঘা খাওয়া. 5 knocking: দরজায় ঘা দেওয়া. ঘা কতক (noun) a number of blows. ঘা কতক বসিয়ে দেওয়া (verb transitive) deal (one) a good number of blows. ঘা খাওয়া (verb intransitive) receive a blow; suffer a loss; learn from suffering. ঘা খেয়ে বোঝা/ ঘা শেখা learn by experience; be wise after the event. ঘা দেওয়া (verb intransitive) 1 hurt one’s feelings; cause shock to one’s heart. 2 strike or inflict a blow. ঘা মারা = ঘা দেওয়া (2). ঘা শুকানো (verb intransitive) be healed; be cured. ঘা শুকিয়েছে the wound is healed. ঘা সওয়া (verb intransitive) endure a blow/ shock with patience. (adjective) one who is capable or in the habit of enduring a blow or insult with calmness. ঘা হওয়া (verb intransitive) be ulcerated. নালী ঘা (noun) an ulcer in the form of a cavity and containing pus; a sinus; a fistula. মড়ার উপর খাড়ার ঘা (prov) flogging a dead horse; adding insult to injury. সর্বাঙ্গে ঘা, ওষুধ দেব কোথা When there are sores all over the body, where is the salve to be applied? (figurative) An irremediable state.
  • Bengali Word ঘাঁটা ১English definition(verb transitive) 1 beat up; stir; agitate. 2 study, review or examine : ফাইলপত্র ঘাঁটা. ঘাঁটাঘাঁটি (noun) 1 continuous searching , review or discussion. 2 violent agitation; commotion; bustle. ঘাঁটা ঘাঁটি করা (verb transitive) beat up; stir; agitate. ঘাঁটানো (verb transitive) 1 cause to stir; excite; agitate. 2 disturb; annoy; vex; irritate.
  • Bengali Word ঘাঁটা ২English definition(noun) a horny excrescence on a toe or foot; a corn.
  • Bengali Word ঘাঁটি, ঘাটিEnglish definition(noun) 1 a watch-post; a police or military outpost. 2 a station; a depot: বিমান ঘাঁটি, an aerodrome; জাহাজ ঘাঁটি, a dock. 3 a haunt: a rendezvous: জুয়াড়িদের ঘাঁটি. ঘাঁটি আগলানো (verb intransitive) guard an outpost. ঘাঁটিয়াল (noun) the chief of an outpost.
  • Bengali Word ঘাঁত, ঘাতEnglish definition(noun) 1 the opportune moment or secret means to fulfil a design. 2 tricks; device; contrivance: also ঘাঁত ঘোত.
  • Bengali Word ঘাইEnglish definition(noun) a stroke; a blow; a noisy stroke (as made by a large fish on the surface of water with its tail): ঘাই মারা.
  • Bengali Word ঘাগরাEnglish definition[Hindi] (noun) the lower and loose part of a western woman’s garment; a skirt.
  • Bengali Word ঘাগি, ঘাগী, ঘাগুEnglish definition(adjective) 1 experienced by long practice or repeated faults and failures; a veteran. 2 confirmed; obstinate; inveterate; hardened: ঘাগিচোর, বদমাশ.
  • Bengali Word ঘাঘরEnglish definition(noun) a kind of musical instrument; a pair of cymbals.
  • Bengali Word ঘাট ১English definition(noun) 1 a slope or a flight of steps leading down to the water level of a pond or river; a ghat. 2 a landing stage on a marine route; a quay; a wharf; a moorage: জাহাজ ঘাট. 3 the reed of a harmonium. 4 either of the mountain ranges on the eastern and western side of south India: পশ্চিম ঘাট, পূর্ব ঘাট. ঘাট কামান (noun) the practice of shaving heads of sons on the expiry of the period of mourning a parent’s death as prevalent among Hindus. ঘাটে এসে নাও ডুবানো (figurative) do a single mistake to spoil a successful process. ঘাটে ঘাটে (adverb) at every stage; everywhere. ঘাটের কড়ি (noun) fare or the sum charged for conveying a person across a river. ঘাটের মড়া (noun) 1 (hit) a corpse for cremation as a Hindu rite. 2 a dying man; an old decrepit person.
  • Bengali Word ঘাট ২English definition(noun) 1 a fault; an offence; a failure: ঘাট হওয়া. 2 want; shortage; deficiency: কোনো দিকে ঘাট নেই. ঘাট মানা (verb intransitive) admit a fault; apologize. ঘাট মানানো (verb transitive) make (one) admit a fault/ apologize. ঘাট হওয়া (verb intransitive) be at fault: আমার ঘাট হয়েছে, It'’ my fault, l apologize.
  • Bengali Word ঘাটতিEnglish definition[Hindi] (noun) the amount short; shortage; deficit. ঘাটতি বাজেট, the budget in which expenditure exceeds income; a deficit budget.
  • Bengali Word ঘাটলাEnglish definition(noun) a flight of stairs, built of brick or stone, at the bank of a pond or river.
  • Bengali Word ঘাটাEnglish definition(noun) 1 landing stage on a waterway; a quay; a wharf; a moorage: জাহাজ ঘাটা, নৌকা ঘাটা. 2 a road; a public passage.