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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word অগুণEnglish definition(adjective) having no worth or qualification. (noun) fault; guilt; offence.
  • Bengali Word অগুনতিEnglish definition(adjective) countless; innumerable.
  • Bengali Word অগুরু ১English definition(noun) the Dulbergia sisoo or its timber; a kind of fragrant wood.
  • Bengali Word অগুরু ২English definition(adjective) one having no spiritual guide or preceptor.
  • Bengali Word অগোচরEnglish definition(adjective) beyond comprehension; out of the range of sense-organs; invisible; unknown. অগোচরে (adverb) invisibly; without being noticed.
  • Bengali Word অগোপনEnglish definition(adjective) not hidden or concealed; open. অগোপনীয় (adjective) what cannot or should not be concealed.
  • Bengali Word অগৌরবEnglish definition(noun) dishonour; disgrace. 2 infamy; ill-repute.
  • Bengali Word অগ্নিEnglish definition(noun) 1 fire; flame; blaze. 2 power; force; strength. 3 digestive power; hunger: জঠরাগ্নি. 4 worries; afflictions; mortifications: শোকাগ্নি. অগ্নিকণা (noun) a spark. অগ্নিকর্ম, অগ্নিসংস্কার, অগ্নিসৎকার (noun) cremation of the dead according to Hindu rites. অগ্নিকল্প (adjective) 1 fire-like; extremely hot. 2 terribly angry; furious with rage. অগ্নিকাণ্ড (noun) 1 destructive fire that burns houses and properties; conflagration. 2 (figurative) a boisterous quarrel. অগ্নিকুণ্ড (noun) enclosed fireplace; a furnace. অগ্নিকোণ (noun) the south-east. অগ্নিগর্ভ fiery; impregnated with fire. অগ্নি-গিরি (noun) a volcano. অগ্নিচূর্ণ, অগ্নিচূর্ণক (noun) explosive substance; gun-powder. অগ্নিতপ্ত (adjective) heated with fire; as hot as fire. অগ্নিতুল্য (adjective) fire-like, fiery, furious. অগ্নিদগ্ধ (adjective) burnt; consumed by fire. অগ্নিদাতা (noun), (adjective) one who sets fire to the mouth of a deceased Hindu at cremation অগ্নিদাত্রী (feminine). অগ্নিদাহ (noun) 1 conflagration. 2 the heat of fire. অগ্নিদাহ্য (adjective) capable of catching fire; combustible. অগ্নিপক্ব (adjective) 1 cooked on fire; hardened at a fire. অগ্নিপরীক্ষা (noun) 1 (figurative) a very severe test. 2 an ordeal by fire according to Hindu beliefs. অগ্নিপুরুষ (noun), (adjective) one as vigorous as fire. অগ্নি প্রবেশ (noun) the Hindu rite of mounting the funeral pyre of the husband by a widow. অগ্নি প্রস্তর (noun) a hard stone from which fire is struck with steel; a flint. অগ্নিবর্ণ (adjective) crimson; red as fire. অগ্নিবর্ধক (adjective) promoting hunger or digestion. অগ্নিবাণ (noun) 1 (mythology) fire emitting arrow. 2 (figurative) the hardest blow or stroke. অগ্নিবৃদ্ধি (noun) stimulation of appetite or digestion. অগ্নিবৃষ্টি (noun) 1 (figurative) a spell of extreme heat. 2 shower of shells or bullets. অগ্নিমন্ত্র (noun) 1 a doctrine having the power of fire. 2 cult of fire; an extremely dangerous or difficult resolve or vow. অগ্নিমান্দ্য (noun) loss of appetite; indigestion; dyspepsia. অগ্নিমূর্তি, অগ্নিশর্মা (adjective) violently angry; livid with rage. অগ্নিশর্মা হয়ে ওঠা (verb transitive) flare up with rage. অগ্নিমূল্য (adjective) extremely dear; prohibitive. অগ্নিযুগ (noun) (figurative) the age of revolution. অগ্নিশিখা (noun) a flame of fire. অগ্নিশুদ্ধ (adjective) purified by bunting in fire. অগ্নিশুদ্ধি (noun) purification by burning. অগ্নি-সহ (adjective) fire-proof. অগ্নিসেবন (noun) warming oneself at the fire; basking in the heat of fire. অগ্নিস্ফুলিঙ্গ (noun) spark of fire. অগ্নিহোত্র (noun) the Vedic rite of daily ablation. অগ্নিহোত্রী (noun) one who performs the above rite.
  • Bengali Word অগ্ন্যুৎপাতEnglish definition(noun) 1 a volcanic eruption. 2 the fall of a meteor. shooting-star or thunderbolt from the sky.
  • Bengali Word অগ্ন্যুৎসবEnglish definition(noun) the display of a fire; out-door merry-making; a bon-fire.
  • Bengali Word অগ্রEnglish definition(adjective) 1 the first or foremost; chief: অগ্রনায়ক. 2 before in time; born before: অগ্রজ. (noun) 1 the upper part; the top; the summit; the peak; the apex. 2 an end or extremity: সূচ্যগ্র. 3 the front; the fore-part. 4 an aim; a purpose: একাগ্র. অগ্রগণ্য (adjective) fit to be considered on a priority basis; most important. অগ্রগতি, অগ্রগমন (noun) 1 onward movement; advancement. 2 progress; promotion; development. অগ্রগামী (adjective) moving to the front; going before; leading. অগ্রগামিনী (feminine) = অগ্রগামী. অগ্রজ (adjective) 1 elder brother. 2 born earlier; senior in age; older. অগ্রজা (feminine) = অগ্রজ. অগ্র জিহ্বা (noun) the small piece of fleshy matter at the root of the tongue, which prevents food from entering the windpipe; the uvula; the epiglottis. অগ্রনী (adjective) leading; prominent; important; principal. (noun) a leader; a pioneer. অগ্রদানী (noun) a fallen Brahmin who receives offerings at the obsequies of a Hindu deceased. অগ্রদূত (noun) 1 a leader; a pioneer. 2 a fore-runner; a precursor; a harbinger. 3 (military) an escort. অগ্রনেতা (noun) a leader; an army commander. অগ্র পথিক (noun) one who goes before in point of time or place; a guide; a precursor. অগ্র পশ্চাৎ (adverb) 1 from beginning to end; alpha and omega. 2 (figurative) good and bad; right and wrong. 3 (figurative) the past and the future. অগ্রবর্তী (adjective) situated at the front; that which is leading. অগ্রবর্তিনী (feminine) = অগ্রবর্তী . অগ্রভাগ (noun) 1 the top or the peak. 2 an extremity or end. 3 the first part or share. অগ্র মহিষী (noun), (feminine) the queen-consort. অগ্রসর = অগ্রগামী. অগ্রসূচনা (noun) a presage; a foreboding; a preface; a foreword. অগ্রস্থ, অগ্রস্থিত (adjective) situated in the front/on the top/at the end.
  • Bengali Word অগ্রহণীয়English definition(adjective) not fit to be supported or agreed to; unacceptable.
  • Bengali Word অগ্রহায়ণ, অঘ্রানEnglish definition(noun) the eighth month of the Bengali calendar.
  • Bengali Word অগ্রাধিকারEnglish definition(noun) priority; the right to have or do something before others.
  • Bengali Word অগ্রাহ্যEnglish definition(adjective) 1 not fit to be accepted or approved. 2 fit to be slighted or ignored. 3 rejected; not approved.
  • Bengali Word অগ্রিমEnglish definition(adjective) 1 advance; paid or payable in advance. 2 first; chief. 3 eldest. অগ্রিমক (noun) the part of cost or charge paid as advance or earnest money. অগ্রিম চুক্তি (noun) forward contract.
  • Bengali Word অগ্রিয়, অগ্রীয়English definition(adjective) 1 chief; best; first. 2 concerning the front or top. 3 advance. অগ্রিয় প্রদান (noun) part payment made in token of a bargain; payment on account.
  • Bengali Word অগ্রেEnglish definition(adverb) 1 in advance; in the first place. 2 before; in front: বিচারকের অগ্রে.
  • Bengali Word অগ্র্যEnglish definition(adjective) 1 former. 2 firsrt. 3 best.
  • Bengali Word অঘEnglish definition(noun) irreligiousness; a sin. 2 blemish, scandal. 3 sorrow; misery.
  • Bengali Word অঘটনEnglish definition(noun) 1 unlikely or unusual incident. অঘটন যদি ঘটেই. 2 non-occurrence. অঘটন ঘটনপটিয়সী (adjective) (feminine) skilled in making the impossible possible. অঘটন অঘটনীয় (adjective) not likely to occur. অঘটিত (adjective) what has not occurred.
  • Bengali Word অঘর English definition(noun) family of tower status and so unfit for matrimonial connection.
  • Bengali Word অঘা, অঘাচণ্ডী, অঘারামEnglish definition(adjective) 1 (colloq) grossly stupid or ignorant. 2 good for nothing; worthless.
  • Bengali Word অঘাট, আঘাটEnglish definition(noun) 1 a place by a watercourse not fit to be used as a landing stage. 2 out of the way place.
  • Bengali Word অঘোর ১English definition(adjective) 1 deep; profound: অঘোর নিদ্রা. 2 terrible, awful: অঘোর বাদল. অঘোরে পড়ে থাকা (verb intransitive) lie unconscious. অঘোরে (adverb)deeply; profoundly; unconsciously.
  • Bengali Word অঘোর ২English definition(adjective) not terrible; calm; quiet.  (noun) god Shiva of the Hindus. অঘোর-মন্ত্র. অঘোরপন্থী (noun) a sect of Shiva worshippers practising abominable rites.
  • Bengali Word অঘোষEnglish definition(adjective) (phonetics) unvoiced; voiceless. অঘোষ বর্ণ (noun) the consonant sounds that do not produce usual vibration in the vocal cords (eg. ক খ চ ছ ট ঠ ত থ প ফ).
  • Bengali Word অঘ্রাত English definition(adjective) 1 unsmelt: অনাঘ্রাত ফুল. 2 what has not been enjoyed; unenjoyed. 3 undefiled; unstained. অনাঘ্রাতা (feminine) = অঘ্রাত.
  • Bengali Word অঘ্রান English definition(noun) the eighth month of the Bengali calendar.
  • Bengali Word অঙ্ক, অংকEnglish definition(noun) 1 (mathematics) a sum. a n arithmetical problem: অংক কষা. 2 (mathematics) number; digit; figure. 3 counting; calculation. 4 the lap: মাতৃঅঙ্ক. 5 an act of a play: একাঙ্ক নাটিকা. 6 blemish; spot: কলঙ্ক. 6 an ornament; decoration. অংক কষা (verb transitive) to do or work out a sum; to count or calculate. অঙ্কগত (adjective) 1 lying on or in the lap (of). 2 in possession or under control (of). অঙ্কদেশ (noun) 1 the lap. 2 the surface of the belly; the ventral surface. অঙ্কপাত (noun) 1 placing figures or numbers. 2 doing sums. 3 marking with signs; impression: আমার উপদেশ তার মনে কোনো অঙ্কপাত করেনি, my advice made no impression on his mind. অঙ্কপাতন (noun) (mathematics) system of signs or symbols representing numbers as in algebra; notation. অঙ্ক বাচক (adjective) cardinal: অঙ্ক বাচক সংখ্যা, cardinal numbers, eg 4, 5, 6 (contrasted with ordinal numbers. eg 4th, 5th, 6th) অঙ্কবিদ, অঙ্কবিৎ, অঙ্কবেত্তা, অঙ্ক শাস্ত্রবিৎ, অঙ্ক শাস্ত্রবেত্তা (noun) mathematician. অঙ্কবিদ্যা, অঙ্কশাস্ত্র (noun) mathematics. অঙ্কলক্ষ্মী (noun) wife; the mistress of a house. অঙ্কলগ্ন (adjective) 1 placed on the lap. 2 proximate; close (to). অঙ্কশায়ী (adjective) lying on the lap; (figurative) enamoured. অঙ্কশায়িনী (feminine) = অঙ্ক, অংক. অঙ্কস্থিত (adjective) 1 situated on the lap. 2 very close (to). 3 under control or in possession.