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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word অচলEnglish definition(adjective) not moving; stationary; motionless. 2 not current; gone out of practice; obsolete: অচল প্রথা. 3 counterfeit; forged; fake: অচল টাকা. 4 outcast; ostracized: সমাজে অচল. 5 not fit to be used; unserviceable: অচল ঘড়ি. 6 not throbbing; what cannot be kept going: অচল ব্যবসা. 7 not pulsating; still: অচল নাড়ি. 8 untenable; unacceptable: অচলযুক্তি. 9 not practicable; impractical: অচল প্রস্তাব. (noun) a mountain; a hill. অচল অবস্থা, অচলাবস্থা (noun) a position from which there is no way out; impasse; deadlock; stalemate. অচলন (noun) the condition of being antiquated; obsoleteness. অচলনীয় (adjective) not suitable to be introduced or circulated. অচল প্রতিষ্ঠ (adjective) firmly established. অচলিত (adjective) out of date; antiquated; obsolete; not in current use,
  • Bengali Word অচলাEnglish definition(adjective), (feminine) firm in standing or position; constant in mind and purpose; unwavering: অচলাভক্তি. (noun) the earth.
  • Bengali Word অচলায়তনEnglish definition(noun) unprogressive or reactionary institution. (adjective) unprogressive; unchanging; still.
  • Bengali Word অচাঞ্চল্য, অচাপল্যEnglish definition(noun) absence of restlessness; steadiness; calmness.
  • Bengali Word অচালনীয়, অচাল্যEnglish definition(adjective) what cannot be conducted or transferred.
  • Bengali Word অচিকিৎসকEnglish definition(noun) a quack; a charlatan.
  • Bengali Word অচিকিৎসাEnglish definition(noun) want of medical treatment; faulty medical treatment; quackery, অচিকিৎস্য. অচিকিৎসনীয় (adjective) what cannot be cured; incurable; irremediable.
  • Bengali Word অচিকীর্ষুEnglish definition(adjective) averse to work; indolent; lazy.
  • Bengali Word অচিনEnglish definition(adjective) (dialect) unknown; unidentified: অচিন পাখি. (noun) an outsider; a stranger; one who is unfamiliar.
  • Bengali Word অচিন্তনীয়, অচিন্ত্যEnglish definition(adjective) unthinkable; beyond imagination অচিন্তনীয়া (feminine) = অচিন্তনীয়, অচিন্ত্য.
  • Bengali Word অচিন্তিত, অচিন্তিতপূর্বEnglish definition(adjective) what could not be conceived of before; unthought of; unexpected.
  • Bengali Word অচিরEnglish definition(adjective) not durable; transitory; brief; short. অচিরতা (noun) the condition of being transient; transitoriness. অচিরকালে (adverb) within a short time; before long; shortly; soon. অচিরজীবী (adjective) not everlasting; perishable; transient; ephemeral. অচিরদ্যুতি, অচিরপ্রভা (noun) flash of light that precedes thunder; lightning. অচিরস্থায়ী (adjective) not permanent; transitory; momentary. অচিরে (adverb) without delay; soon; immediately.
  • Bengali Word অচিরাৎEnglish definition(adverb) in no time; soon; immediately; suddenly.
  • Bengali Word অচিহ্নিতEnglish definition(adjective) unmarked: without an Identifying mark. অচিহ্নিত কর্মচারী (noun) uncovenanted employee.
  • Bengali Word অচূর্ণ, অচূর্ণিতEnglish definition(adjective) 1 not pulverized; not reduced to dust. 2 not destroyed; intact; whole; entire.
  • Bengali Word অচেতনEnglish definition(adjective) 1 senseless and motionless; unconscious; fainted. 2 without life or animation; inanimate. 3 wanting sensibility; insensate: stupefied. 4 enchanted, bewitched; affected with an illusion. 5 Ignorant foolish.
  • Bengali Word অচেনাEnglish definition(adjective) unknown; unfamiliar. (noun) an unknown person.
  • Bengali Word অচেষ্ট English definition(adjective) 1 having no initiative; unenterprising; effortless. 2 benumbed: stupefied. অচেষ্টিত (adjective) 1 unattempted; untried. 2 not examined or sought for.
  • Bengali Word অচৈতন্যEnglish definition(adjective) unconscious; senseless; fainted. (noun) ignorance; stupefaction.
  • Bengali Word অচ্ছEnglish definition(adjective) 1 transparent; crystalline. 2 translucent; allowing light to pass through but not transparent. (noun) transparent natural substance like quartz; crystal.
  • Bengali Word অচ্ছদ, অচ্ছন্নEnglish definition(adjective) uncovered; roofless; open.
  • Bengali Word অচ্ছিদ্র English definition(adjective) 1 having no hole or opening. 2 free from defect or loophole; perfect; flawless.
  • Bengali Word অচ্ছিদ্রEnglish definition1 a narrow opening in a solid body; a hole; a pore; a perforation; a slot; a slit; a cavity. 2 a fault; a failure; a shortcoming: পরের ছিদ্র অন্বেষণ. ছিদ্র করা (verb transitive) make a hole; bore; perforate. ছিদ্র খুঁজে বেড়ানো (verb transitive) try to find fault (with). ছিদ্রদর্শী (adjective) making unnecessary complaints against; finding fault with others. ছিদ্রানুসন্ধান, ছিদ্রান্বেষণ (noun) act of looking for others' weak points/faults. ছিদ্রানুসন্ধানী, ছিদ্রান্বেষী (adjective) picking holes in another’s coat; making unwarranted criticisms. ছিদ্রানুসন্ধান/ছিদ্রান্বেষণ করা (verb transitive) try to find fault (with).
  • Bengali Word অচ্ছিন্নEnglish definition(adjective) not cut or divided; not torn; intact; whole. অচ্ছিন্নত্বক (adjective) (of male person) one whose foreskin has not been removed; uncircumcised.
  • Bengali Word অচ্ছুত, অচ্ছুৎEnglish definition(adjective) untouchable; unclean; low-caste Hindu community considered untouchable by higher castes. অচ্ছুতজাতি.
  • Bengali Word অচ্ছেদ্যEnglish definition(adjective) what cannot be cleft or split. uncleavable; inseparable. অচ্ছেদ্য বন্ধন.
  • Bengali Word অচ্ছোদEnglish definition(adjective) clear; transparent: অচ্ছোদ সরসী নীরে.
  • Bengali Word অচ্যুতEnglish definition(adjective) not fallen or detached.
  • Bengali Word অছিEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) a trustee having the charge of an orphan's property; a guardian; a custodian; a regent; an administrator; an executor.
  • Bengali Word অছিঅত, অছিয়তEnglish definition[Arabic] (noun) 1 one’s death-time advice or direction. 2 a will and testament. অছিঅত নামা (অছিয়ত Arabic + নামা Persian) (noun) the letter or document appointing a trustee or executor; a deed of will saying how one's property is to be administered or divided after one's death.