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বর্ণমালা অনুক্রমে শব্দ খুঁজুন

  • Bengali Word অহরহ, অহরহঃEnglish definition(adverb) daily; everyday; day in and day out; always; constantly.
  • Bengali Word অহর্নিশEnglish definition(adverb) day and night; at all hours; always; incessantly.
  • Bengali Word অহিEnglish definition= ওহি
  • Bengali Word অহিংসEnglish definition(adjective) not malignant/violent; non-malignant; non-violent; in-offensive; harmless অহিংস অসহযোগ. (noun) (history) non-violent; non-cooperation.
  • Bengali Word অহিংসাEnglish definition(noun) absence of malice/violence.
  • Bengali Word অহিতEnglish definition(noun) harm; injury. অহিতকর (adjective) harmful; injurious. অহিতকারী (adjective), (noun) one who causes harm/injury.
  • Bengali Word অহিফেনEnglish definition(noun) opium; poppy-plant. অহিফেন সেবী (noun) opium-taker.
  • Bengali Word অহেতু, অহেতুকEnglish definition(adjective) causeless; groundless; unreasonable. (adverb) unnecessarily; without any provocation; for nothing.
  • Bengali Word অহোEnglish definition(interjection) oh! alas! good heavens!
  • Bengali Word অহোরাত্রEnglish definition(adverb) day and night; always. (noun) period from sunrise to sunrise.
  • Bengali Word অড়হর, অড়রEnglish definition(noun) a variety of pulse.
  • Bengali Word অয়নEnglish definition(noun) 1 a path; a route; a course. 2 (astronomy) the sun's movement or course: দক্ষিণায়ন, উত্তরায়ণ. 3 the ground; the earth; a homestead; a dwelling. 4 a passage through a battle order. 5 religious scriptures. অয়নবৃত্ত, অয়ন মণ্ডল(noun) the path along which the sun seems to move; ecliptic.