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  • Bengali Word অনুকূলEnglish definition(adjective) (1) favourable; helpful; propitious. (2) kind; compassionate; gracious; benignant.(adverb) favourably; graciously. অনুকূলতা, আনুকূল্য (noun) favour; help; grace; compassion. অনুকূল হওয়া (verb intransitive), (verb transitive) be of help; be helpful/favourable; become propitious. অনুকূল বায়ু (noun) favourable wind.

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  • Bengali Word অনুEnglish definition (prefix) denoting succession, similarity, extent, dependence, repetition, etc, eg অনুগমন, অনুরূপ, অনুক্ষণ, অনুগত
  • Bengali Word অনুকম্পনEnglish definition (noun) thrill; shiver; shaking; tremor
  • Bengali Word অনুকম্পাEnglish definition (noun) compassion; sympathy; mercy; kindness
  • Bengali Word অনুকরণEnglish definition (noun) (1) act of copying; imitation.
    (2) following; going after; pursuit. অনুকরণ করা (verb transitive) imitate/copy/ follow/go after. অনুকরণকারী (noun), (adjective) imitator; mimic; mimester. অনুকরণপটু (adjective) skilled in imitating. অনুকরণ প্রিয় (adjective) fond of imitating or mimicking. অনুকরণ প্রিয়তা imitativeness. অনুকরণবৃত্তি (noun) habit/faculty of imitation. অনুকরণশীল (adjective). habitually imitative. অনুকরণীয় (adjective) worthy of being imitated; imitable; ideal; exemplary. হীন অনুকরণ (noun) aping; apery. হীন অনুকরণ করা (verb transitive) imitate foolishly like an ape; play the ape.
  • Bengali Word অনুকল্পEnglish definition (noun) (1) alternative; choice between two things.
    (2) substitute; person or thing taking the place of another. (3) secondary injunction. অনুকল্পবিধি (noun) theory of substitution.
  • Bengali Word অনুকারEnglish definition (noun) imitation; copying.
    অনুকারী (noun), (adjective) one who imitates; a follower; a mimic. অনুকার শব্দ (noun) onomatopoeic word.
  • Bengali Word অনুকীর্তনEnglish definition (noun) publicity or proclamation of a previous event or subject
  • Bengali Word অনুকৃতEnglish definition (adjective) imitated; copied; mimicked; followed.
    অনুকৃতি (noun) imitation; mimicry.
  • Bengali Word অনুক্তEnglish definition (adjective) (1) not said or uttered; unmentioned; unexpressed.
    (2) (grammar) implied; understood: অনুক্তকর্তা. (noun) gap; blank space: অনুক্তপূরণ.
  • Bengali Word অনুক্রমEnglish definition (noun) (1) serial order; sequence; succession.
    (2) programme; list of item or events in serial order. অনুক্রমণ (noun) indexing. অনুক্রমণিকা, অনুক্রমণী (noun) (of books) introduction; preface; index. অনুত্রুমিক (adjective) following in order; sequential; serial. অনুক্রমে (adverb) in order of; sequentially; serially.
  • Bengali Word অনুক্ষণ, অনুখনEnglish definition (poet) (adverb) at every moment; ever; always; constantly
  • Bengali Word অনুগEnglish definition (noun) follower; companion; attendant.
    (adjective) following; succeeding; according to; conforming to (নিয়মানুগ).
  • Bengali Word অনুগণকEnglish definition (noun) (1) calculator; person who calculates.
    (2) a calculating machine.
  • Bengali Word অনুগণনাEnglish definition (noun) act of calculating; calculation
  • Bengali Word অনুগতEnglish definition (adjective) (1) obedient; dependent; devoted; faithful.
    (2) adhering to the view (of); professing the tenets (of). আনুগত্য (noun) obedience; fealty; allegiance.
  • Bengali Word অনুগমনEnglish definition (noun) (1) act of following or going after.
    (2) act of travelling together or accompanying. (3) act of dying together or burning oneself to death on one's husband‘s funeral pyre. অনুগমন করা (verb transitive) follow; accompany.
  • Bengali Word অনুগামীEnglish definition (adjective) following; attending; accompanying.
    (noun) follower; adherent; companion; attendant. অনুগামিনী (feminine) = অনুগামী. অনুগামী হওয়া (verb transitive) follow; be obedient/faithful; adhere to.
  • Bengali Word অনুগৃহীতEnglish definition (adjective) benefited; favoured; protected; obliged.
    অনুগৃহীতা (feminine) = অনুগৃহীত.
  • Bengali Word অনুগ্রEnglish definition (adjective) (1) not strong/pungent/acrid: অনুগ্র সৌরভ.
    (2) not haughty; gentle; polite.
  • Bengali Word অনুগ্রহEnglish definition (noun) (1) kindness; mercy; grace.
    (2) help; favour; benefit. (3) happiness; satisfaction. অনুগ্রহ করা (verb transitive) treat with kindness; accord favourable treatment; take pity. অনুগ্রহ পাত্র (noun) a favourite. অনুগ্রহভাজন (adjective) enjoying favour; favoured. অনুগ্রহপূর্বক (adjective) kindly; graciously; benignantly. অনুগ্রহ প্রার্থী (adjective) soliciting favour. (noun) one who seeks favour. অনুগ্রাহক, অনুগ্রাহী (adjective) kind; gracious; favourable. (noun) a patron.
  • Bengali Word অনুঘটকEnglish definition (noun) (chemistry) substance that causes catalysis; catalyser; catalyst.
    অনুঘটন (noun) act of aiding a chemical process by a substance that does not itself undergo any change; catalysis.
  • Bengali Word অনুচরEnglish definition (noun) (1) follower; companion.
    (2) servant; attendant. (adjective) attending; accompanying; following. অনুচরী (feminine) = অনুচর. অনুচর বর্গ (noun) (plural) suite or train of attendants/followers; retinue.
  • Bengali Word অনুচিকীর্ষাEnglish definition (noun) desire for imitation.
    অনুচিকীর্ষু (adjective) desirous of imitating/copying.
  • Bengali Word অনুচিতEnglish definition (adjective) improper; unbecoming; unreasonable.
    অনুচিতভাবে (adverb) wrongly; unjustifiably.
  • Bengali Word অনুচিন্তন, অনুচিন্তাEnglish definition (noun) contemplation of the past; backward view; retrospect
  • Bengali Word অনুচ্চEnglish definition (adjective) (1) not high or lofty; low: অনুচ্চকন্ঠ.
    অনুচ্চস্বরে (adverb) in a low voice; in an undertone.
  • Bengali Word অনুচ্চারণীয়, অনুচ্চার্যEnglish definition (adjective) (1) what cannot be or is not to be pronounced: অনুচ্চারণীয় বর্ণ.
    (2) unutterable; unspeakable; inexplicable. অনুচ্চারিত (adjective) not pronounced; unspoken; unuttered.
  • Bengali Word অনুচ্ছেদ, অণুচ্ছেদEnglish definition (noun) (of books, etc) a paragraph; a section
  • Bengali Word অনুজ, অনুজন্মাEnglish definition (noun) younger brother
  • Bengali Word অনুজা, অনুজাত English definition (feminine). (adjective) born later
    (adjective) born later.