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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word উপজননEnglish definition(noun) coming into existence; birth; origin; production.
  • Bengali Word উপজাতEnglish definition(noun) subsidiary article produced incidentally in the manufacture of some other article; an incidental product; a by-product.
  • Bengali Word উপজাতিEnglish definition(noun) a subclass; an aboriginal tribe. উপজাতীয় (adjective) tribal.
  • Bengali Word উপজিহ্বাEnglish definition(noun) the cartilage at the root of the tongue; the uvula; the epiglottis.
  • Bengali Word উপজীবিকাEnglish definition(noun) 1 means of living; a profession; a trade. 2 subsidiary source of income.
  • Bengali Word উপজীবীEnglish definition(adjective) living by a profession: ভিক্ষোপজীবী (ভিক্ষা+উপজীবী).
  • Bengali Word উপজীব্যEnglish definition(noun) means of subsistence; support.
  • Bengali Word উপজ্ঞাEnglish definition(noun) spontaneous or natural impulse; intuitive feeling; instinct.
  • Bengali Word উপঢৌকনEnglish definition(noun) gift or present.
  • Bengali Word উপত্যকাEnglish definition(noun) a low tract of land between hills; a valley.
  • Bengali Word উপদংশEnglish definition(noun) a contagious venereal disease; syphilis.
  • Bengali Word উপদিষ্টEnglish definition(adjective) advised; instructed or directed.
  • Bengali Word উপদেবতাEnglish definition(noun) (mythology) half a god or demi-god.
  • Bengali Word উপদেশEnglish definition(noun) 1 authoritative direction; command. 2 counsel; advice; instruction. 3 admonition. উপদেশ দেওয়া (verb transitive) advise; instruct; admonish. উপদেশমূলক (adjective) containing instruction; instructive.
  • Bengali Word উপদেষ্টাEnglish definition(adjective) imparting advice or instruction. (noun) an adviser; a teacher; a preceptor.
  • Bengali Word উপদ্বীপEnglish definition(noun) land-mass bounded on three sides by water; a peninsula: আরব উপদ্বীপ.
  • Bengali Word উপদ্রবEnglish definition(noun) state of being annoyed or disturbed; a trouble; irritation or pesterment: চোরের উপদ্রব, বখাটেদের উপদ্রব. উপদ্রব করা (verb transitive) give trouble; cause annoyance/disturbance/irritation. উপদ্রবকারী (adjective), (noun) one who gives trouble or causes disturbance (to (somebody)).
  • Bengali Word উপদ্রুতEnglish definition(adjective) affected by disturbance or natural calamity: উপদ্রুত অঞ্চল.
  • Bengali Word উপধাEnglish definition(noun), (adjective) (grammar) (letter) before the last one in a word; penultimate (letter).
  • Bengali Word উপনগরEnglish definition(noun) township in the outskirts of a big city; satellite town.
  • Bengali Word উপনদ, উপনদীEnglish definition(noun) stream/river that flows into a larger stream or river; a tributary.
  • Bengali Word উপনামEnglish definition(noun) name given informally instead of one’s actual name usually in jest or contempt; a nickname.
  • Bengali Word উপনায়কEnglish definition(noun) character in a play, poem or story next in importance to the hero; secondary hero.
  • Bengali Word উপনিবেশEnglish definition(noun) country or territory occupied and controlled by foreign settlers; a colony. উপনিবেশ স্থাপন করা (verb transitive) establish a colony in; migrate to and settle in as inhabitants; colonize. উপনিবেশিত (adjective) colonized.
  • Bengali Word উপনিষদEnglish definition(noun) Hindu religious book containing Vedantic philosophy.
  • Bengali Word উপনীতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 arrived; alighted; reached; brought: অবশেষে নগরীতে উপনীত হলাম, At last I arrived at the city; মৃতদেহ গোরস্তানে উপনীত হলো, was brought to the graveyard. 2 invested with the holy thread. উপনীত হওয়া (verb transitive), (verb intransitive) reach; arrive at; be brought; be invested with the sacred thread.
  • Bengali Word উপনেতাEnglish definition(noun) a leader second in command; assistant or deputy leader.
  • Bengali Word উপন্যাসEnglish definition(noun) a book of fiction; a novel. উপন্যাসকার, উপন্যাস লেখক (noun) a novelist.
  • Bengali Word উপনয়নEnglish definition(noun) ritual ceremony among caste Hindus for investing a boy with the holy thread.
  • Bengali Word উপপতিEnglish definitionunlawful lover of a married woman; a paramour.