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  • Bengali Word রব ১English definition(noun) (1) (of birds) song; singing. (2) hum; humming. (3) sound; clamour; noise; outcry; hue and cry. (4) rumour. (5) response. রব উঠেছে A rumour is in the air; Rumour has it; There is a rumour that. রব করা (verb intransitive) make a noise; sing; hum; cry; cry aloud; make a sound. রব রবা (noun) hey day.

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  • Bengali Word রব ২English definition [Arabic] (noun) lord; protector; God; preserver; master
  • Bengali Word আফতাব ১English definition [Persian] (noun) the sun
  • Bengali Word আব ১English definition [Persian] (noun) water
  • Bengali Word কুতুব ১English definition [Arabic] (noun) an appellation of Muslim saints
  • Bengali Word তব ১English definition (pronoun) (poet) your; yours; thy; thine
  • Bengali Word দাব ১English definition (noun) (1) pressure; weight; force; control; check; restraint: দাবে রাখা (verb transitive) keep under control; exercise authority over; hold sway over. 2 scolding; rebuke; reprimand
    (2) scolding; rebuke; reprimand.
  • Bengali Word নব ১English definition (adjective) new; fresh; recent; young; modern; new-born; early; novel; newly grown: নবকলিকা (noun) = নবমুকুল.
    নবকারিকা (noun) newly-married woman. নবকার্তিক (noun) (1) new-born Kartika. (2) (ironical) very ugly man; paragon of beauty. (3) (humorous) foppish gallant. নব কুমার (noun) new-born son. নবকোরক = নবমুকুল. নবজলধর (noun) newly formed/fresh cloud. নবজলধরপটল (noun) heap of fresh clouds; cumulus. নবজলধরশ্যাম (adjective) as charmingly dark as a fresh rain-bearing cloud. নবজাত (adjective) new-born; newly grown/produced; fresh. নবজাতক (noun) newborn baby. নব জীবন (noun) (1) new life; young life. (2) fresh lease of life; rejuvenation. নবডঙ্কা (noun) (humorous) nothing; zero; cipher; nil. নবতর (adjective) newer; fresher; younger. নবতা, নবত্ব (noun(s)) newness; freshness; novelty; modernity. নব দম্পতি (noun) newly married couple. নবদল (noun) fresh/ tender leaf (of a lotus); young leaf. নবনব (adjective) ever/always new; most various/ manifold. নবনিযুক্ত (adjective) newly appointed. নবনীরদ = নবজলধর. নব পরিণীত (adjective) newly married. নব পল্লব (noun) new shoot; young sprout. নবপ্রসূতী (adjective) (feminine) who has lately brought forth. নববধূ (noun) newly married woman/ bride. নববর্ষ (noun) new year. নববর্ষা (noun) early rains. নব বসন্ত (noun) early/new spring. নববিধান (noun) (1) new system/law/order. (2) the New Testament. নব মল্লিকা (noun) name of a variety of jasmine; Jasminum arborescens. নবমুকুল (noun) new/early bud/ blossom. নবযুগ (noun) new age. নব যুবক (noun) (fool-blooded) young man. নব যুবতী (noun) young woman. নব যৌবন (noun) (1) early/fresh youth; bloom/ first flush/ prime of youth. (2) fresh lease of youth; rejuvenation: নব যৌবন লাভ. নব যৌবনসম্পন্ন (adjective) in the prime of youth; in the first/full flush of youth. নব যৌবনসম্পন্না, নব যৌবনা (feminine) = নব (১) . নবাগত (adjective) justcome; newly arrived. (noun) new-corner. নবাগতা (feminine) = নব (১) .
  • Bengali Word ব ১English definition (noun) the twenty-third letter of the Bengali alphabet. It is a voiced unspirated bilibial plosive sound
    It is a voiced unspirated bilibial plosive sound.
  • Bengali Word বাব ১English definition [Arabic] (noun) chapter/section (of a book)
  • Bengali Word যাব ১English definition = জাব
  • Bengali Word রাব ১English definition (noun) treacle
  • Bengali Word সব ১English definition (adjective) all; whole; entire; every.
     (pronoun) all; everything; everybody; whatever one possessed. (prefix) meaning plurality /multitude. ভাই সব. সবচিন (adjective) (ironical) familiar with everything/everybody; all-knowing. সবচিন ব্যক্তি (noun) know-all. সবজান, সবজান্তা adjective(s) professing to have knowledge of everything; all-knowing. (noun) know-all. সবশুদ্ধ, সব সুদ্ধ (adverb) including everything/all; in total; all told; with everything; en bloc: all told. সবাই (pronoun) all; every one; one and all. সবাকার, সবার (adjective) of every body/all; owned/shared by all; common; public; universal.