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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word ওমরাEnglish definition= উমরা
  • Bengali Word ওরফেEnglish definition[Arabic] (adverb) otherwise known as; alias.
  • Bengali Word ওলEnglish definition(noun) edible bulbous plant akin to arum. যেমন বুনো ওল তেমনি বাঘা তেঁতুল (figurative) measure for measure.
  • Bengali Word ওলকপিEnglish definition(noun) vegetable of the turnip group; a kohlrabi.
  • Bengali Word ওলট-পালটEnglish definition= উলট-পালট
  • Bengali Word ওলন্দাজEnglish definition[France] (noun) native of the Netherlands/Holland; a Dutch; a Hollander. (adjective) Dutch: ওলন্দাজ ভাষা.
  • Bengali Word ওলাউঠাEnglish definition(noun) disease accompanied by purging and vomiting; cholera.
  • Bengali Word ওলানEnglish definition(noun) the glandular organ of the cows in which the milk is produced; the udder.
  • Bengali Word ওষধিEnglish definition(noun) plant that perishes after bearing fruit but for once.
  • Bengali Word ওষুধEnglish definition(noun) medicine; drug.
  • Bengali Word ওষ্ঠEnglish definition(noun) the upper lip; any of the lips. ওষ্ঠাধর (noun) (plural) the two lips—upper and lower.
  • Bengali Word ওষ্ঠাগতEnglish definition(adjective) what has neared the lips in order to come out; (figurative) at the last gasp. ওষ্ঠাগতপ্রাণ (adjective) at the last gasp; at the point of death.
  • Bengali Word ওসিয়তEnglish definition= অসিয়ত
  • Bengali Word ওস্তাগরEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) art efficient artisan; a master artisan/mason/tailor.
  • Bengali Word ওস্তাদEnglish definition[Arabic, Persian] (noun) master (in any art); preceptor; leader. (adjective) adept; expert. ওস্তাদি (noun) mastery (of an art); skill; efficiency. ওস্তাদি করা (verb transitive) parade one’s skill/ability; show off one’s tricks.
  • Bengali Word ওহাবি, ওয়াহাবিEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) follower of Abdul Wahab, the 18th century religious leader of Arabia; Wahabi sect.
  • Bengali Word ওহি, ওহীEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) Revelation from the Supreme Being to His prophets.
  • Bengali Word ওহেEnglish definition(interjection) used in addressing: hallo! Holla! Ho!.
  • Bengali Word ওহোEnglish definition(interjection) expressing recollection, surprise, amazement, regret, etc; good heavens! good gracious!
  • Bengali Word ওড়নাEnglish definition(noun) modesty scarf for women.
  • Bengali Word ওড়াEnglish definition= উড়া
  • Bengali Word ওয়াকিফ, ওয়াকেবEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective), (noun) one who knows; informed; experienced. ওয়াকিফহাল one having particular knowledge about (something).
  • Bengali Word ওয়াক্তEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) appointed hours for five-time canonical prayers.
  • Bengali Word ওয়াক্‌ফEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) charitable or religious endowment under Muslim law. ওয়াক্‌ফনামা deed of endowment.
  • Bengali Word ওয়াজEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) religious sermon; lecture on religious subjects. ওয়াজনসিহত (noun) lectures and instructions on religion.
  • Bengali Word ওয়াজিব, ওয়াজেবEnglish definition[Arabic] (adjective) 1 just; proper; right. 2 bounden; obligatory: ওয়াজিব নামাজ. 3 necessary; essential.
  • Bengali Word ওয়াটEnglish definition[English (noun) unit of electrical power; watt (after James Watt, the inventor).
  • Bengali Word ওয়াতনEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) birth-place; mother land.
  • Bengali Word ওয়াদাEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) a pledge; a promise.
  • Bengali Word ওয়াপসEnglish definition[Persian] (noun) act of coming back; return.